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  1. i was kinda busy working....... so i made this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPssfzBTZMs
  2. I was bored then my mind put up an Idea for an Wallpaper then another popped up a timelapse Characters Involved : Takeda ( my Character ) James/Ati Ivan Wallpaper Timelapse
  3. I was busy animating and i put up a Environment Rendering V V
  4. i just used Skibbz's Katana for the use , because i was so completly lazy making weapon rigs as you notice those blue thingys on the hilt those are bandanas it would tie the katana so it would represented as his ownership of the katana.
  5. heres an update to the old rig my siblings suggested i would change the Outfit for Takeda's Style just in case. my outfit will be appeared in the End of Decisions - an MGB Series. Reply to me is there any mistakes i made v v
  6. Cool ! Fallout Reference i like you use the VATS on Ghoulified Ethan!
  7. HAVE YOU ATTEMPTED MAKING KINGDOM HEARTS 3 WALLPAPER Ive added the Watery Plains ( known as the Final World ) also added REFLECTIONS below the water and added the cloudy background. No worries. i added photoshop in it.
  8. COOL ! But you needed to remove the watermark.
  9. i know this is not an actual animation , i literally made it into Shot Animation. This animation includes the recognized animators and the OG Characters. CaZaKoJa Mobkiller Animations Gam3rzLounge Maple DeltaDino Victory Summery WilleFilmz and Me! as Takeda
  10. 2019 is Coming but heres , an character prepares the fireworks for the display . Heres the Photo v v
  11. i just got this done. Without planning theres another animation i think of this is an Christmas Animation and Shot Animation V Video Here V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CmpjMa6Png
  12. Did you know that Looking into the Stars is pretty amazing....... it is beautiful. HERES AN WALLPAPER FOR IT V IMAGE BELOW V
  13. i was actually doing something but it wasted my time yeah , i know i was lazy to do animations, and here is the photo that i made today... v PHOTO v
  14. i am planning to put my offical rig , but it is in early access why is it in early access and when is the release of the official rig?? v questions below v -the mgb skins are in the making -adding more abilities and personalities -adding hair rigs -coming soon for Team Seasonals' Rig Set. Takeda v v but anyway heres the link below v v http://www.mediafire.com/file/50bpmvloeiasdul/[EARLY_VERSION]_Takeda_Rig_[ORIGINAL].zip/file copy the link!
  15. Have another wallpaper for halloween an haunted scarecrow awakens from its deep sleep , he arises on the night of Halloween HERES AN IMAGE OF IT V V
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