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  1. MinionMaster02

    Movie In Progress #2 - "Amigdela"

    Hi guys! Today, I will be discussing my second topic on the progress of my short horror film, "Amigdela". Before reading this I would recommend you to read the first topic I posted last month, thank you. Anyway, there is not too much to talk about in terms of progression. I am, well... working on it, that's really all there is to talk about. So far I am around 4 minutes into the film. The good news is that I am half way done with the animation of the film itself. The sound design would probably take less than a week to do so I'm not worried about that. The release date of the film was going to be on October 31st but I have to postpone that because well, I'm half way done and I started on the animation more than a month ago. The new release date will be marked for... I don't really know, lol. I'll admit, I'm not good at making a release date and actually making it to the day its supposed to be coming out. I'm thinking I'll be able to release it at the beginning of December, but then again I'm not too sure. Guess you'll have to wait and see when I post the next topic. I think I'll end the topic right here, sorry this wasn't really as long as you expected but at least you gained some insight, hopefully. See ya again! Actually, wait wait, wait! I'll at least let you go with some images from the film so that you can see some of the progress I made, take a look! Now see you later!
  2. MinionMaster02

    Nissan Cube car rig

    This is... just the most beautifullest thing I've seen on Mine-Imator so far. I don't know why this topic doesn't have more upvotes but outstanding job anyway.
  3. MinionMaster02

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    It is truly, a holy wallpaper.
  4. MinionMaster02

    The Drifter

    Woah, this is probably one of the best cinematic animations I have seen in a while!In the beginning, I love how the music fits in perfectly with the mood of the visuals, it feels more dramatic and atmospheric and you know what tone this animation is going with. The animation is very good, I really have no problem with it besides some linear movement I noticed but it was mostly smooth that I wasn't really bothered by it. I really like when you used 3D rigs instead of just pixelated items, it feels more realistic with the environment that it takes place in. The only problems I do have is that the music midway through the animation changes from suspenseful to rocky action music, in my opinion it attempts to change the tone but doesn't do that correctly because the suspenseful atmosphere it once had were pushed forcefully to the side and the visuals still look the same that it seems to be conflicting with each other. The last problem I have is that it didn't have any sound effects added into it, it could be way better if you had added sound effects into it to make it feel that I'm in the world where this takes place at. Even though there is no plot present and I don't understand exactly what's happening, this is still a good cinematic animation. Nice job!
  5. MinionMaster02

    Ender-Man | Short Horror Animation

    Pretty neat short, ClassicRampage! The short film was, alright (Maybe its because I don't get scared as often when seeing horror movies, lol). But I do have some criticism. First off, one of the things I liked about this short is the animation itself, it can be improved a tad bit but I won't say it was that much of a distraction, good work on that. I like the sound design too. The sounds can be like a hit-or-miss for me, what I mean by that is that it can be used right but sometimes it can be a bit distracting. When it try's to sync up with the music it doesn't really work well, even when realistic sounds combine with minecraft sounds it can feel out of place. But I didn't really mind it that much, its better than other horror animations I have seen that don't use sounds correctly, so its good. The camera movements here are good too, it can have good timing, transitions, and creativity in them. Here's what I don't like about it, the lighting. It is very crucial for a horror movie to have a good amount of lighting, yet adding a good amount of darkness. It adds tension to the movie and the audience will enjoy it. The lighting shown here doesn't feel scary but rather a bit depressing because there is a lot of blue lights everywhere, it needs some work. One of the main problems is the antagonist, Ender-man. Because of the little tension I have, I don't feel Ender-man' presence as this short should've had. It just shows up just for a jumpscare and that is it. And that leads to probably the main problem about this film, jumpscares. I am not saying that its not scary when a jumpscare happens, it is, but only when its used correctly. This short is littered with jumpscares which is not good because it releases the tension I had which makes it way less scary. Jumpscares are usually used as a payoff which is a good thing. I'm not saying do exactly that, you can still litter this short with jumpscares, but the jumpscares used in this short are the loud types of jumpscares. When a loud jumpscare occurs the audience can lose a lot of the tension they had but some is still there and it can still gradually come back up. When loud jumpscares happen over and over again, that's when the audience can get a bit tired out and it gets less and less tense. Hollywood horror movies today do the exact opposite of creating a good jumpscare, they make their jumpscares the face of a their movie, and when the movie is finally over the audience feels wearied out. But overall this short film is ok. I can see you put effort into it and it is better than a lot of horror animations that don't come as close as this. Good job on the film! have a noice day.
  6. MinionMaster02


    At the end I didn't laugh, seconds later...
  7. MinionMaster02

    a better animation than pixar

    Show me your way of masterful animating.
  8. MinionMaster02

    Movie In Progress #1 - "Amigdela"

    On my YouTube channel, I recently announced that I am making something a little big. My channel is mostly known for making Godzilla animations, but now I no longer do that anymore because I want to make original content. Over the past few months I had an interest of making films. I see movies as an art form and that it can be truly a great film if you take a lot of your time on it and put as much effort and passion into your work as possible. So currently, I am making a short horror film. I am not going to say the film' plot just because I don't want to say it then you have to wait for it for a while and forget about it (that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). But I will say that this short horror film is mostly going to be silent with no dialogue at all, just daunt quiet. And I will say the title of the film too, this film going to be called, "Amigdela". I've been working on the animation itself for a couple of weeks so far after I finished storyboarding it over the summer for two months. The animation is going good so far and I am only twenty four seconds into it. I could've gotten more animation time done in two weeks but I slowed down mostly due to the lighting of the scenes, the mood, rigging, and of course the animation which takes SO much time. But hey, I want to make it as realistic and smooth as I can. I work on the movie everyday for hours and try to get as much done as a I can. I will continue to make posts like this to update you guys on the movie's current progress. Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it. Also, one more thing I want to show you is the wallpaper cover for the movie. Thank you again for reading, and why not follow me? Even better, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel, MinionMaster02? See ya around! Amigdela Wallpaper Cover (for now, I might change it)
  9. MinionMaster02

    Nether Godzilla (Netherzilla) Rig V.1

    Looks good!
  10. Hey guys! MinionMaster02 here and today I will be talking about not only the future of my YouTube channel but even what I am currently working on. This vlog video will also explain why I have been inactive throughout periods of time. Enjoy... or well, listen.
  11. MinionMaster02

    DrSauros' T-Rex Rig (MinionMaster02 Version)

    Thank you for not putting an upvote, I don't deserve it. I'm sorry about this, I'll change the title and the info to become clear that this is not my rig because it makes it look like my rig. I won't do mistakes like this again.
  12. Hi guys, MinionMaster02 here and... just enjoy the animation. Or not... I don't know why I did this.
  13. MinionMaster02

    DrSauros' T-Rex Rig (MinionMaster02 Version)

    Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I made a new rig, sort of. This time it's not Godzilla related as I usually do, but rather a rig about a T-Rex because I can. Really, this rig is an improvement over DrSauros' rig and what I did is make the design look better. So large amount of credits go to him. Saying again this is NOT an original rig I made, but I just made small tweaks to the original counterpart. Also, a user by the name of lifecraft made a V.2 out of DrSauros' rig and used some of his parts too. So please, go give support to DrSauros and lifecraft! T-Rex Images: Download: NOTE: MAKE SURE TO EXTRACT THE ARCHIVE FILE SO YOU CAN GET THE FOLDER AND OPEN THE RIG INSIDE IN MINE-IMATOR!
  14. MinionMaster02

    ModelBench Shark

    Really love the way it's simplicity stands out and how it is all rigged! 10/10, love it! If you don't mind me asking where do you make all the textures?
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