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  1. MinionMaster02

    DrSauros' T-Rex Rig (MinionMaster02 Version)

    Thank you for not putting an upvote, I don't deserve it. I'm sorry about this, I'll change the title and the info to become clear that this is not my rig because it makes it look like my rig. I won't do mistakes like this again.
  2. Hi guys, MinionMaster02 here and... just enjoy the animation. Or not... I don't know why I did this.
  3. MinionMaster02

    DrSauros' T-Rex Rig (MinionMaster02 Version)

    Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I made a new rig, sort of. This time it's not Godzilla related as I usually do, but rather a rig about a T-Rex because I can. Really, this rig is an improvement over DrSauros' rig and what I did is make the design look better. So large amount of credits go to him. Saying again this is NOT an original rig I made, but I just made small tweaks to the original counterpart. Also, a user by the name of lifecraft made a V.2 out of DrSauros' rig and used some of his parts too. So please, go give support to DrSauros and lifecraft! T-Rex Images: Download: NOTE: MAKE SURE TO EXTRACT THE ARCHIVE FILE SO YOU CAN GET THE FOLDER AND OPEN THE RIG INSIDE IN MINE-IMATOR!
  4. MinionMaster02

    ModelBench Shark

    Really love the way it's simplicity stands out and how it is all rigged! 10/10, love it! If you don't mind me asking where do you make all the textures?
  5. I know, do you know which facial doesn't have this 'flickering' effect?
  6. Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I have recently collaborated with Zippy Films Studios to create an epic animation along with other fellow animators. This short animation is what Zippy and I were making together until this idea of a short got cancelled so I decided why not share it, right? Anyway's, enjoy this unfinished short! P.S.: The animation is mean't to have no sound because I was only doing the animation part. Subscribe to Zippy Films Studios for more film animations from them!:
  7. MinionMaster02

    Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

  8. was gonna roll me
  9. MinionMaster02

    Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

    Thank you!
  10. MinionMaster02

    Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

    Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I just wanted to share two things with you. First off, I was working on an animation that I was working on for awhile and then I decided to cancel it. Secondly, in the animation I made a rig and I called it the "Mutant Enderdragon". The animation was just going to be about an Ender Warrior (who was in The End world after the Enderdragon was slain) who threw a magical splash potion at the dragon egg and the egg burst intro purple particles and outcome the Mutant Enderdragon. The reason why I started making the animation was to improve on my animation skills and it kind of worked, apart from the fact that I cancelled it. Anyway the reason why I made this topic is to just give you my rig. Why not, right? If your animation needs a cool looking dragon rig, here it is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the rig! P.S.: The Mutant Enderdragon also comes with a thin purple beam shooting from it's mouth! Mutant Enderdragon Images: Download: Mutant Enderdragon Rig:
  11. MinionMaster02

    Advanced Springtrap rig

    What can I say except, your welcome! From skies and the trees and, uhh, being me?
  12. MinionMaster02

    Bird pack

    I love how simplistic these rigs are. They look like they actually came from Minecraft itself! I approve these rigs!
  13. MinionMaster02

    Godzilla Monster Planet Rig Pack

  14. MinionMaster02

    Godzilla Monster Planet Rig Pack

    Thank you! That's so nice of you!
  15. Wow, thank you for that, man! I greatly appreciate your comment! Thank you very much, I do my best!
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