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  1. Angry mobs force steve to dance- Minecraft animation-Like someone else I know (who is that)

    1. EnderSculptor




      why are you asking sticknub about monster school


    2. EnderSculptor


      oh wait


      that's not monster school

    3. MasterArcher12


      it was just some mine imator animation we posted "some" constructive criticism on.

  2. Creeper! [Test animation]

    You're getting better.
  3. DO NOT READ IF YOU'RE SENSITIVE TO CRITICISM, (Like someone else I know) : Well, I'll cut ya some slack, since I see you're new here. But, pretty much everything @MasterArcher12 said. There's also some bad stuff with the graphics in general. There needs to be an ambient color somewhere along the lines of blue-ish grayish, and the sunlight a light grey-ish blue-ish. You also might wanna add some Depth of Field. Now, though that's about it for the graphics and lighting, there's much more I need to cover; the animation. Of course, as everyone who's giving criticism will say, Use. Transitions. They are absolutely critical to animating movements in Mine-Imator. The next evident thing is that everything is way too stiff when animating. When one body part on something/someone moves, it needs to effect other body parts, even just slightly. Picture this: When you wave in real life, is it only your arm that moves, or does it effect, let's say, your body, so that it very subtly move back and forth, bends, or rotates side to side? See where I'm going here? You also might want to learn how to properly use keyframes, or be able to control them properly. As according to MasterArcher12, and as I notice, it is visible that Steve seemingly unwanted-ly moves around when not intended. So, if you think keyframes are glitchy, they're not. I just need to make it clear, that when using keyframes, let's say you're moving one object side to side. You put the first keyframe down. (of course, add a transition, but that isn't the point) Then, put another one some distance from it, depending on how much time you want it to take for the block to move. Of course, then, you move the block where you want it to go. I see you partially understood keyframes, but at some points the animation seemed fairly glitchy, due to these faults. Hopefully, at least, these sparked up some inspiration and may have taught you a little something. Goodbye!
  4. That feeling when you learned this from Skibbz
  5. Wet Rope Twisting Test

    It's okay. Here's some constructive criticism, (also, prepare for detail) here we go. The rope doesn't have an accurate rope color, so that's something. Also, the animation looks kinda wonky. There should probably be more water drops. Also, the water should effect the color of the rope. And at last, atleast make the background color different from the rope color. The only thing that helps us tell where the rope is is the rope's shading. Not bad, though.
  6. The Tale Team Recruit

    Are you kidding me? There you go again, making excuses for... whatever it is. Dude... These animation are actually decent. I'll just skip the crtiticism, I don't want to get in another skirmish. Agreed.
  7. animator for hire

    This is totally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  8. Is it over? [Animation]

    That's really good. really
  9. Just a short lava parkour animation

    Heyyy, that's pretty good!
  10. The Skydive

    That's pretty good. I suggest using transitions, however.
  11. Farewell to the forums.

    What he said.
  12. An Animation that I made!

    Yeah, but you might not wanna post your first animation on the Mine-Imator Forums. If so, there might be some hate. Usually, constructive criticism, but, usually people like you take that as hate. ( due to being sensitive )
  13. Wanna know how I got this scar?

    Oh, thank god. I think I might need a dose of Pepto-Bismol, with a tablet of melatonin. That's to fix my stomach problems, and to ensure I sleep well all night.
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