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  1. Sticknub

    Gravel Poot

    hAh GoTeEm. FiNaLlY, sOmEoNe MaDe ThIs In MiNe-ImAtOr!
  2. Sticknub

    some test animations

    Still having some struggles over there, buddy? I can tell. 9/10 For great effort, though! Just keep practicing.
  3. Sticknub

    when u see fad

    Not at all.
  4. Sticknub


    Whoa, this is G U U D. 11/10 You're practically my animation idol right now. This is even better than Slamacow.
  5. Sticknub

    Front Flip thingy

    Hmmm... 9/10 For effort.
  6. Sticknub


    Where's the 'professional posing' here? Just kidding, I know it's a meme.
  7. Sticknub

    a better animation than pixar

  8. Sticknub

    Mine Imator 1.2 FX Test

  9. Sticknub

    Mine Imator 1.2 FX Test

    I suppose.
  10. Sticknub

    Mine Imator 1.2 FX Test

    Thanks. I had to cancel a vacation due to being sick. Hecc happens.
  11. Sticknub

    Mine Imator 1.2 FX Test

    So... I've been screwing around with the new Mine-Imator alpha. And, I really like it! The last thing they should add is reflections, which would be very useful, but regardless of that, it's a great update. I was just testing out the features, and ended up with this: I know, nothing fancy or special, just a run-of-the-mill wallpaper with mediocre posing, (Which by the way, was only partially my fault because the Z and X axis always collapse D:<) terrible lighting, a situation where bloom doesn't work well, and default schematics. I just posted this because I haven't posted in a while. R.I.P. Sticknub: 2017-2018 (Last words: It only took me 5 minutes.) btw i have a cold rn and it sucks
  12. Sticknub

    punch+kick test

    hAh, GoTeEm.
  13. Sticknub

    Failed Landing Test

    *lip smack* Noice.
  14. Sticknub

    sUcH hIgH qUaLiTeE

    i KnOw RiGhT
  15. Sticknub

    sUcH hIgH qUaLiTeE

    bEsT aNiMaTiOn EVAH What happened to the embed feature?
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