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  1. Sticknub

    looks guys I uploaded a thing

    Please don't dab. Also, what's the point of having a green screen if you're not going to use it to edit in a background?
  2. Sticknub

    What do you think about this walk cycle?

    This is incredible, dude. Two days ago? You earned a new follower!
  3. I'm officially worn down to my beat up ankles. I suppose I'll work on it tomorrow.





    WENT WRONG. I spent all that time on nothing...

    1. Sticknub


      Ya see, my computer was being a potato while I was animating fireworks, so that crap got all messed up. And there's also multiple alpha glitches to take to note. >:( 


    2. BaconSandwich


      RIP, I once let a speedart video render in Openshot for 2 or 3 days and it came out a glitchy mess with tons of black frames dotted everywhere and parts of the video cut out.

    3. Sticknub


      Harsh, man.

  5. You're improving! Keep up the good work, believe in yourself, and you'll be a pro in no time!
  6. Sticknub

    Some random animation I made. :P

    I upvoted it before I even watched it, because I saw that you posted it. Sorry, misunderstanding. I thought you were Astro Animations (the cat)
  7. Sticknub

    What do you think about this walk cycle?

    Pretty alright! However, maybe remove transitions from the legs and make the legs linear, to remove the 'sliding' effect. And maybe less spacing in between each step so that one step flows into the other. The arms swing really high, but that might be a style, so I won't criticize that. That's really it, although there would be one more thing but I don't really know how to explain it. I would suggest watching Kiepocu Studio's walk-cycle tutorial. Really good job, though! It took me almost a year to get the walk cycle down. That's because I was a young potato when I started animating... anyways, yeah, pretty good.
  8. Sticknub

    Ocean Ride

    Aww, yeah, I remember, I was about to look that up when I was working on this, but I had to eat dinner and forgot! Sorry, man. I'll do that next time.
  9. According to Mine-Imator, I still have another hour before my Christmas animation renders. ._. What am I supposed to do to pass the time, despite what's on my mind?

  10. Sticknub

    Ocean Ride

  11. Sticknub

    Ocean Ride

    take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand
  12. Sticknub

    Ocean Ride

    A bland, rushed image where Steve rides on his pet turtle, accompanied by two jumping dolphins. This wallpaper is pampered with terrible posing, nonsensical lighting, and heck, I even forgot to enable SSAO! Crap. Also, this was inspired by the one and only MikTRF's wonderful post called, "late night on the water... no wait turtle [4k]" Welp, here's my bad wallpaper...
  13. Sticknub

    SkyBox Pack! [V1]

    How do you use it? I tried adding 'em as a custom sky, and tried Skybox, Skysphere, and Image, and none worked. What did I do wrong?
  14. Sticknub

    Sticknub Rig V.4.

    The Minecraft skin I used was made quite a while ago, back in January or something. Back then, it didn't really matter to me, since I just wanted to post it, and I just realized how disgusting it looks. Sorry for the mistake and it won't happen again.
  15. Sticknub

    Skybox Expansion #1

    I assume the download is outdated since it won't let me download it, as it says, "Error 404: We can't find what you were looking for."
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