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  1. Sticknub

    Olympic-Man A Mine-Imator Movie

    It's a good movie with a good storyline, but I suggest your freshen up on your animation skills. In here, transitions lay unused, motion is slow, and I could tell you were using an older Mine-Imator version. Maybe not, but the graphics looked pretty bad. Maybe this was to save render time? Anyways, this was a good movie and not many have accomplished making a full Mine-Imator movie over an hour long. I advise you to keep up the good work!
  2. Sticknub

    The Lost Bunny Episode.1

    Great movie, but the only things bothering me are the grammar and camera motion at the beginning.
  3. I'm back.

    1. Ghatos
    2. Swift
    3. EmberWing


      :D Welcome back person whose art I love even if they don't

  4. Sticknub

    Hotdog Gif

    Repost? I'm not aware... I'll check on that.
  5. Sticknub

    Meme Face

    Oof, thanks.
  6. Sticknub

    Hotdog Gif

    Jumping oofers. This is some random GIF I made. It's pretty crappy.
  7. Sticknub

    Hotdog Gif

    Jumping oofers. This is my first gif- no wonder it's crappy.
  8. Sticknub

    Green Landscape

  9. Sticknub

    Meme Face

    I just drew some random meme face. I suppose it's so generic, it looks like all the others on the internet. Regardless, here ya go. Also, the hair's too flat... yeah. sCrOnNy NoSe SqUaD
  10. Sticknub

    I had a grat tim

    Thanks. Yeah. It's pretty off, but also, I just decided to use two mouth poses because I was getting tired and didn't feel like making 12 of them.
  11. Sticknub

    The Hole

    Wow, you're the only one I know that can actually pull off movement without anticipation! It's almost like a unique style. Nice work.
  12. Sticknub

    I had a grat tim

    Ah, back to actual Mine-Imator content. Still, it doesn't look too well. (If you can't tell already, I'm trying to work on my self esteem) Anyways, here's the little test I did.
  13. Sticknub

    Home security at its best

    This guy needs more upvotes. This is phenomenal.
  14. Sticknub

    Some attempts to improve at art.

    Keep practicing, dude. Nice work!
  15. Sticknub

    So, I Drew my Minecraft Skin...

    Thanks, man.
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