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  1. Sticknub


  2. Sticknub

    Black Plasma Studios (Player) Rig

    Arbiter317? Nice job, by the way.
  3. Okay, so, the first episode of Stick and Friends might come out much, much later than expected. There's some, rather reasonable reasoning, and, unacceptable reasoning for it. I'm trying to pump out a 5 minute, high quality animation. And, I'm too lazy to finish the rigs. But, it will take a while to make and gather the scenery, (but I do have a storyline in mind) and to, ya know, animate. I can't spoil too much of the episode for you, but I will warn you, it will be about the origins of the characters. How they got their powers, how the team met, their backstory. Okay, bye.

  4. Sticknub

    My first animation :D

    Wowie. This is real good for your first animation! You sure you're not lying? You really got the movements down. By the way, I like how you say, "maded it".
  5. Sticknub


    She's a boi. BOI.
  6. Sticknub

    If Pac-Man was in Minecraft [Short Animation]

    Real nice job! But, two recommendations. Maybe use more transitions, like, when Pac-man's looking, falling, and when Steve's sleeping.Speaking of Steve sleeping, I would probably make the eye color the color of his skin to represent his eyelids. Other than that, it's fantastic!
  7. Sticknub

    Iron Weight

    Pretty nice, dude.
  8. Sorry for postponing The Adventures of Stick and Friends. It's first episode will air mid July.

  9. Sticknub

    The Adventure of Stick and Friends

    I'm working on it,
  10. Sticknub


  11. Sticknub

    Mine Imator Intro Template

    How. Could. You. Possibly. Have. 200. SUBSCRIBERS FROM MAKING CRAP LIKE THIS?!?!?! How. Could. You. Possibly. Have. 200. SUBSCRIBERS FROM MAKING CRAP LIKE THIS?!?!?! But, it's okay. Sorry for beating the dead horse, man I know you're new and still have a lot of learning to do. It isn't that bad, after all.
  12. I will most likely continue the, "The Adventures of Stick and Friends," but, I'm gonna need some time to create all the rigs and find all the scenery. Until the first episode's release in early-to-mid June, stay tuned.

    1. EnderSculptor


      april was last month

      why isnt is out yet

    2. Sticknub




      Sorry, sir, I messed up with that.

  13. Sticknub

    The Villager Kingdom Episode 4: REBOOT

    XD I tried to make what I said sound confusing. You can think of it either way.
  14. Sticknub


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