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  1. i got bored so i made this also, read the pinned comment.
  2. I actually cried watching this. Good job, but a little too much of a good job.
  3. yes it does, but microsoft owns mojang
  4. I haven't uploaded an animation in like a year so here's something.
  5. No, dude, the island is 1 block thick, and most of the obsidian is merged into the ground, so I can't get it. I can't make a platform that goes underneath the island and lets me collect it because, well, I can't, I'll fall in the lava while making it. I can only build up or straight forward (or left or right or back, but not down)
  6. It's alright, but I suggest more shape. For starters, don't just make the house's floor-plan shaped like a square, perhaps add some more detail by shifting it into an L-shape or a T-shape, just to name a couple of ideas. And next, maybe try nicer roofing. I recommend making the roof a gable-style roof, [example], or just work on that a bit. Here's some inspiration:
  7. Hey guys, it's me... that guy everyone forgot about because I haven't been active in months. So, recently in my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition world, I made a nether portal, and it spawned me on some random tiny little island in the middle of the nether, and the portal was dismantled. The blocks of the portal were scattered on the floor of the tiny island, and there was no way back out the nether. So yeah, I died, more things happened in the world, and then I removed the portal. I decided I'd rebuild the portal somewhere else, and I did. For some reason, I entered the new portal and it took me back to the same exact place with the same thing happening. I died, went back home, got a diamond pickaxe, dirt, and flint and steel, and I tried to mine the obsidian to rebuild the portal, but when I do that, it'd fall because the obsidian is not only on the floor, it IS the floor, so if I mine it, it falls. I made a dirt bridge to the nearest sight of land, and now I'm truly stuck in the nether with valuable items. Someone, please, help!
  8. ooh im gonna make a rocket rig

    1. MojangYang


      I need a POCKET rig

  9. know what i haven't made an animation in eons so i wanna make one

  10. Sticknub

    Gemini Titan II

    it's not really a rig
  11. Sticknub

    Gemini Titan II

    idk if this is considered art but i made this in sketchup (it's my first model)
  13. this is good but w h y f o r t n i t e
  14. Sticknub

    50 Subscribers

    oh yeah it got copyrighted so i re-uploaded it, like, it literally got taken down by the beatles
  15. Sticknub

    50 Subscribers

    i'm getting prepared to get a mass down-voting because my video is roblox... yeah. But hey, at least I hit 50 subs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4xFNblVnU8
  16. I love it, man! Still a tad too long, though, maybe shorten it my two seconds?
  17. new profile photo yo

  18. Where should I post my memes?

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    2. Sticknub
    3. BaconSandwich


      Discord as long as ur 13 or older

    4. DuallyElemental


      oh jakes profile just to annoy him

  19. How the heck did you get those graphics?
  20. And nobody's going to mention the very limited use of transitions?
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