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  1. made this as a joke a long time ago also tested if i could copy frames from a reference animation, which seemed pretty successful. so ignore the background elements
  2. hello i animate and make music i already have a handful of knowledge from mine-imator, so yea
  3. seriously took you a year to finish
  4. Yes, I know, but it would be less annoying and tedious
  5. Yes, but it would be easier if there was an automated one.
  6. No, that's not why he stopped updating it. He has other things to do, like college, and let the community make mods for Mine-imator. He is still updating Mine-imator to put in the new Minecraft updates though.
  7. i would suggest adding blood particles
  8. ambient occlusion can be colored gray and depth of field is too strong
  9. Make the inside of the hole bigger, and the light bigger aswell but farther from the actuall hole
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