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Found 5 results

  1. Here's a not outdated raw render lol. Featuring @__Mine__ with his new creeper rig. Made it look cute, it turned out just the way I wanted it to be. I thought to test it out with the sparkie-sparkie skidaddie eye. I must've over done the glow and bloom, but at least it's not that painful to the eye. Totally not listening to this music while making. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRs9-IFydv0
  2. Yollew Yellow Yollow Owo Alkaide is here for some rhym'o sicco. And he's gonna bash' yo ghetto with a batt'o. And send yo' face'o to little dood' Pluto! In other words, it's time for more renders! Still a lot of more to come. Cough. Let's begin, fellow citizens- shall we? This time, the renders I'm gonna show are categorized, with a little theme. Hue hue. ewe A very old render that I made for a teaser for one of my animation Posin' Memes, but because of motivation- it died quickly! This just proves motivation is like a virus that kills stuffs slowly. Back in the early days of my bloom, wow that's very poetic of you Alkaide, I make Minecraft versions of different dragons in the furry community that I left because of feeling "out of placed" out there in the internet. With the use of their reference sheets. How about Alkaide wearing different hats to express his inner passion in exploring the boundaries of the multi-verse in this vast space of equilibrium? totally not gibberish Going back to the different dragon'sona rig showcase, why not some render tests? Now I've ran out of content so have some bountiful short GIFs I think. Gifs. Gifs. Gifs. Gifts? GIFs. G-I-Fs. G-eeefs. I wonder how does GIFs even work on this forums. Pardon if they're just links. Yeetus fetus. Fill it with grape juice. Read the daily news. And cover me with lettuce. Thank'us for watching'us more of'us my content'us. Than'us!
  3. Greetings fellow users again, I've come to inform you that the pizza you ordered has been eaten by a dragon. Well, I think so. Anyways fam, here's more renders I made more months ago. So I'mma spam more of them. Here we see a failed MGB render I made, apparently motivation is a *****. I just realized the floating sword lmfao And here we see Alkaide so proud of being a Filipino, congratulations being a Filipino fellow dragon! Now Alkaide is looking at the purple night sky. The stars winking at him, alone, just him being him, and nothing but him, but him being him and him as him himself. How about back at the time when Alkaide and Pigmen were shipped because Alkaide vored him and apparently they had a relationship which only lasted 3 hours and eventually that shit stopped already oh my gosh thank god that ship is over. Lastly, Dusk trying to give Alkaide a hug but he doesn't want one so he be like: HELL NO. flops. Ayy, really, thanks for those upvotes back in my old and first post. I got a huge headstart for the upvotes and in just a matter of hours I'm reaching high lmao. These were posts around June - August, more to come. Hecc.
  4. Ho ho ho! Happy Valentines Day! And A Happy New Year! So I've been using Mine-imator for like years now and I've got a lot of renders. So I guess I'm gonna post it here with all beauty and glorious jolly. And since I respect the Mine-imator forums and I've read the rules- I'mma keep my topics at minimum. " " To improve browsing experience for other members. " " Here we see Alkaide by the hot campfire. Here we see Alkaide so happy- happy after eating McDonalds. Finger lickin' good!~ Wait, that's not right Alkaide and his human-form Alde because it's so hard to animate a freaking dragon and we're all humans who are expressing creativity and I don't even know- so why not? How about the fact that when Alkaide first came out from the shadows and revealed myself to the Mine-imator community every single one thought he was an enderdragon and it's just messed up. Or how about Alkaide jumping on the Caac? plop. And that's basically it, these were very old renders back in June and July of 2018. Idk, I can show more better renders (I think they're better) if you're interested. Just reply if you want to see some of it and I'll just reply back here in the same topic. I'm gonna post my videos too later. Someday. I'm advertising. Yeet, that's it. Done.
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