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  1. guys i told you i want to help you in your projects but now i decided to make a whole team for this we cannot start with our projects we have to start with helping people after dis we make our own work baby if you want more informations send me a message or reply here GLAD TO HELP YOU
  2. i made these rigs for TexasTony04 and making these things took all my energy https://imgur.com/a/ocwsn7o
  3. i can make for you some rigs and animate for you with a price of 0.0000 dollar send me a message if you interested
  4. Hi guys i am a new animator i dont know everything in animation but in know the principals.and i can make some rigs for you i just dont have an idea for animation and i am now making wallpapers only but if you want some help in rigging or animating please send me a message with the information and i will accept THANK YOU GOODBYE.
  5. if i use it i will give you all credits man this is the work of god
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