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  1. make folders for camera X Y Z and use the real camera just for rotation.sharpwind explained that in the overlapping tutorial so if you didn’t understand me you can check here:
  2. it is a shot and it is not very complete. it has a folder for rotation and a folder for X and also one for Y and Z so it is overlapped to be like a real amazing shots in football
  3. just a small test.i hope it appears in the showcase.if.tell me i know i.a.m.u.sing.a.lot.of.points.but.i.am.crazy.so.never.mind
  4. guys i told you i want to help you in your projects but now i decided to make a whole team for this we cannot start with our projects we have to start with helping people after dis we make our own work baby if you want more informations send me a message or reply here GLAD TO HELP YOU
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