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  1. i made this for my friend @Riftjaw for his little project Diverse.i love doing cartoonic things so.. i did this
  2. i am muslim and i like that already.thank you
  3. did he really share the whole script?what the frick so why the animation?
  4. @SharpWindthanks for the upvote i apprecitate that!
  5. it is the language of ****. it is not a swearing becuase i am not gonna say it.maybe some people will not like it it is the language of *ods.
  6. yes you are good i don’t know you but you are very nice
  7. ahh ok. it is the langauge that you can’t understand.
  8. so the girl that did the frick dicky is fighting because they also want a fricky dicky and she said no?
  9. i am animating the soul of micheal thing and i animated some parts in diverse by Riftjaw,i am getting out of motivation but i am coming back and i want teamworking in mine imator so we can animate with our friends
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