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  1. Hey, it's been a while, but I've decided to release a new animation! I befriend a robot in order to escape my long due troubles of my friend Scales... Enjoy!
  2. Ayy that's pretty epic (the part where the green skeleton got beaten up intensely made me die of laughter)
  3. Hey everyone, a new animation is out! A group of normies have taken over the town and discussing their favorite RELAAAAAATABLE MEMES! enjoy because this is really quirky and RELAAAATABLE doe
  4. Hey everyone! Little late to the christmas season but here's a new christmas animation Everyone in Santa's Village is fighting over who has the most christmas spirit. Who truly has the most christmas spirit out of all of them? Enjoy!
  5. Hey everyone! A new animation from me is out! Scales, me and my other friends have been training for an upcoming baseball game, until a certain group of baseball players get in the way... Enjoy!
  6. Hey everyone! A new animation of mine is out! I apply for a police officer job and try to stop my friend Scales from committing a bunch of crimes! Enjoy! (none of the rigs in this video are made by me, all credit goes to the original creators :))
  7. EOT's glasses have mysteriously disappeared for unknown reasons! Only one detective can solve this great dilemma... Enjoy!
  8. I knew this was gonna happen at some point lmao
  9. Do the shots just need to be a lot more focused, or tilted or...? I've honestly been wanting to improve my camera shots for a long time now.
  10. Super Mario Maker 2 = GOTY 2019

  11. yeah i kinda failed on most of the walk cycles (mainly because i'm using a walk cycle from last year) but i'm looking to make a new, and more expressive one.
  12. New animation is out! And well...it's about me getting a crap ton of money apparently... Enjoy!
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