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  1. EmeraldsOnToast

    EOT: A Money Odyssey (Contains swearing and some blood)

    Do the shots just need to be a lot more focused, or tilted or...? I've honestly been wanting to improve my camera shots for a long time now.
  2. Super Mario Maker 2 = GOTY 2019

  3. EmeraldsOnToast

    EOT: A Money Odyssey (Contains swearing and some blood)

    yeah i kinda failed on most of the walk cycles (mainly because i'm using a walk cycle from last year) but i'm looking to make a new, and more expressive one.
  4. New animation is out! And well...it's about me getting a crap ton of money apparently... Enjoy!
  5. >unironic 3am videos in 2019
  6. I mean I'm not really sure if people including my friends would be willing to voice act for my animations, but I will try to make some of the text go by less quickly. Also thanks for the feedback!
  7. My new christmas animation is out! Enjoy! (also please give a little feedback on this one, especially the fight scenes.) (Please ignore most of the editing errors I made on this video)
  8. A new evil duo awaits...

    Coming soon...


  9. EmeraldsOnToast

    default dance

    when people get high rep on mi forums
  10. EmeraldsOnToast


    this...this... THIS IS E P I C
  11. EmeraldsOnToast

    Low detail vehicle pack

    AAAAAA I wish more people made cars in this kind of style!
  12. EmeraldsOnToast

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    Tbh it's always refreshing to see a wallpaper based off of vanilla minecraft every once in a while...:)
  13. n i c e


    1. MikTRF


      n  o  i  c  e

  14. EmeraldsOnToast

    Orange justice cycle

    okay this is epic
  15. EmeraldsOnToast

    Up On The Roof Tops V2 [4K Cinematic]

    sincerely to the entire drama in this post
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