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  1. A new evil duo awaits...

    Coming soon...


  2. EmeraldsOnToast

    default dance

    when people get high rep on mi forums
  3. EmeraldsOnToast


    this...this... THIS IS E P I C
  4. EmeraldsOnToast

    Low detail vehicle pack

    AAAAAA I wish more people made cars in this kind of style!
  5. EmeraldsOnToast

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    Tbh it's always refreshing to see a wallpaper based off of vanilla minecraft every once in a while...:)
  6. n i c e


    1. MikTRF


      n  o  i  c  e

  7. EmeraldsOnToast

    Orange justice cycle

    okay this is epic
  8. EmeraldsOnToast

    Up On The Roof Tops V2 [4K Cinematic]

    sincerely to the entire drama in this post
  9. EmeraldsOnToast

    EOT: Unused (Contains swearing and blood)

    Eh...I mean I've been actually thinking about censoring the swearing, might do that going forward. I won't release separate versions just for censorship though.
  10. I don't really know what to say here honest. Anyway this is my first animation I'm posting here. I will be posting more in the future so if you like these kinds of comedic animations, then stick around for more. (oh by the way credit to StickyAnimations for the Pushwave Dance animation.)
  11. EmeraldsOnToast

    Frisk Rig

    *insert no promises joke here*
  12. EmeraldsOnToast

    Freddo Fuzzbutton Rig

    oh my god did he just get leaked for smash ultimate
  13. EmeraldsOnToast

    a better animation than pixar

    wonderful, this pleases me greatly
  14. EmeraldsOnToast

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey there! My name is EmeraldsOnToast, and I make some stupid and weird Minecraft animations (duh.) I am also 14 years old and going into high school. (Bleh...) I make MC animations because I like to entertain people and it's my hobby. My main inspirations for them are SMG4 and Element Animation. I also have other hobbies like sports such as hockey, soccer, etc. I also really love Nintendo. I also really REALLY love dogs, and I have two! I do have anxiety which makes it difficult for me to talk to people, but I try to push through my stress and have a good time :). i like memes also i guess And that's pretty much all I have to say for now...till next time I guess :P.
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