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  1. Credit goes to @SoundsDotZip for his Advanced Character Model Version 3, everything else is by me.
  2. Asnail's 2020 Christmas Gift Merry Christmas Everyone! I had lots of fun making this animation & right before Christmas! I tried to incorporate a lot in the 13 sec loop. Constructive criticism is always welcome, how else would I get better or know what interests the subscribers! Happy holidays! Resources used to mash this together: -Salem’s Pickup Truck https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/81071-salems-vehicle-rigs/&tab=comments#comment-829767 -WECLEY’s Santa & Elves Pack https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/top
  3. Probably the only thing I'll post for the entirety of the Christmas Season. (Because I'm lazy) Feedback is very much appreciated.
  4. Here is my newest model, feel free to make changes and upload it, credit me if done. You may use this for 'commercial' purposes... with or without credit, some things may be off a pixel or 2, but enjoy! click this for the picture.... other options was a 'no go' CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  5. mbanders

    Present Rig

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, American commercialism will allow us to celebrate Christmas. Here's your present. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jchh3z3ce4yg404/Present+Rig.zip Includes features like: Openable lid. Everything is colorable. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.0.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone! Little late to the christmas season but here's a new christmas animation Everyone in Santa's Village is fighting over who has the most christmas spirit. Who truly has the most christmas spirit out of all of them? Enjoy!
  7. Hey lookie I spent nearly a day making this so YOU BETTER APPRECIATE IT!!! that snoozing doof in the corner of the couch is my brother Griffin84. he made a new skin, and it looks even cooler than his last one! if you see him playing hypixel, say hi to him for me! this was very slightly edited, so here is the unedited version: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!
  8. Alright, let's try something a little different this time. The only external editing was to re-add the window
  9. A little render of me making a Snowman yes I know it's November, but too lazy to wait a day to post it or whatever. Also, big thanks to @Frost* and @9redwoods for some helpful feedback while making it! I hope you enjoyed it! CC appreciated and welcomed.
  10. Here you go. I wanted to make a Christmas animation, here it is.
  11. Just kidding, that wasn't the Christmas present you get from me. Instead, you get a garbage present model! Have fun with it
  12. This is a time of peace and happiness, we all reconcile and forget our differences to share. (Except Edgy people (? It is also a time of reflection, to think about what we have done throughout the year, in which we have helped our family and friends. How beautiful is the feeling of being at the table with the family having dinner together, remembering moments and talking; But not everything is food, it is also knowing that everyone is well in health. Tecno Robot and me have stayed in the same house, sharing and remembering what we did and what we will do. We played, ate and left the hou
  13. My new christmas animation is out! Enjoy! (also please give a little feedback on this one, especially the fight scenes.) (Please ignore most of the editing errors I made on this video)
  14. Hey guys! So today is my birthday (I'm 15 now) and I wanted to make something for this occasion. Merry Christmas everyone! Programs Used: - Mine-Imator -Paint.net Criticism is welcomed and appreciated!
  15. IM BACK, EVERYONE I hope you enjoy this new Christmas wallpaper. This took about two hours to create, and this is better than any of my old Christmas wallpapers! I managed to get that beautiful light outline around some of the blocks. If you want to know how, all I did was spam spotlights around the scene. I didn't scale anything. I haven't posted a wallpaper recently. I've been a bit caught up in real life problems, and I've been dead on wallpaper ideas since the beginning of summer. If you have some wallpaper ideas, please make sure to leave them in the comments. Anyways, let'
  16. Yo! Do people still say "yo"? So, I'm making a little Christmas animation and just require some skins as background characters. Yes, while I already am taking some from actual sites about MC Skins I just thought it'd be nice to include some little cameos here and there in the animation ? So feel free to leave your skins if you so desire. Note: I'm looking for skins, not rigs. And just to keep the look of the animation consistent I may slightly edit some skins. You'll also get a q u i c k mention in the credits, but yeah...
  17. Ok... So I was looking at the post I put up and saw that @9redwoods voted for. He wanted a Christmas wallpaper, so I made one I tried not to make it boring like he said to other people so I added some stuff (Contains Strong Awesomeness) Christmas Tree Rig By @BloxTheRigger I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO SO I'M MAKING WALLPAPERS NONSTOP!!!!!
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