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  1. yes i have 1000+ notifications

    1. HeYoNia


      Hey no one cares now die


      jk welcome back u scum

      jk wb

  2. i was inactive for 1 year and i come back to only 963 notifications. disappointing. give me more.

  3. >inactive
    >get 505 notifications when u come back

  4. guy keeps dislike botting my vids what should i do

    1. Dannyboi


      Migrate your channel.

    2. phoenixbasher


      tell your mom to give them a good spanking and also repot them for cyberbully D:<

    3. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      Dislike their vid

  5. spectral

    Staged Snowy [4k Resolution]

    still better than my content
  6. spectral

    ZPhone V1

    not very detailed but still cool i guess
  7. spectral


    Come on, use your common sense here. Look at the 1000 people here who have mine-imator and use it.
  8. don't you hate it when you walk outside and someone throws a fridge at you
    don't you hate it when you walk outside and a giraffe kicks you in the balls
    don't you hate it when jesus rides dinosaurs in your house
    don't you hate it when voldemort uses your shampoo

    i have more but i'm gonna stop for now

  9. spectral

    Digital Alarm Clock (With Sound)

    S T R E T C H E D T E X T U R E S I mean I could replicate this in 10 minutes.. Only thing I can say positive is that it's a pretty cool idea to include sound I guess...
  10. spectral

    Mine Imator CB sound bug

    Look into Volume Mixer and see if MI is turned down
  11. spectral


    I mean take other screenshots from different angles so we know the other side doesn't look like total garbage while the side you showed actually looks nice
  12. spectral

    My first gun rig

    It looks nice but and it's messing with my OCD
  13. spectral


    can you show multiple images from different angles
  14. Woohoo! 154 notifications! Still a long way to go before I can break the integer. Anyway, here's whats on my mind right now:

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