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  1. Hey guys! Quick update! Recently I have been focusing on projects relating to the Hytale game! I started working for the BlockShot Network, one of the biggest before-release server projects! You can find work I've made on their twitter & youtube, under the name Phyre

    1. WAZZL3


      kewl, ill have to check u out

    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      wait how are you making a server for a game that's not even out 

    3. TheFastFilms


      @Cubic Ralsei some stuff can be prepared before-hand

  2. Criticism: The shadows look pretty pixelly, and I would recommend blurring them more. I think the contrast is a bit too high, not sure about that. Where is the AO?
  3. I just uploaded another Hytale video! Go check it out.


  4. Thanks, your feedback means so much! Really nice to hear. I was also planning on making a gui like that for my server haha, not sure yet. I'm also pretty sure no one has made a video about this, from a quick search. Might make more unique type videos like this. Thank you so much for the feedback, again.
  5. I just created a Hytale video about how to create movies in Hytale! I would appreciate if you checked it out!


  6. Hey, I just finished editing this Hytale video, about how to make Movies in Hytale! I talk a bit about animation and cover important stuff about movies in Hytale. Also I would appreciate if you checked out the outro I made in Mine-Imator!
  7. Actually not bad. I would change the shadow... rotation thingy (Completely forgot what it's called, but I think it would look better if you could see the shadows more)
  8. Hey Skibbz, I think the SFR V.6 download link is down.

    1. SKIBBZ


      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up

    2. TheFastFilms
  9. Parenting colored cubes and textured things to a face is how this is done. Also would like to add with this video, you no longer need the textures to be in sheets.
  10. 4/16 EDIT: Didn't see square root, 4/4
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