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  1. TheFastFilms

    She Died In A Cave Redone

    The pose really needs work. Bend everything, move everything, a lot more. The lighting is really bright for what the content is. Like what @TheJeweledWolf said, the DoF should be toned down, and as @9redwoods said, spawners in minecraft have particles, and this is an active spawner indicated by the zombie inside, so maybe put zombies around the dungeon? Also the redstone torch is off, so why is there light being emitted, and if it was on then, is that light white?
  2. TheFastFilms

    Lost in the Fog, 1

  3. TheFastFilms

    More wind options for objects

    Yeah, this would be great, really useful for rigging.
  4. TheFastFilms


    Why use an older version?
  5. TheFastFilms

    Rampage - Wallpaper [4k]

    Hey! I made another wallpaper today, out of boredom! Credit to @Adri526 for the idea to make a Starwars wallpaper. "Rampage" Cinematic 4k Scenery, Rigs, Etc by me. I put like 7 lights in, and it still didn't look red enough, but I hope you all like it! UnEdItEd BtW
  6. TheFastFilms

    Warm Mornings

    I think an orange sky would really help, plus the title says Warm Mornings anyways?
  7. TheFastFilms

    Cold Mornings

    Looks nice, but I feel there should be no DOF on the house because it is the focal point, and a lot more DOF at the foreground, but I like the barrels and details and stuff that was put into this.
  8. TheFastFilms

    How do I bend terrain?

    I don't know, Ozzy
  9. TheFastFilms

    How do I bend terrain?

    Huh. While not perfect that looks way better than I imagined. @PixxelHeartt (just stole my youtube name and added heartt ;{ ) Are you looking for something like that, or something spherical?
  10. TheFastFilms

    BonePunk / SkeleRockers

    oh god skeletons wearing shirts, I was not prepared for this what the hell
  11. TheFastFilms

    How do I bend terrain?

  12. TheFastFilms

    How do I bend terrain?

    Wouldn't that just look like this?
  13. TheFastFilms

    Sunset Mountain (Revamped)

    Wow that looks really cool! The only thing that could make it a bit better was closer slighter fog
  14. TheFastFilms

    Watching Over The Mine

    It's probably the brightness of the eye, and the overall environment, why is it so bright in a cave?
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