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  1. You guys are nuts. Bees are great.

  2. I find a big difference between adding useless mobs with a mod and adding useless mobs through an update. But I really don't see how this is really that big of a deal. The game has to be interesting if they want to keep it around for 100 years.

  3. Okay so here's a thought. Im not saying you cant or shouldn't downvote but just not reacting to the content is about the same as downvoting. So if you see something that's well made but it it's something that is "controversial" or whatever. Just don't react at all. Much less drama for everyone to deal with. If someone does downvote, don't call them out either. 

  4. Grrr! Why did you downvote me!!! 😡😡😡

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ShotUAnimations
    3. MojangYang


      What do you worry about? I mean, it’s reasonable to feel offended, but you have more rep than the developers add together.

    4. Ethanial



      ----The Joke---->

      Your head.

  5. 1. Why do people question why someone downvotes something, it just means that they dont like it. 2. I actually respect both of their skill sets on the forums quite a bit and I think it's pretty arrogant you think they dont have the skill. 3. The reason I can think why they would downvote this, over saturation. There are a lot of Tardis rigs.
  6. I made a skin for a friend.

  7. Optimization doesn't mean it's better. It just runs better. As for making money, people can do that if they really wanted to in Java but they don't.
  8. Oh jeez. That was pretty rude of me. I was not a very nice person in 2016.

  9. Cool kids don't do drugs.

    1. HeYoNia


      Ahh crap I drank weed 5 minutes ago I'm no longer a cool kid :(

  10. I made these and thought they were cool, enjoy I guess lol 


    1. Anatoli


      somethin like that

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