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  1. i really forgot who did modelbench but i'm Really Glad that this thing exists... but i'm really having some hard time to texture some pixels here. can we have some kind of Painting tool in the program?
  2. well, alot of work on that one....
  3. Pokémons in Modelbench...does it work?

  4. Wow, I've stayed a long time without visiting this forum... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created with blocks! for me to create characters with blocks is much more beautiful, however, we have to make several details for the character to leave perfect... i also created the shield for him... --------------------------------------- yes, I used a Base Template to create Captain America, (a personal base model of mine, I like to have my own things without anyone touching :v) ---------------------------------------- More Pics! --------------------------------------------------------- no, there is no download. if that is not the right topic, I'll just apologize and wait for someone to change. (i mean, i dont have that power right?)
  5. if we only have TWO alpha options. one for rigs and one for actually glass things.
  6. I exaggerated a little, I wanted to attract all attention to the middle one.
  7. Basically created with effort. (i try to make it the most accurate possible to the films)
  8. people are using 3D textures! how i create those?

    1. Rollo


      Make an item sheet.

    2. Skjold


      I'm surprised you don't know what item sheets are. Like 99.9% of all rigs are only made of item sheets.

      100% of my rigs are.

  9. @Nimi Hi Nimi, I spent some time away from the forum hoping that when I came back after the last month It had already released ModelBench, and here I am. Do you have any idea how much time is still left to launch it?

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    2. RedAnimator


      If you want the answer to that, you might have to ask Mojang when 1.13 comes out. And even then David and Nimi will still have to add the new mobs, items, textures and bending.

    3. OpHsVinicius
    4. RedAnimator


      They are only coming out after Minecraft 1.13 comes out.

  10. yes, its a square obi wan. (and yes, i almost die creating this)
  11. YAY! changed my name :3

  12. Don't play Doki Doki

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    2. SkythecreeperCS


      probably got spooked

    3. OpHsVinicius


      @Colonel Muffin godamn i want to die now because of this game, it's really sad :c

    4. Ethaniel


      The game is shock value, it's not sad and it's not scary.

  13. this glitch already has a time that is in the Mine-imator, I hoped that already was fixed, but it seems not... @david do you intend to fix this glitch that makes you see LITERALLY through everything because of transparency? this includes the clouds above them. (You know, I wish I could make a ghost...)
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