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  1. Does anyone know how to clear this out?: If it isn't possible right now, can we add this in a future update?
  2. Female Template

  3. I tried to draw

    It's magic! Nah just kidding thanks for the feedback.
  4. Female Template

    Thank you!
  5. Female Template

    How dare you steal it.
  6. Female Template

    Maybe I will try and remake it one day.
  7. Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

  8. Cave Adventure

    You're getting there. Posing could still use some work. And there is some random bright water in the top right corner.
  9. Cave Adventure

    Criticism: Keep improving!
  10. Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

  11. Suggestion: Extrude tool

    But if you scale said 3D surface, it looks like this:
  12. "Warrior" - 30 sec Animation Test

    I like it!
  13. Female Template

    Sup. Thank you. Yay. Lol. Umm. Can't forget the memes. Thanks. Thank you as well.
  14. Female Template

    It's a custom map. I couldn't work out how to do it with a normal skin without it looking weird.
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