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  1. OrdilloTv

    Our real faces?

    Here's my real face
  2. Yeah baby! My channel had passed 40,000 minutes watchtime! (44,471 to be exact) 😎

    however my subscribers count is still not enough for my contents to be monetized 😭

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    2. DuallyElemental
    3. TecnoGamerJW


      Congrats men! :thumbsup:

    4. OrdilloTv


      @Swift thanks for the advice, i have zero experience on putting ads on my videos tho since i still can't do it. I haven't reached 1000 subscribers yet lol 

      @DuallyElemental don't focus on only subscribers, watch time are important too 

  3. OrdilloTv

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    This is why i don't use this forums anymore, but i log in once in a while to see new things. Fun fact: I spent weeks to make an episode of my animation series and hours to make a rig. Most of the time when i post a new episode/rig here or in the facebook group, there's always a rude a$$h0le who react negatively to my post. When i go over to their YouTube channel to see how good they are to talk to me like that, most of them only posts lazy gameplays and bad animations with very little views/comments. I rarely got hate on YouTube. People on YouTube seems to appreciate my hardwork more. But once my videos suddenly got 12 dislikes and all of them are from the same country. I bet it's someone from this forums who is jealous of me.
  4. I don't use this forum anymore, but i log in just to post this status.

    Four of my YouTube videos suddenly got 13 dislikes in total and in the same date, and all of them are from the exact same country so there's a chance that the one who did this is one person. I think there's also other forum users who also experiences the same thing. 

    I just want to say, if there's any jealous person who is trying to abuse my videos rating, it's not going to work. My videos always get likes and the comments are nice and positive. So no matter how much dislikes you gave me, i will always get way more likes to cover it up :P 

    I suggest you to get a life. Bye!

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    2. YoshiHunter


      I'll see what I can do to assist @ThatGuyBrian's investigation.

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      i'm not researching bots, i'm buying them

    4. YoshiHunter


      @ThatGuyBrian LOL! 😅 Sorry, I thought it said investigation.

  5. Finally i got the warning points i wanted

    I will calm down now. 

    1. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      What warning points?

  6. OrdilloTv

    Base Attack

  7. My channel just passed 20,000 views!

    Image result for yay meme

    1. YoshiHunter


      Congrats man!

    2. MYSELF3200



      I have 6 subs on a channel with no videos.

    3. EnderSculptor


      congratulations dood


      her'es to moar veews

  8. When someone said they start YouTube for money

    Image result for laughing meme

  9. OrdilloTv

    Kikoku - Trafalgar Law's sword

    OMG Law my husbando
  10. Yes. Please acknowledge that this is episode 10 If you see the credits i write the story, animate and edit the video all by myself. I even do some building and rigs. And also, making videos is not my first priority. So it would be nearly impossible for me to make it perfect, or i'll had to upload a video every three months or so. Thanks a lot for the criticism tho
  11. Nether Diary is a Minecraft Animation series that tells about a Private First Class ranked soldier named Connie Alexander who is on a mission to venture a Nether infested earth. He must rely on his minimal experience to battle through hordes of former humans and various nether entities while writing his unbelievable experience on a notebook. In this episode: Our main character is then recruited to the Snow Unit after they found him. But someone told him to continue his mission as a Main Unit soldier. Music and everything else are credited at the end of the video. Sorry for every mistakes found in this video, it had been done I hope you liked my animation. And as always, constructive criticism is highly appreciated.
  12. OrdilloTv

    Mountain - (Minecraft Wallpaper)

    That's just the default mountain schematic with some fogs
  13. OrdilloTv

    Cave Adventure

    The hero beginners deserve
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