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  1. Finally i got the warning points i wanted

    I will calm down now. 

  2. Base Attack

  3. My channel just passed 20,000 views!

    Image result for yay meme

    1. YoshiHunter


      Congrats man!

    2. MYSELF3200



      I have 6 subs on a channel with no videos.

    3. EnderSculptor


      congratulations dood


      her'es to moar veews

  4. Up26wWL.png

  5. When someone said they start YouTube for money

    Image result for laughing meme

  6. Kikoku - Trafalgar Law's sword

    OMG Law my husbando
  7. Yes. Please acknowledge that this is episode 10 If you see the credits i write the story, animate and edit the video all by myself. I even do some building and rigs. And also, making videos is not my first priority. So it would be nearly impossible for me to make it perfect, or i'll had to upload a video every three months or so. Thanks a lot for the criticism tho
  8. Nether Diary is a Minecraft Animation series that tells about a Private First Class ranked soldier named Connie Alexander who is on a mission to venture a Nether infested earth. He must rely on his minimal experience to battle through hordes of former humans and various nether entities while writing his unbelievable experience on a notebook. In this episode: Our main character is then recruited to the Snow Unit after they found him. But someone told him to continue his mission as a Main Unit soldier. Music and everything else are credited at the end of the video. Sorry for every mistakes found in this video, it had been done I hope you liked my animation. And as always, constructive criticism is highly appreciated.
  9. Mountain - (Minecraft Wallpaper)

    That's just the default mountain schematic with some fogs
  10. Cave Adventure

    The hero beginners deserve
  11. Lewis The Ghost-Mystery Skulls

  12. Box Rig alpha (SUPER BAD)

  13. My channel just hit 750 subscribers!

    Image result for partying alone

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    2. YoshiHunter



    3. EnderSculptor


      gud job

      i have 58 and it makes me feel worthless

    4. OrdilloTv


      Thanks guys! 

      I should've do Q&A at 75 subs

      Lol xD

  14. By The Fountain - Wallpaper

    Too simple dude, maybe use resource packs and skyboxes also try to practice more on the lighting
  15. Edgy Wallpaper of a Campfire

    Try to delete mine
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