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  1. The Freefall Collab!

    Welcome to the FreeFall Collab! In case there's any confusion about what the collab is about, you will be making two entries. One of your character jumping out of the given helicopter, and one of your character landing (for the end of the collab). In your first entry you are expected to include anything happening during the fall, after jumping. It could be anything. Be creative! Or you could have nothing happen. That's also an option I suppose. I would prefer all entries to be 1080p60, but that is not required (it'll just look bad in the final 1080p60 video if you make it worse). Add your own watermark if you can. If you can't, tell me in the message you send with your entry, and I'll make sure to make one for you. Any third-party editing software is great. Go for it. When you are sending your entry make sure you send both at once. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to organize. I think that's all I have to say for the topic. Make sure you read the handy dandy promotional card up there!
  2. Broken Models?

    Not a problem good friend, welcome to the community.
  3. Ah, thought that would be the case.
  4. The website is for the software used to make these forums, and they have a lot of different tools. Costs a bit of cash tho.
  5. Woagh, 100 guests online.

    1. Swift


      When model bench came out there were about 300 on, no joke.

      or it was when the new version of MI came out, i don't know I can't remember ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. MYSELF3200



      It was the new version, I think. Either that or they both had a bunch on at the time.

  6. So I was looking at IPBoard's website because I was curious about how the forum really worked, and I came across this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content/ If you go to the Downloads tab, you'll see what I mean. I'm not sure how IPBoard payment works, but if you're just paying for the entirety of IPBoard applications, this would be a really nice thing to utilize. Plus it works really well with the Forums application as well. I just think it would be a lot cleaner and easier to use than mediafire links. @david
  7. How Do I Use Model Bench?

    why did you post this in rigs
  8. AR-C RIG

    Is there a download?
  9. Updated TAAFNF with a new section, plus some minor fixes.


    1. MYSELF3200


      I still gotta congratulate you for putting the time and effort into doing that.

      The mods really should pin it.

  10. Pokeball Rig!

  11. Best Photoshop Since 1990

    Despite the point of the Photoshop being to correct its spelling, the final product is still misspelled.
  12. Idk what I made...(also first "rig" post)

    You can upgrade for free just by clicking "I'd Rather Not Donate" https://www.mineimator.com/upgrade Although I would recommend donating anyway so Davidfriend can eat tonight.
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