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  1. Wait... You mean this?


    And they got The Rock?


    As long as they don't do none of that Godzilla crossover stuff.

  2. Bug render !

    What do you mean "zoom in"? What's zooming into what?
  3. Minecon Earth was hilariously underwhelming.

    Will Arnett only half knew his horrible lines. Everything was so rushed. They didn't talk about what they should've talked about. What they did talk about was either unimportant or extremely short of a segment. They didn't showcase content creators as much as they should have. They used the same 6 creators the whole show. They did a whole musical number with the actress who plays Supergirl introducing the Super Duper Graphics, yet they... didn't talk about them at all. Literally, they didn't talk about it. 90% of the show was spent trying to draw out the hype for the mob vote, which was disappointing to me after it was done anyway. Mob B hardly had any use in the actual game.

    TL:DR, Will Arnett deserves better.

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      I hated him hosting. 

  4. Minecon Earth so far:

    80% awkward

    10% cringe

    10% actual content

    1. CaptainClipy


      ouch. live events are always going to be awkward.

  5. Autumn [wallpaper]

    The glowstone could use some light effects.
  6. Issue!

    When did the problem happen? How do we recreate it?
  7. A thousand miles away(4k)

    Okay but. Okay but. Okay.
  8. A thousand miles away(4k)

    Skype is alright for 1 on 1 video chatting...
  9. Laptop Rig

    Simple. I like it. I'm out of reactions though.
  10. Fatal bug

    The program looks for textures in a specific folder. Maybe your Minecraft game folder isn't where the program thinks it is (should be in AppData-Roaming-.minecraft). If that's where it should be I would reinstall.
  11. Bug & Glitch

    Euch. Try reinstalling. If that doesn't work I don't know what to tell ya. Maybe update your video drivers?

    Most people have worse green screens, you did everything right. Even if it's 3 seconds long.
  13. 2D Intro Template Download!

    Don't like the intense bass but with a different song this is a good intro.
  14. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Mine-imator edition)

    I'm not saying he had the right to post a recreation. I'm saying he didn't steal his work and call it his own. He pointed out the original creator. But you are right, he probably doesn't have the right to post a recreation like this.
  15. Oven Rig

    In the particle menu.
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