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  1. I'm officially dead...


    lol rip i had a great time as an animator

    Soo goodbye i guess

    1. jakubg1


      What will you do instead of animating?

  2. It just feels... off. You COULD have cut out the "Up-close" parts of the image, then the "Far-away" parts of the image into different image files, then slightly animate every part moving maybe a little the the left or right or make the trees wave or something. Well... thats just mai opinion :3 5/10
  3. can i be your opponent in unofficial MGB in episode 6? lol :v

    srry ask

    1. trashpack05


      I have gotten requests and i wont be taking more until Season 2 is done

    2. Kyle Freeze
  4. Warning... if you post Life or Monster school videos here on the forums then prepare for hate.... just a warning... this pwetyy gud tho.. for a begginer :))))
  5. Sorry to say this but.... Status Update
  6. Cant wait to see on FutureTube 2021 "Farewell Oblivion" Coming to theaters this year!
  7. I just realized i am terrible at drawing.. lol gj!
  8. The first thing i see in the comments is some "I didnt maek it in! SKIBBZ!!! IM MAD" drama XDD But for real.. this culleb was gud! gud job skebz
  9. This animation took me 1 month to animate so i would appreciafkjgfdmgdjfosg some support, enjoy! Not really
  10. AHHH Umbrella is so guuuuuuddd... this is some nice rig tho!
  11. Its not all THAT bad... i mean the movements are ok and stuf... i dont really care about if its inspired or something.. its 3/5
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