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  1. The texturing is not auto generated noise, it clearly has a palette. However the palette has too much contrast and the shading is just random.
  2. Assuming this is pixel consistent, the mug is too big for a player model. Otherwise looks really good.
  3. A little lava glow and and a few more mobs around the scene would've been nice, but this looks really good!
  4. Oh this is very interesting. Cool way to convey this idea!
  5. I made a small render with @9redwoods's mini player model rig as well:
    Y6wsgglq o

    1. insanehelix7076
    2. insanehelix7076


      my render is in wallpapers and art also its the topic below the newest topic

    3. ShotU
  6. He's not talking about how the character is looking forward, but how the eye rig's pupils are both in the center of the eye by default, which, as he said, looks derpy.
  7. You nailed those reflections. I do think too much of the image is blurry though.
  8. I swear they're there gfycat removed them
  9. Hey, I made these assets for an animation back in February, and I don't have any use for them now. So, I decided to release them to the public. Use them for whatever you like. Credit is appreciated. Important: The piano model was not made with the intention of being animated. The keys do not move, nor are there the proper number of keys. This model is best used only for a background prop. Edit: Fixed the gif quality issue Anyway here's the download: DOWNLOAD I might release more models in the future, let me know what you think!
  10. Yesterday was my friend @ShotUAnimations's birthday, so I wanted to show him some love. This render was meant to be ready yesterday, but the set took longer than expected. I've know ShotU since I joined back in this community, back in September. Through this time he has willingly helped me with multiple aspects of animation and taught me many things. Also through this time he has been my render engine, as I do not yet have computer strong enough to render most of my creations. This means that without Shot most of the content I have created in the past 10 months wouldn't exist. I am grateful he has been here to lend me his help, even when he doesn't want to. Even though we've had rough times, you've always come back to me. Thank you for being here with me ShotU, as a friend. With this I wish you a happy birthday. I wouldn't forget about you
  11. First time I've actually seen fn a f models that look accurate to the game. These look good.
  12. In MB, I used lots of bends parented to each other to make it look smooth with a specific bend system so I could make the bends anchor off of two positions. Then I just took the bends and animated them in MI.
  13. This is MI. It was hand animated with bending. I animated it to simulate physics, but it isn't real physics.
  14. I agree. Many of the basic actions in MI don't have hotkeys, and some of the more complex ones could be much easier used with hotkeys. It would improve efficiency a ton when animating, and users who don't use many hotkeys should still have the normal buttons.
  15. Hey, I made a smooth bending jacket rig in MI. Took me about an hour to animate this little showcase. Rendered by @Phyre
  16. Thanks man, it took me a bit to make the schematic. Worth it for the result!
  17. shutup I don't know how to fix it yet
  18. I've been using Blender a lot lately, and this is one of the renders I've made! This was just a test render, I'm still trying to figure out how to use nodes. (Btw the blocky look on the ground was a mistake, but lets just act like it was intended because it looks cool pog)
  19. I love the lighting and modeling
  20. You have done a great deed for this community
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