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  1. It's too distorted, but everything else looks pretty good.
  2. omgomg i must commit die aaa thanks lol
  3. blame shotu for the glow
  4. So yeah, if you saw MineWallpaper's post, here is the other version. @MineWallpaper Initial posing, concept Me: Adjustments and lighting, composition @ShotUAnimations: Final edits, rendering Not the most proud of it, but it's a thing. CREDITS: Yeah that's it. Still was kinda cool to make.
  5. Ouch, yeah probably shouldn't keep that in the wallpaper.
  6. Snuggle fox. Pretty cool, but what are the bright lines in the bottom left? Also, I feel that the fire light fade's a little too much. Otherwise, good posing and composition, and no shadow flaws.
  7. Still there... not sure what happened to your browser, but everyone else sees it.
  8. That's pretty cool. You should make some other Terraria items.
  9. Maybe not the best idea to ping to top staff.
  10. When you try to explain ambient occlusion to your uneducated friends:

    You see the corner of the room over there?

    1. MineWallpaper
    2. MojangYang


      CaN yOu ExPlAiN tOo Me WhAt Is Ao?¿?

  11. Still gotta say, you're pretty damn talented.
  12. I now have my Vlare account linked in the website space on my profile.

    Finally get to put something there. Go check it out when you can.

    I'm going to bed now.

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    2. MineWallpaper



      But I don't wanna set up a account. Already had Youtube, and it's fine even if COPPA is there.

    3. Frost*


      No it's not fine, because you lose all community. Also nothing wrong with making a Vlare account, who cares if you have YT. I do too.

    4. MineWallpaper
  13. We're all moving to Vlare. YouTube is done for.

    AndyBTTF and Supah.exe have already moved including tons of MI users from discord and these forums.

    I have moved, as well. Unless YouTube can fix this... I'm not coming back.

    1. MineWallpaper


      I dunno if I wanna join...do ya need to create new account?

    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      The question remains...is Youtube smart enough to take the hint?

  14. Next guy: drops atomic bomb inside plane
  15. I understand that you don't want to remake it, I'm just giving you tips for future creations. Yes, I accept that you added the filter, there's nothing wrong with it. The posing is too default, if that makes sense. And you can do many things with HPR, such as squinting or just moving the eyes. It just doesn't have any emotion. Not as in moving the camera to a different side, but like lowering the camera to a ground point, as to make the vehicle look bigger. Idk, there are many things you can convey with slight camera change.
  16. It looks like all you did was add a filter to it. You didn't fix the posing or anything. The expression is kinda emotionless, you should move the head some, and then have the eyes follow. You could experiment with some camera angles too. That's all I have.
  17. shhhh my fill light was too strong aaa
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