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  1. What does it need to look like? Can it look like anything? Just made an untextured model.
  2. I need skins. That's it. I am making a thing with zombies and living people and zombie stuff here are the things you can be a zombie a living person You can't choose what you are, I do. If everybody did choose who they were, there would be only one zombie and all the rest is living people. ok here is the peoples who are volunteering to be a zombie/living dude/background character ME ok that's it I can make you a zombie if you don't want to edit it yourself. Rules: No blood No gore No disgusting stuff Here's an example I don't know how to resize images sorry
  3. I think you should probably use transitions... They look like robots when they move. I hate it when people don't use transitions, but since this is your first animation it's pretty good. Just use transitions.
  4. I love that game, and it does have terrible graphics, and I would say yes if this wasn't a game about saying yes so I'll defy all logic. NO Why did I reply instead of replying to the topic? Idk whatever
  5. Want to make a rig, but don't know how to upload an image? Don't want those people who always say "No pic no click?" I know how! Just get any image you want. Go to a site that lets you share images. I use Imgur. Click new post and insert the image you want. Now you have it! Simple! Don't copy the link on the site you're on, do this. Next, you want to right click the image and select "Open image in new tab" Now you have a tab with that image. Now copy the link at the top. Go to your post on Mine-Imator Forums, and then click "Insert image from URL" Now paste it in the box under URL then click "Insert into this post." That's it! I'm not too sure it'll work for you, and I think it only works for google. Besides, if you use anything besides google, I hate you. (JK) Now I need to prove I know how... Here's a picture
  6. It's already closed, but... Sure. Actually, is the line below the mouth a beard or something? I'm trying to give him a facial rig.
  7. Now that would take WAY too long to make... I don't know, like... 5 days? Sorry, I can't.
  8. That sounds impossible, but i'll try. Here is every block in Minecraft... Actually... I tried that and it crashed when I tried to import it. Sorry.
  9. The point is to have no interior or doors, that's why it's call a LOW DETAIL vehicle pack.
  10. Sorry... Can't use .RAR files. Can I add your skin into it though?
  11. Original New I'm didn't know how many people would reply, and I thought this would take about a month but it really took a day! Stuff I added: Steve riding in a minecart vertically up a tree (Yoshifan33) Ghatos drowning in his own car he made (Ghatos) cursed chests (Mineshaft Animation) YoshiHunter "sitting against the tree, enjoying the beautiful nature." (YoshiHunter) campfire (MasterArcher12) Yoshifan33 "fighting off an Enderman, with my iron sword and axe." 5 cows stacked on eachother (Animation Cow) Stuff I made myself: creeper about to blow up YoshiHunter cow falling off of cow pile Ghatos drowning in the car (He didn't say to make him drowning, I just thought it was funny) Anyways, I think it's cool. Thanks to everybody that helped.
  12. Yes do you look like a soggy dorito without cheese that had pepsi poured all over it?
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