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  1. Hello everyone, I made a children's bike from the MrCryFish Vehicle Mod, I hope you will appreciate it adequately beacuse i was tried very hard, there is only one drawback, it is very laggy, but you will like it. Download link - https://www.mediafire.com/file/if7noeezi5tytly/MrCryfish_Vehicle_Mod.rar/file Photos -
  2. Hi!!! I made a pretty small update, hope you like it!!! Download link - https://www.mediafire.com/file/d8qtlr3d2pt0sq6/%28Beta%29_DecoCraft_Mod_Mine-imator_%28By_YoN_SuN%29.rar/file Oven Floor 5/24/21 Oven Wall 5/24/21 Open/Swing Animation bugs fixed 6/2/21 Microwave 6/7/21 Bottom Cabinet 6/3/21 Bottom Cabinet 2 6/3/21 Bottom Cabinet Center 6/3/21 Kithcen Sink & Faucet Inward 6/3/21 Stove 6/7/21 Hood Island 6/7/21 Here's a picture -
  3. YoN_SuN

    My Cap Rig!

    Just add to the link https://imgur.com/K7Eionk .png in the end and it will do this -
  4. A small update but much of modificated! https://www.mediafire.com/file/ya6a0rdrjh36bmk/%28Beta%29_DecoCraft_Mod_Mine-imator_%28By_YoN_SuN%29.rar/file Cutting Board 5/23/21 Stuffed Bunny 5/23/21 Art Supplies 5/24/21 Oven Floor 5/24/21 Oven Wall 5/24/21 Open/Swing Animation bugs fixed 6/2/21
  5. Guys, i don't made this animatronics, so don't say that i stolle them.
  6. I get shucked when i looked at it...
  7. Decocraft mod (in minecraft) has many "Kidish" models.
  8. Hi i made Decocraft models for mine-imator (IT'S ONLY BETA-VERSION) download link here ---------> https://www.mediafire.com/file/xqa23fh6po7q05j/(Beta)+DecoCraft+Mod+Mine-imator+(By+YoN_SuN).rar/file NEW MODELS!!!
  9. https://youtu.be/0sYEFwuAkMw
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