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  1. Make obama rig, do it. do it now or ill tsar your mom
  2. I know this is totally random but, can I get 10 downvotes on this status update.



    lmao why am I asking for this, also if we hit 10 downvotes im donating another 5$ to team trees

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    2. HeYoNia


      ok feck, nvm my donation wont go through.

    3. DuallyElemental


      not downvoting until your donation goes through

    4. HeYoNia


      oh i just kinda gave up on it, i guess i'll try another day

  3. 0/10 not enough 4k
  4. fog isn't always the best option to cover the cut out scenery, especially if it doesn't fit with the weather.
  5. Pretty weird since FXAA pretty much blurs the whole image in this case it only blurs the jagged pixels on MI.
  6. Christ almighty how do i explain this, bloom isn't an actual object that you can interfere with when animating, it's not the same as glow. It's only a camera thing. basically, It can't affect 3D objects as it doesnt actually exist outside the camera.
  7. that's fockin' 6 months, It took me 3 years to reach 150 subs.
  8. 70% of my followers are either, Dead, in coma, moved on in life, or lost their internet connection.


  9. FXAA blurs every pixel, It's not what MI uses. I think @Dannyboi mentioned some weak sauce failure of an AA, can't remember what it's called though.
  10. HeYoNia

    Birds Lofi

    I need full version
  11. Like the environmental lighting but the house lighting, needs a bit of work.
  12. Am I late or is the timezone late? anyways Happy birthday.

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    2. Ethaniel


      1 more year till alcoholism! 

    3. HeYoNia


      You sure are enthusiastic today. anyways I drank alcohol once, it tasted shit.

    4. Ethaniel


      I have too and I agree.

  13. Aight, you violated my human right, I'm gonna report you to NASA.
  14. I wish Scott added 2 eyeballs on Ennard's crotch.
  15. The weapon is too well detailed which somewhat destroys the wallpaper, imagine putting a 4k gun on a pixel based game. surely it won't fit in.
  16. did you even try to spell my name mate? HeY
  17. Yeah man, that's why I didn't go for the statue wallpaper since there was a visible cut off, also I had to cover it up with some nice fog to make it less obvious. you're nice hah bet you blushed Thanks gamer not like i care about showcase tho.
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