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  1. >How Rude i'm sure there's a font for every emotion and thought process bruhhhh
  2. >AWESOME! bruh comic sans get outta here
  3. >Please Downvote this reply if you hate me... you uh missed the point chiefton
  4. >Be Forged >Get questioned on your vague standards >Processing information >i know what do >"My rules and action" ya know, rules and action is somehow a standard
  5. because your computer couldn't handle rendering a resolution 8 times higher than 1080p while we're on the topic it's absolutely redundant to render 8k
  6. you do know a custom resolution option exists right?
  7. >inb4 share project folders instead
  8. 574nl3y w0rk3d f0r a c0mpany 1n a b1g bu1ld1ng wh3r3 h3 wa5 3mpl0y33 #AST.
  9. >Hen tie artists be that way sometimes. >signature related
  10. when you're browsing your projects folder for the miproject, look the the right of the file name bar and click the dropdown tab, then select mibackup and select the most recent file
  11. no you dirty minded gamer it actually ends with [︎ ︎□︎⧫︎ ︎︎■︎■︎︎︎ ︎❒︎□︎❍︎ ❒︎□︎︎●︎□︎⌧︎ ︎□︎❒︎ ⬧︎︎⍓︎︎■︎︎ ⧫︎︎︎ ■︎ ⬥︎□︎❒︎︎]
  12. >she really drank too much BILL COSBY
  13. spamming posts to be an attention whore then spamming more when he was bullied for spamming
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