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  1. Advanced Teen Girl (Download) Link1 Direct Download Link2 Original Download Page Features: Moving Hair: Moving Fingers Moving Eyes ---------end----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------{}{}{}{}}{{}}}}}{}{}{{}}{}{}}{{}}}{}}{}{{}}{{}}{{}{}{}}{}{}{{}}{{}{}{}}{{--------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry For The Small imege
  2. I Cant Show More Because There Are To Many To Fit In Other Pics
  3. RigPack V1.1.0 Download RigPack V1.0 - Download RigPack V1.1 - Download RigPack V1.2(Coming Soon)
  4. What Do You Mean? This Topic Was For A YouTube Video I Was Working On
  5. Oh Sorry I Thought This Was Resent I Forgot To Look At The Date/Time It Must Be On Your End Its Showing Great! On My End And Some Other Peoples To Maybe Try Refreshing
  6. Download Rig Here LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5f510qpatg2st1b/Wither+Golem.zip Thank You I Cant Wait To See Your Animation> Will You Post It To YouTube? Thank You, Ill Do That
  7. CleverDamon584

    test rig

    Download For YouTube Video
  8. No, Anny Skin Works But The Skin Must Be Faceless
  9. This Bundle Pack Is 100% FREE! I Made No Changes To The Teen Girl (But Wen I Come Out With A Part 2 Is Ween She Will Be Updated I Hope You All Enjoy This Pack For Mine-amater Wen You Create A Animation With The Rigs Post Them On YouTube Ill Find Them," I Cant Wait To See What Kind Of Animations You Make With These Rigs Download : Download RigPack Bundle Features: 1. Custem Thumbnails 2. New Teen Boy Rig (Reskinable) Please Give Me Credits Wen Using This Pack So I Know Who Used The Rig And I Can Find Your Video Easy By: CleverDamon584
  10. What Are You talking About?'" What makes this a girl rig? I Wonted It To Be This Way," Ill Add It In The 2.0 Update Im Getting Ready To Post A Rig In A Little While That Has The Boy In It She Will Still Look The Same But Wen I Make A Part 2 Of Here Ill Try To Do That..."
  11. Teen Girl Rig By : CleverDamon584 Hope You All Enjoy This Rig There Arent That Much Features Added Yet (Warning) Pleas Do Not Come Here Just For The Download Links Pleas Enjoy The Rigs And Animate With Them Features Alpha V1.0 1. Moveable Eye Pupils 2. Mobeable Flower 3. Blushing Ability 4. Cute Eyes Download Rig Here (Enjoy)
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