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  1. Prepare yourself, this is only the begining of the journey.
  2. Just a normal render Constructive Criticism is always welcome.
  3. yo, this renders are really good, there's a bit of pixel mixeling on the first 2 images but it's only a minor problem, great job dude.
  4. ah, that discucion fits well with an ace attorney trial
  5. Just get under a 2 blocks tall space and you will be fine
  6. advise: this comment has nothing to do with the current debate. This rig will make my pc go kaboom
  7. just made a render, constructive critcism is always welcome.
  8. It's funny to see how a pie model generated a discusion in my personal opinion: using voxel like models in minecraft animations / renders is an artistic choise, but i understand the fact that it dosen't looks like a minecraft model, but it looks really nice as an item (sorry if i didn't explain myself well, english it's not my main language)
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