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  1. ZOPNE

    Sword Rig

    i dont want to judge this,but this looks like a flag/scythe
  2. ZOPNE


    You cant just ask for everyone to rig your DOWNLOADED UNORIGINAL skin,also make a skin if you want a rig,becuse i could make that rig for ya,but damn if you just download a skin and ask for someone to rig it...its just lazy...if you want a rig do it yourself.
  3. ZOPNE

    sonic rigs pack 1

    If you do something,put some time into it...
  4. ZOPNE

    Bendy Pack

    Help I Cant Open The Rig Becuse Its A Rar File Edit:I Got Win Rar Or What The Hell
  5. ZOPNE

    Low detail vehicle pack

    Nothing To Say Just 10/10 +1
  6. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    "Nice rig though" Excuse Me What? Also The Sans Rig Is Not Owned By Him Its Someone Else's
  7. A Well Animated Video XD
  8. ZOPNE

    G36 Rig

    The Download Is Not Working!
  9. ZOPNE

    Baldi's Basics Skin Pack

    i am use paint.net too but i dont use it for makeing skins... (Okey Sometimes Yes) +1
  10. ZOPNE

    Baldi's Basics Skin Pack

    Well Okey I Am Use Nova Skin its Better Than Mcskin3D
  11. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    u mean its OVER 9000 MONTHS?
  12. ZOPNE

    New Steve Rig I made (Enjoy)

  13. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    mmmm i think 10 secounds
  14. ZOPNE

    Sans Rig

    Well 200+ Au Exist And Tomany Rigs Maded I Am Sure Here Is A Million Of This Rigs
  15. ZOPNE

    Baldi's Basics Skin Pack

    I Think He Made The Skin In Paint Becuse Its Really Bad
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