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  1. ZOPNE

    Sword Rig

    i dont want to judge this,but this looks like a flag/scythe
  2. ZOPNE


    You cant just ask for everyone to rig your DOWNLOADED UNORIGINAL skin,also make a skin if you want a rig,becuse i could make that rig for ya,but damn if you just download a skin and ask for someone to rig it...its just lazy...if you want a rig do it yourself.
  3. ZOPNE

    sonic rigs pack 1

    If you do something,put some time into it...
  4. ZOPNE

    Bendy Pack

    Help I Cant Open The Rig Becuse Its A Rar File Edit:I Got Win Rar Or What The Hell
  5. ZOPNE

    Low detail vehicle pack

    Nothing To Say Just 10/10 +1
  6. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    "Nice rig though" Excuse Me What? Also The Sans Rig Is Not Owned By Him Its Someone Else's
  7. ZOPNE

    G36 Rig

    The Download Is Not Working!
  8. i am use paint.net too but i dont use it for makeing skins... (Okey Sometimes Yes) +1
  9. Well Okey I Am Use Nova Skin its Better Than Mcskin3D
  10. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    u mean its OVER 9000 MONTHS?
  11. ZOPNE

    Frisk rig v1

    mmmm i think 10 secounds
  12. ZOPNE

    Sans Rig

    Well 200+ Au Exist And Tomany Rigs Maded I Am Sure Here Is A Million Of This Rigs
  13. I Think He Made The Skin In Paint Becuse Its Really Bad
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