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  1. Great collab everyone who put into it.
  2. I'd explain it for you but here's a tutorial you might enjoy instead.
  3. Maybe it’s the smooth keyframing
  4. I might take one for a test run soon... let's see how it falls apart
  5. This is the first of many videos I want to put together for my own little one. I made this for times like feeding, teething, & fussy time. This video aims to: - Helps focus with feeding & relaxing from excited stat of mind. - Bright colors to help tracking movement. - Builds positive relationships with bees - Friendly characters
  6. Really great work, your models look superb.
  7. Added these gif in a little late. I made the grindstone wheel and the skin I found on planet minecraft.
  8. That’s was terrific, you’ve earned my up vote. Did you make all the resources used in this video?
  9. Haha good one. at 11 seconds the glasses be tripping.
  10. Oh woah I’m impressed. Good job fellas!
  11. Perhaps we could utilize discord, rather then the forums or use both and combine the votes.
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