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    Love to make something creative. Animation, wallpaper. I try to take time with details on things i make.
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  1. I like the first one a lot, great job.
  2. Sooo... made a night lamp light, for my upcoming animation. Took in total like 3 - 4 hours to figure out how to make it.
  3. Well if you like that CUUB that much I'm glad xD.
  4. Too add to my other cube, here's another one! Just wanted to experiment and practice lighting. Open to any suggestions to improve.
  5. Yeah the first was something like a warmup after a looong time of non animating
  6. I made 2 versions of jump, it was something like repeated making of the same action, so i could improve on that.
  7. After i don't know how long, i animated something to finish, gonna post it today hopefully. 8D (Pretty happy even it's short test though xd)

  8. ngl, he ponged him pretty hard
  9. Man, I'm so glad i read this, appreciate that you put your time and effort to write all this. Thank you a lot.
  10. Just... stayin' alive. :whistling:

  11. It couldn't be more dramatic.
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