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  1. Ah yes, he used the "he didn't cleared his history" spell to revive him. T A K T I K Z
  2. Really good! You have a nice touch for particles and such. Really love the idea when dragon warrior puts down his sword to fight with hands, like he's thinking "They're not even worthy of being slain by my sword...". Only suggestion I have now is that I would make the wolf warrior more face expressive. She's the only one who you can see has face in camera shots. Appart from that, really liked it.
  3. Hey, that was pretty good, you have a thought of storyline, I'm interested to see more. One suggestion tho, I would say that this goes into narrative animation, as I said earlier, there's a storyline a NARRATIVE. Its neither random or test animation. And talking about animation, I would suggest making the eye blinks faster, it's more realistic and let's say, more pleasing to see. You had kind of a slow tempo of whole animation, but the blinks were way too slow imo. Anyway, great work, keep it up!
  4. What's that supposed to mean?
  5. You know, he didn't lie when he said he's a goner.
  6. Really clean and visually appealing! Awesome job!!
  7. Good atmosphere, nicely done, really well made! Enjoyed a lot
  8. Hard to say, wasn't either dismissed nor confirmed in the frequent suggestions topic.
  9. ok thx I guess... ?
  10. Tried to make walk cycle after some time again.
  11. burple. Loooots of burple.
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