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  1. hello doods that still be on here that were on here when i was on here, or something.

  2. Happy birthday Cryo!

    1. Lapis Productions

      Lapis Productions

      Wappy burthday dudeeee.

      This is for Cryotivity!

    2. Cryotivity


      Thanks guys 

  3. Happy Birthday! :Cake:

    1. Cryotivity


      Thank you :)

  4. to be fair, atleast it has lighting Try using some ambient occlusion in your projects, it does wonders
  5. That looks great.*when you realize the scenery is a different program :(*
  6. the thank you part makes you sound kinda ignorant. Thank you. (see)
  7. My christmas in a nutshell DARKSOUL_facebook_mini.jpg

    @SKIBBZ same as u?

  8. Why didn't you link me to this yesterday fam
  9. you know what would make this look better? Edits.
  10. Oh shoot i forgot you and my mom shared a birthday lmao happy really really late birthday 2nd mom

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