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  1. Hozq

    Some Room (Wallpaper)

    Some rum
  2. Hozq


    I actually enjoyed reading this lmao
  3. Hozq

    HDR Test

    I think it's pretty cool.. 0:22 For the HDR
  4. Hozq

    Variable Penumbra Shadows

  5. Hozq

    HDR Test

  6. Hozq

    HDR Test

    No idea what it stands for but what it does is that it's lighting being able to be brighter than the main texture, making it have a shine effect
  7. cc0b37ec30c1dc202a7235cd44063394.gif
    100% Mi

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    2. Jake_28


      What does it even do lol theres just a light shining on some blocks?

    3. BaconSandwich


      @Jake_28 The main focus is the cool shiny effects on parts of some blocks.

    4. Jake_28
  8. To celebrate my 500 rep, i made this thing. yeah.. People that are in this: Nimi, Supah.exe, Tysteria, SoundsDotZip, Rapke, Pharien, Shane Animations, SheToxic, Paul 280209, BaconSandwich, TheJeweledWolf, Br0ken S0ul, Skibbz, RandomJeremy , JosSamLoh and Herobrine Tell me if i missed anyone. Also, I just broke 200 content count by posting this, not only that but like 10 minutes ago i had 1999 profile views. 3 milestones in the spand of like 20 minutes. That's an epic gamer moment if i've ever seen one. Thanks to @jakubg1 For pointing this out.
  9. Hozq

    500 reputation banner

    Thank you!
  10. Hozq

    500 reputation banner

    Discord messing you up with the * marks eh? sorry i actually just forgot to put you in ;-;
  11. Hozq

    500 reputation banner

    sans deltarune
  12. I feel like my pfp is very accurate.


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    2. TheJeweledWolf
    3. jakubg1


      Still 2000 profile views milestone is broken right now :)

      (sorry for double post but I forgot something)

      Wait... He's also about to break 200 content count milestone!

    4. Hozq


      Oh my lord

  13. Actually, i kinda lied. One of them is for a collab. But yeah. No sound effects because i'm lazy. Also i don't really like how these ones turned out just because i rushed the animation quite a lot.
  14. Hello, i've had this model for a while now i've just forgotten to fix all of the bugs and upload it for others to use. But it's here now! This works exactly like a folder rig. This model not only helps you create better movement but you also have access to the hat layers as shown in the picture below. A cool thing that Model Bench let's me do is make all of the "Folders" have bending options as well. https://gyazo.com/61571bcc7fc8e8c77d8c2e5d4b5d075f This model also fixes the awful bends that Mine-Imator has by default. Test animation with the model. https://gyazo.com/9a62b388e72d56943d11b9de8b080b23 This model is mainly for people for people who have experience animating with folders in Mine-Imator, This is as simple as it's going to get if you want realistic animation. Download. (FIXED, ADDED ALEX VERSION)
  15. Hozq

    Forum Wars: The Battle for the Exploit

    Amazing lol
  16. Hozq

    Work bench physics

    Yeah oops i missclicked and clicked on the wallpapers channel instead of animations @Nimi Accidentally posted this in the wrong channel, could you move it to animations? If i'm not wrong i can't edit the place that it's posted in.
  17. Hozq

    HYRIG (Hytale Rig) W.I.P.

    Work in progress* I just noticed that baconsandwich already said this but imma keep it
  18. Hozq

    HYRIG (Hytale Rig) W.I.P.

    He said that it's a wip so theres most likely going to be clothes in the future
  19. Hozq

    HYRIG (Hytale Rig) W.I.P.

    Looks sweet, I'll def try it out
  20. Hozq

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    100% yes yes yes please make a seperate post in the suggestions about this
  21. Hozq

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    Oh yea-
  22. Hozq

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    Y O U S H A L L N O T E S C A P E T H E F I R E O F D E A T H
  23. Hozq

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    B E T R A Y A L
  24. Hozq

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    There me! y u lie to me mbanders y
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