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  1. featuring @SKIBBZ and nimi, not gonna tag him because he probably wouldn't like it Raw animation VVV https://gyazo.com/6524c7f6c3ac1a995ae8a0b4e3879e70
  2. This is a single render with no editing to make the reflection.
  3. except you could use the "visible" checkbox instead of the alpha, it
  4. I know the ending got messed up, not gonna re render it for 36 minutes again lol.
  5. No idea, and it's already visible in the posted picture
  6. It's pretty funny how nobody has gotten it yet, considering it's right there lol
  7. Except there is. You're thinking too far
  8. There's a clue, somewhere in this picture.
  9. Hozq

    Axe test

    Yeah, i didn't bother animating him more lol
  10. Are you both sutpid? It's obviou- actually mineshaft you're right..
  11. Honestly one of the best wallpapers I've made.
  12. Yeah i thought you would be more visible but your skin is very dark, shoulda picked another position for you
  13. yes bro i forgot to add you so i added you again bro
  14. Thank you very cool. People that are featured: @SoundsDotZip @SKIBBZ @Tysteria @Twotorule @__Mine__ @RandomJeremy @Shadow @Cubic Ralsei @Gabe @Yoshifan33 @Red @DragonPixel @Prismatic Spirit People that are featured but aren't on the forums: Shadycarrots, Rakion, Carmen, Tessa, LetsStart and minecraft zombie.
  15. So since I've hit 1000 rep on the forums I've decided to make an AMA post, So just ask on in the comments and i'll answer them in the spoiler below as to not flood up the comment section. Oh and also,I'll probably make a banner for hitting 1000 rep, If you'd like your skin in it, either send your Minecraft username or your skin in the comments, you may not make it in. That's all!
  16. Hozq

    Boobs Rig

    So sexy and hot!!!!
  17. That must've been some very baggy pants for you not to notice that you had both of your legs in the same hole.
  18. i have a discord 




    1. Rawami


      *9redwoods make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *BaconSandwich make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *Swift make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *Hozq make a discord server*

      I let you guess the end

  19. i remember seeing me in a wip screenshot but i got replaced : (
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