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  1. Hozq

    Chell thing

    no because the cake is a lie
  2. idk portal gun rig by @BaconSandwich
  3. Hozq

    Police chase

    behind the building to the left
  4. Hozq

    Police chase

    That's another light 3 acm v.3 models. 3 F.Face rig models. 2 guns rigs. that's how
  5. Hozq

    Police chase

    It didn't do anything for me, also the moonlight is emitted from the right direction. Also how would you know if it's emitted from the wrong direction? It isn't even shown in the picture since the moonlight is covered by buildings
  6. Hozq

    Police chase

    He's turning to the right, that's why everything looks so weirdly bent and stuff. Also are you saying that his right arm should be in front of him and his left arm behind him? Because that's completely wrong if that's what you're meaning. 4 fps in the viewport. 1 fps in the rendered mode
  7. Hozq

    Police chase

    i literally had 4 fps whilst doing this i'm not redoing it
  8. Hozq

    Police chase

    wow thanks for the feedback it's very unuseful.
  9. Playermodel by @SoundsDotZip Gun model by @Daffa_the_One
  10. I had to put that in because people were complaining about it
  11. super duper graphics pack bois model by @Daffa_the_One
  12. Hozq


    he isnt a beginner lol
  13. What's new in this update: - UV-mapping bug fixes for the Alex model. - A 3D hat option- - Wrists for both models. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vadsx6brvzkkdzh/Advanced Animations v3.zip?dl=1
  14. very cool


  15. Mike la NiƱa Francisco Pizzaro Springtrap

    Just testing what it will autocorrect the f_n_a_f character names to.

    1. -StickyMations-


      Springtrap isn't autocorrected?! :0

    2. Hozq
  16. Hozq

    scary man

    No idea, the only thing i know is that the name is "Help wanted" And that it's for VR.
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