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  1. - The Art Exibit -
  2. Village Blacksmith ik this looks mid didn't really spent much effort on it
  3. Ib (inspired by):
  4. Pretty late and simple but yeah No creeper ver: Credits: Face rig:
  5. Nothin beat a cup of coffee after work. Charcater Oc: Nightdust
  6. "They never fear of him, nor his weapon, but they fear the symbol of him."
  7. "You're all still got alot to learn than just point and pull the trigger soldiers." i've been playing Sifu recently, and i can't help myself from being waaay into it, because you know, Kung-fu goes Hard asf Credit to @AR34For Shadow Company rig
  8. ⚔ Underground - Battle ⚔ Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://www.crockettdyson.com/
  9. Don't blame him for killin' people, he's doin it because it just his job. Credit: Crustyjpeg Awp model
  10. Since no one has make it, i took the oppertunity for it, lol. Credit @CreeperAbelfor the bocchi pony taill
  11. ~ Jessica, the Changling, waits for any new friends to come to the lake ~ Recently I've been experimenting with lighting and stuff, and I had an idea to make another remake of a poster from Reverse 1999! I like how this looks, (But in my opinion it doesn't look as good as my Matilda one, which you can actually find here! But actually, that one was really good, I don't know if I'll be able to ever make a render look as good as that one again..) You can find the original poster here. And I want to thank @Mpleyale for giving me a pretty good idea of how to tweak the lighting effects, they didn't really give me a full blown tutorial, but gave me enough info to figure out what the heck I was doing. So thanks! The face was kind of difficult to get a slight smile because of how and mine-imator face rig works, so pretty much EVERYTHING in that render looks good, BESIDES Jessica.. As always though, leave a upvote if you like what I did, and if not, give me a downvote and tell me what I can improve on in the future, because I always need opinions from other people. Thanks!
  12. Matilda Bouanich, the best of all, sitting at the pinnacle of the world with her little goose companion. I had this idea a couple days ago, and I really wanted to make it! This is based off of a character poster from the game called "Reverse 1999" developed by Bluepoch, if you would like the original render, here it is! Matilda Poster!!! I've made a couple render's for friends, but this is my first one that I've posted, so, please leave an upvote if you like it, but if you don't, give it a downvote and tell me how I can improve in the future. Thank you!
  13. Thank you H4ppiP33p for the scp models that I use very very often. H4ppiP33p you are the best modeler I have ever seen although I suspect that there are others just as talented as you.
  14. Thanks H4ppiP33p for the Beautiful Rigs Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MinecraftAnimation544/videos
  15. Even after everything he has or had done, he's still just a guy who wanted a normal life. Credit: @crustyjpeg for his Gun model
  16. It's been a while since I made any Render (Months), so Apologize if the Execution wasn't that Great. Why Market? idk, I like Their Atmosphere lmao.
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