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Found 1601 results

  1. Hey guys i hope your having a fantastic day and i wanna show you this wallpaper i made
  2. cc welcome
  3. This render was kind of a render I used to test out the "skills" I once had for mine-imator. The map is a part of a mini game that is being developed for Minecraft Realms. Played around with shadows and the bloom a bit, otherwise it's just a quick render I came up with. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This project was first started a couple of months ago and was recently resumed and finished within a couple of minutes.
  4. It ain't my best work but its 'onest work Trying to experiment with particles more, albeit sloppily done
  5. Credits goes to: @Ystijger for original Withered Mike Me for removed parts and retexturing(idk if i should be, but i 'created' Ignited Mike) @Phyre for editing the render for the glitchy glow Edit: btw, idk why it’s dark on mobile, so turn on brightness a lot, idk why it’s dark, I rose the lights
  6. Bored~~ Ok i remake it :3 Bad? IK, my laptop so potato and laggy ;-; Render by: me Rig by: me Schematic: "Small Grey Apartment" Edit by: me P r o g r a m : MineImator 1.2.5 Paintnet 4.2.10 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_.manimationuwu._/ - -
  7. Yeah new walpaper by me TvT ------------------------------------------------------------ Rig by: me ;-; ----------------------------------------------------------- Program: -Mineimator -Paintnet -ModelBench
  8. I gave this to some other peeps to try and fix the lighting then they never got back to me was trying to go for those fantasy artworks that you always see on deviantart but hm
  9. Here's my lamest I MEAN latest wallpaper
  10. Hey Mine-Imators, this is my first render in a while and my first render uploaded to the forums. I used to use MI a lot back in 2017, but all I ever did was make bad renders for my old Skype friends. Ever since then, I haven't touched this program until recently, while I was trying to find a cool way to make 3D Clone Hero modcharts. For the first time ever, I decided to look at some tutorials on how to "git gud" and ended up producing this, which I'm really proud of. How'd I do?
  11. So here I am, making my old friend Chase a new pfp(if he wants to have it), and the rig goes to 03Aaron bday on February 10th, and he's in Discord. After I rendered this, I got an idea to make a pfp for everyone! @Phyre will be the first one to recieve a pfp from me. Also, CC is needed, so I can improve my wallpapers in the future! Edit: @Ian_The_One helped me fixing the too red stuff and making it 4k. He's thy Ian Render Farm.
  12. first time i've done reflections so go semi-easy on me.. I can't take credit for a single asset here, some are from @DigitalEvorian , the buildings by @SKIBBZ , and the vending machine, car, and steel beams by @PigmanMovie, @Patric and @PhiliP
  13. So hey, I am back to doing wallpapers. However, I tried doing 4k cinematic posters and lowering aa, but it kept on crashing with Win32 thing. K, so this wallpaper is for @Batman4014, to help him recover from the dangerous situation he faced: his channel being hacked. Therefore, I also saw other channels being hacked too. Ghostblock was also hacked(depression activate), so I want to give him help to have this lunatic(hacker) being arrested. CC is welcomed, and I know: tat aa, yak
  14. without image editing: credit texture: dokustash, conquest reforged
  15. made this because i was bored also i love mornings
  16. This time, the scary wallpaper. Including @ThatRobloxerGamerYT's Wendigo rig, I am now making a horror animation as first-person view, exploring the mysterious house, facing threats and unlogical pieces, but he finds himself being stalked.
  17. my son stupid
  18. my attempt at isometric attempt 2
  19. i hate my posing
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