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Found 1470 results

  1. Porky

    Created in: Mine-Imator Editing Software: Paint.net
  2. Armor

    Created By: Fryzzle
  3. Power Wielder

    1480 x 2304. Makes a good phone background for those who like dark themes. 40-50 minutes of build process. Timelapse below.
  4. Tried

    Hi everyone i'm comeback from the died again (maybe) Today my girlfriend has have issue at her home and i think that she was not connect with me for a long time Anyways, I making a picture for this moment and i like it. and you will like my picture too (nope nevermind) It's have some fail point you can tell me everything. =w= Unedited I wish you like it and enjoy your holidays~
  5. The Squad

    This render is based off a mini series that I thought of. The characters from left to right: Davon Carson Jessica Edited:
  6. Alone Wallpaper

    Alone is a wallpaper i decided to make on my spare time. It may not be good but hey at least its something THE BEAUTIFUL IMAGE YOU ALL CAME HERE FOR I need to improve but i hope you enjoy it
  7. Expedition[1920×1080]

    I used a lot of time to color it.XD
  8. My YouTube banner

    I was thinking about 2018 while looking at my 2017 banner so I decided to do a lil upgrade. yes I am aware of the 2 furrys *there are 3 actually* Yes I am aware of the 3 anime high schoolers yes I am aware of the guy in the back looks ded inside and yes cynic is in here.... anything else?
  9. Fading Away - Simple Wallpaper

    Wanted to make something Simple, Yet meaningful. Hope you like it ;D Only took me about me but 1 hour and 15 minutes to make this. Just wish I would have rendered in 4k.. by the time i was almost done editing, I realized it wasn't 4k. Maybe the background blur was too much?
  10. Scythe

    Fryzzle's Scythe made using Mine-Imator Edited with: Paint.net ^_^
  11. Fryzzle's Scythe

    Fryzzle's Scythe Made using : Mine-Imator Edited with: Paint.net
  12. Standing in the street

    I edited a previous wallpaper, and it came out nice. So here it is. Edited by: Me
  13. A brief info about the character Beelzebub from my YouTube animation series "Nether Diary"
  14. A brief info about the Common Zombies from my YouTube animation series "Nether Diary"
  15. Aftermath

    I've been on Mine Imator Discord a lot, but I haven't posted anything here yet, until today.(I love being dramatic.) Have any questions? Just ask.(I'm not sure how that works on MI Forums yet lol.) Please tell me what you think of it, what I can improve ect. And follow please. It really help me get famous (with the ladies) lol.
  16. Winter Zerg

    Something I made not too long ago and I'm not all dissatisfied with it like my other renders.
  17. Ruins of civilization(2k)

    Hi. This is a wallpaper I made out of a build i made for a Minecraft suggestion I made(You can see it here) I made the build so i though why not make a wallpaper out of it. So I did. Here it is(Btw, this is my first time doing rain in a wallpaper, so if it's really bad, bare with me xD. If you have a tips to give, please do.) Edited: Unedited: So...yeah. I added the rain because i'd never done it before, I thought it kinda worked with it, and because it's raining today xD. If it is awful tell me xD.
  18. In the 1850's, American ships sailed across the pacific to an isolationist island called Japan. The people there were seen as "Uncivilised" and still used swords, such as Katana's to fight with. The American's not only influenced Japan, but helped it Westernise. This saw the Samurai useless and Japan made it's first Infantry Soldiers. The Soldiers, no longer Samurais, now infantry. Hey, I'm back after like what half a year. I decided to get back into Mineimator with this wallpaper. I like Japanese history, so I decided to do this. Katana Rig - @PNKunG Rifle Rig - @Juno I am open to feedback and criticism (as long as you tell me how to make it better and you aren't like "Oh this is shit"), both in mineimator and how to edit the rendered image. Thanks.
  19. "They followed"

    This wallpaper took me 2 day to finished. ;w; Hope you like it! Before Edit : After Edit : Timelapse : Credit : Arrow and Bow Rig @AnxiousCynic Skeleton Rig : @blockerlocker Mc Story mode Rig : @Tempus
  20. A wallpaper collaboration I did with @JosSamLoh How this came to be, I am not too sure. But I enjoyed working with him! JosSamLoh and I did the scenery. I added and posed JosSamLoh. JosSamLoh added and posed me, did the camera and lighting, made a few tweaks and edited it. Use it as you like. Just don't say it's yours, please.
  21. for practicing photoshop editing dont repost this image to another web site or your blog or asdf anything idk plz anyway dont repost this
  22. last Wallpaper pack in 2017

    Hiyo! today i have little wallpaper (and little more) to show you. and HNY everyone ;w; First watching the off-topic picture ;w; Fly collab Re-made Night (Drawing re-effect) Ok let come to in-topic again ;w; (You can see full Before-After in my Imgur account Miner Menma 1 (charactor from Anohana) Sleeping Alone (Wallpaper Remake by LightSaberOnPlay) New Day I don't have any idea to say. But thank you! everything in 2017
  23. Xmas day [4k]

    Xmas day!