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  1. How to make a Nova Skin wallpaper. If you don't know, a nova skin wallpaper is a wallpaper that you can change the skins of players in that picture. See for yourself here https://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers. Recently, @Nimi made a nova skin render and a good majority of people were wondering how it was made. Now I will tell you. First, you will need this skin: Second, make your scene and for all the players you want to be changeable, use this skin. Now onto making the renders. For this, you want to make the players have a mix color of white, and percent of 100 and a brightness of 100. And make sure the hat layer is NOT VISIBLE. It should look like this: When you render it, name it background0000 and make sure it is png. Next, reset the values that you just changed. Leave the hat invisible. Render this one as background0001. It should look like this: Now, make everything's mix color white. Leave the brightness as is. Render it without hat and name it layer_ao0001, then render it with the hat, name it layer_ao0002. It should look like this: You're halfway there! For this render, make everything's brightness 100. Make sure that the ambient color is reset to normal in the background tab for these two. Render one without the hat and name it layer_matcolor0001, and render one with the hat, name it layer_matcolor0002. Should look like this: Now the final 2 images! Turn the backgrounds mix percent to 100 and color to black. Make the player's mix color white, and percent 100, and brightness 100. Make sure that anything else that isn't a player is black. Render this without the hat and call it layer_object_1_0001. Now make everything BUT the hat black, so that only the hat is white. Render this and color it layer_object_1_0002. It should look like this: Now put these into the test page to see if it worked and you did everything correctly. http://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers/test.html If you have any questions ask me and Thank you to Nimi for showing us that it is possible.
  2. Thank you @-StickyMations- for the laggy Alpha mech rig, and @MYSELF3200 for rendering this out as 4K My internet is insanely slow rn so I can only give a direct link instead of an embed image. Try and spot Ethan... https://imgur.com/a/2tEqE1I
  3. WOW I ACUTALLY MADE SOMETING TODAY yes i think i am hilarious DE PAPER ON WAL
  4. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. Here's a simple wallpaper that showcases some of the stuff I'm working on. Namely: A new realistic model (will do some finishing touches before uploading) Add-ons for my M4A1/AR-15 rig (cartridge & sights, will upload too) Posing. I really need to work on posing. Set and camera work. Whatever the correct terms are. Any feedback, be it kind or harsh, is appreciated as long as it helps guide me on what and what not to do. Edit: Forgot to add credits Piegon99 for the Humvee and M2 machinegun (background) Me for everything else
  5. This is mainly a test for fake displacements maps in mine-imator. With the help of @JosSamLoh I figured out how they work and can be achieved in mine-imator. I plan on using a lot more fake displacement maps for future photo realistic renders. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: The wall consists of 2340 surfaces.
  6. A quick wallpaper I made for Minecraft's 10th birthday. Here's to more years to come! - Mariobros1045 (Lord of Tacos)
  7. Here I go again. Me and my realism xP. I asked for wallpaper ideas and someone said something about watching paint dry and that gave me the idea to make this! This took multiple hours to make, and it was all made in Mine-Imator! (Except the watermark of course) Also, that was the second attempt at making this, the first attempt was lazily made and much much much MUCH worse.
  8. Hello, I saw @Nzshark6 do it so I'm gonna do something similar, You can ask me (almost) ANY wallpaper request, don't forget to specify where and who/what. So it will take a lot of time but I'm bored so yeah. It will close at the end of the first page of comment.
  9. I've been working on an animation project for about 4 months now. I'm slowly pumping out rigs that I plan on using for this animation and in the process I try to showcase the rigs I make for it. This model is based off of someone's old and most Iconic Minecraft skin they made themselves. Hoping she sees it in an animation. Otherwise I played around with DOF and posing. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: I made the model and the render in one sitting while having the song Skeezers on loop the entire time.
  10. I have been working on this model for awhile now and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The rig was originally supposed to have a "raver" kinda look to it but ended up turning into a toxic variation of my character. This "green stuff" is infestation from my character but glows green, otherwise it's a brownish tan color. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: It took me an hour just to pose the model.
  11. I'm bad at naming my creations Unedited (Not that much of a difference) Thanks @9redwoods for helping with criticism, and @MYSELF3200 for complaining about his cameo
  12. Made this forever ago. Been my wallpaper for the longest time, and I've finally decided to share it with the world! (Just made this account today, and if anyone thinks i am stealing this, I am not, this was %100 made by me.)
  13. I made a wallpaper, I really do love dragons anyways. And there is no edit in making this. Wallpaper: Cool, I guess. Sorry for those different dragon textures but I guess that's what the concept is about. Lol. Oh and yes, that flare isn't from edits. It's pure Mine-imator. B.T.S (Behind The Scenes, not some hot Koreans.) : (right side.) Hope you like the illusion. Heh.
  14. new wallpaper with Deydara
  15. An apocalyptic wallpaper with a hing of 'old styley filters'. Hope ya like it.
  16. Working on a map with my friend Terasal on Minecraft and I decided to make a render of what we have so far of the map. Took me awhile to get a good position for the camera but I think it turned out great! Otherwise tell give off some honest feedback. Fun fact: This map may be a world template for Minecraft Realms.
  17. http:// Rigs Not By Me Please Criticize my work so i know what to improve on
  18. http:// Rigs Not By Me Please Criticize My Work so i know what to improve on, thanks
  19. Today I bring you: Not Dead! A prequel/existing clone to my old wallpaper, The Void (somewhat) Unfortunately it seems people reuploaded the "The Void" wallpaper to some malware sites and forums, I'll take it as a compliment I guess. Don't do that. Also while making Not Dead, I tried to change the camera resolution and I made it too big and corrupted the project, so I had to make the portal look really bad unfortunately. Hopefully its good enough though. Not Dead (4k (cinematic 4k?)) By TheFastFilms The Void (2k)
  20. After about 2 hours of work(?) I bring you I randomly decided to make a wallpaper using a custom map I created in Worldpainter for my Minecraft Server I'm making, and I thought, "huh, it would be cool to include some forumers", so I did. I wish to get more well known in the Mine-imator Forums community, because despite having a good amount of upvotes, I feel pretty unknown, which I don't want, so I'm going to start making some more content! Half Way (unedited!) [2k]: With Labels for who is who [2k]: @Ethanial @BaconSandwich @9redwoods @TheFastFilms @Swift @DuallyElemental @MikTRF @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @Dannyboi @mbanders @Ghatos Is every Forumer/Friend in this!
  21. This is a mp4 file for the program Wallpaper Engine. It also includes a song to accompany it. (And yes this is my profile background except edited slightly.) Warning! Don't watch this video close to the screen or in a dark room. As well for an epilepsy warning for those that have it. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ffw7xkghonspeup/Glitched.mp4/file
  22. My attempt at making good outside lighting in mine-imator. Plan on doing more biomes and different combinations of weather, seasons, and day time. Otherwise throw me some honest feedback Fun fact: This render is NOT edited and took about 10 minutes to make.
  23. Completely made by me. Textures are obviously not but where fitted and "remapped" to fit the spheres. Don't know if I should make these public or not. I plan on making more variants of the barrels and using them in future renders. Edit: I Added extrudes to the metal rings on the barrels. Fun fact: The textures being used for the barrels are in 2K Yes this was made in mine-imator
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