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Found 1444 results

  1. A new character banner

    i know it is horrible
  2. Hi!! long time no see on forums. (:D I just want to make a wallpaper for some reason. Credit Mc Story Mode Rig : @Tempus Hope you like it!
  3. Texture Pack: Faithful 64x Art: Cinematic: Edited using PhotoScape and Photoshop CS6 Any questions or tips? Please comment!
  4. Hi guys! I created a wallpaper on the topic "Mobbed". So basically, Steve is just getting mobbed. This wallpaper is 4K UHD quality and it is available in 16:9 AND 4:3 aspect ratios. Yay! Download them: https://imgur.com/a/eyAMS
  5. Heyyyyyyy guys! Daniel here, again! I just finished practice of lighting and other stuff. (I am bluffing, I just used Photoshop to fix the pic XD) Check it out! The whole lounge is a rig from the forums, the link is below. Weeeeee! I just love these Medieval style stuff.
  6. Run!!

    I just ran out of idea XDDD
  7. Cake?

    cake?everyone? criticism is always welcome
  8. night in the woods wallpaper

  9. Hiyo Guys! I'm come back again from the dead (wait... i don't have any word to say) To day i pass to post somethings for you //and you don't want to watch it i know so... this is all my wallpapers in when i don't come to m-i forums you can see "Before & After" in my imgur gallery See ( out of the name idea = = ) Come back Pocky Day (I already post in here but forget it ._.) Rainey Fly (Dark Style) Relax (I don't have idea for create picture name lol) Modern (Test Effects) Bedwars Wallpaper Wake up You want to follow me- no again? nvm You can paid me for your wallpaper (with my style) in Twitter or see me on facebook Ponlawat or Youtube
  10. evolution of wallpapers

    I just kinds felt like sharing my wallpapers from back when i started out using mine-imator about 1-2 years ago to the one I made literally yesterday 1 - "Flying High" 2 - "Flying High" (yes the same name) 3 - "Sunset over the castle" 4 - "Torchlight" 5 - "Sleeping with the ender dragon" (this one wasn't really intended to be a wallpaper, it was just quick thing but I included it anyway cus why not, the more the merrier right?) 6 - "Daybreak" (pretty much same with this one, it was actually just the cover for the resource pack I'm making) 7 - "We are the warriors" feat. my closest friends 8 - my Wingless Pegasus youtube banner 9 - and finally the one I finished yesterday: "Defences" and I'm still working on more today! Share any more improvements if you like, maybe someday I'll go back and remake the old ones just for the fun of it
  11. A little while ago I made a Wallpaper of my friend Yoshi chilling with the Ender Dragon. I decided I should post it here, cus why not.
  12. Lost In The Woods [4k]

    Trying chibi avatar wallpapers.
  13. Merry Christmas from Tenthplanet!
  14. [Wallpaper]Nap

    Heyy guys! DanielX here! Guess there's no harm when taking a little nap during winter times. (PS:don't tell chief, or i will be fired. ) (Working hard on the OC, looking great) Feel free to take it as wallpaper, but plz dont steal it. (Ultimate nightmare from other forums of mine imator)
  15. Three House [2k]

    Here a wallpaper.
  16. Hey folks! You might've heard about a fun event during this year's Minecon, where viewers will be able to choose the next Minecraft mob by voting from a selection of four creatures. One of them, the Monster of the Ocean Depths, was particularly interesting to me because of the pretty morbid way it attacks: Using its tentacle, it tries to drown you by latching around you and pulling you underwater. How fun! So fun, in fact, that it got me inspired to make a wallpaper, I hope you'll enjoy it! Rendered with Mine-imator 1.1.0 pre-3, textured and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  17. Hey everyone My name is Thomas I Made my first ever wallpaper is it a good wallpaper? https://imgur.com/gallery/KcyQm (srry for the link and not the image i couldnt insert it and idk why )
  18. relaxing in the nature [5K]

    Original . Edited
  19. Yahh, This is before picture. you can see editing version in below (seriously, I think it is not very different.)
  20. Intensity [2K]

    A better angled 3 way duel! Enjoy, my discord is CloneCommandoGrizzly#4108!
  21. Spruce Forest by 7thbatalion Skybox by ÜberKiller. (I think) Feedback is appreciated.
  22. The End

    .p.) Unedited I've make this picture is a few years ago. = =