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Found 1502 results

  1. Anti vs The Dragon, Wallpaper finally did a render edit with motion blur effect Edited:
  2. I am super happy with the results of these! Editing it was fun as well -=+=- Unedited: Edited (My way of editing): EEE!!! I love it so much. btw I was listening to this while rendering this
  3. Howdy, here's a wallpaper I made. Thanks to @Slime for letting me use his skin! Bookshelf rig, and book rig by @PigmanMovie Thanks again to Slime for making this variation of my skin. Constructive criticism is appreciated as always.
  4. Unedited: Edited: (personally one of my favorites)
  5. Unedited: Edited: (My style of editing) Please do not bash on how I edit, this render was me testing effects and filters of colors, and shine. I used a Tablet to Edit I used Mineimator (Community Edition) to make the render
  6. MobKiller Animations

    Random Wallpapers

    Hello, It's been a short time but I did some testing for lighting and the new program as in stuff as Lighting and other stuff and got some good pictures and a screenshot from a new animation I'm working on. Thanks for Viewing and Feedback is always Appreciated!!
  7. Hello, after a lot of time and effort I finally finished this wallpaper, I hope to do more like this in the future. This is made 100% in Mine-Imator. Enjoy! Day Version: Night Version: Proof it's Mine-Imator: Credits: Everything by me. Thanks for viewing!
  8. ObviHasNoFriends

    Shadow Realm

    Heyo guys, back with a new wallpaper! One thing to notice is to not criticize me for the lighting, considering the shadow realm isn't real, a made up place, so I can really do anything with the lighting, I mean, except not to make it dark.. cause nobody would see the picture.. anyways I think everything in the pic is pretty decent and I hope you guys feel the same I'll take criticism, and try to adjust the picture to make it better! anyways, here's the pic.
  9. RandomJeremy

    Todoroki render

    Howdy, here is a non-edited render. made in Mine-Imator 1.2.0 Pre-Release. ; b
  10. DIPPA

    Day night

    map/charactor by @Batman4014 1.2, non-edit
  11. "Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension... To be exiles..?" Chair Rig by @Allemn Everything else by @Craftman780
  12. Hi there Now This a Wallpaper For C4D just so is tested via 97% save but make a look a this Mi and C4d! Photo is here: and Gif: XDD good luck for Mc forums
  13. RedSoundWaveStudios

    Just A blur [2K]

    Well, these are the rigs of @Nicky_YTand some other person, I forgot the names. But yeah, enjoy, took a bit to get the right angle. Two is always better than one!
  14. MrPops

    v o i d (wallpaper)

    made a simple wallpaper
  15. Pumpkin Ghost with Axe Tools : Mine-Imator 1.1.4, Paint.Net The rig character voxeled. I give the glow effect to the image and others with paint net the character name Hollow the Ghost Pumpkin. Location in the Dark Grove Forest
  16. SwiftDrew16

    Steve's World {4K Wallpaper}

    "Welcome New Player, To Your World...." Just a quick wallpaper/poster that I made, It took only about 30 to 35 minutes to make and edit to my liking! Criticism is welcome, but it has to be valid and not off-topic. Unedited Version Edited Version Hope you guys and gals enjoy, I will make sure to upload more frequently if I can! "Ok" ~Swift
  17. young shadow

    my wallpapers

    Hi guys. this are 3 wallpapers I made recently comment your opinion plz and rate them from ?/10
  18. This is a wallpaper I made that takes place in a mysterious void after Herobrine (the only skin I could think of l o l) teleports here. Made in 2~ hours Edited in Paintdotnet I would appreciate any and all criticism! This is my first render after not using mineimator for definitely over 2 years so, idk how it turned out lol.
  19. PigmanMovie

    Red Dragon (2k)

    Hello.. it been awhile xP so i was browsing the other day and i saw a website called and it's help me a lot when trying to make a new idea (and i don't have to browse for a maps) anyway,here is my new wallpaper: thx for watching bye
  20. Rendered by @Liuverdea Raw Render ▼