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Found 1616 results

  1. Hello! I've picked up Mine-Imator after again a number of years, and made something with it. I'm looking to improve, and felt it'd be best to post a creation I consider "finished", to get constructive criticism and learn from it- feel free to judge & give advice if you're able to, thanks! Attempt 1 (10/18/20) - Used what I thought looked good: Attempt 2 (10/18/20) - Used advice from users on the MI Discord, thanks!: If you'd consider, please rate and critique the following: - Posing: (1 to 10 rating) - Expressions (1 to 10 rating) - Lighting: (1 to 10 rating) - Scenery (1 to 10 rating) - Overall feedback /w anything else you feel you should say Thank you to all those willing to help me improve!
  2. Steve and his Friend are going adventure, somewhere.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J4rFz_NXyUuzmuxgqCcAPKzmU0IM9oIl/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WtRyu4ZghQ9c38k19SJFMHvEOZL_tE1j/view?usp=sharing
  4. Hello, so, i make a really BIG amount of wallpapers and art, so i decide to show a couple of my favorites wallpapers https://imgur.com/aUj29oq https://imgur.com/Wichb6e https://imgur.com/lLpqlUu I have 98 wallpapers left to show, maybe if this post is liked by a couple of people i will show more pictures
  5. my friend @NovaCeres and I have been playing Minecraft a lot recently here's one thing that's come out of it
  6. He regretted the poor resolution quality.https://imgur.com/6y3wcVV No effects: Yes Effects:
  7. Hey guys! Decided to touch Mine-imator again after a while . I'm really proud of this one, I really like how the grass turned out . I hope you all like this! I'll maybe or maybe not see you guys another time. Rig By: @yastık - Realistic Tree Maker. Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  8. here's a lil render for a rig i'm makin'
  9. Ahh! It's been a long time, but I have finally surpassed 1000 virtual internet points "Why am I always the sheriff??" Everyone visible, in no particular order: Me (great), @MachineGunInc @Sword @Rollo @DarkDragonPro @9redwoods @Ethaniel @crustyjpeg @DigitalEvorian @Gabe @Benji and @Super Solomob 422 "But where am I?" If you're not here, you're just behind the camera
  10. I'm gonna put a compilation of images I made (I was going to make one topic for each image but I think its easier for you to see them all in one place) I used the Bare Bones texture pack for some of theese, I'll put the link down. Basalt Deltas Soul sand Valley Warped Forest Crimson Forest Bare Bones made by RobotPantaloons https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/bare-bones/
  11. This is my first post, I've made a few renders before but nothing too worked out, I'll post some others I made in the last two days (Help I can't sleep anymore). BTW this is all vanilla, no downloaded rigs, just regular Minecraft textures and Mine-Imator camera effects.
  12. Here's something very simple, and a bit more stylised than usual
  13. Big thanks to my friend @ShotUAnimations For making this model
  14. Big thank you to @Mr. Darl for making this spicy model.
  15. I've just finished watching Netflix's Daredevil series... ...for the third time So here's a little wallpaper for that amazing show
  16. Heya!!! I'm going to show you two renders i've made so.... enjoy and if you want to use it send your skin and i'm going to render again UwU
  17. "An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead... forever."
  18. Hello! I made a new wallpaper recently, hope you like it! Time of work : 1h 40min Also, I made a timelapse for it, you can watch it here : Note: You are free to use this as your background
  19. This is @Frost*'s exclusive wallpaper! Rigs: The Portalgun: @Peanutbutter Timelord The Turret: @Mike The Glados: Noooooooooo, I FORGOT WHO IT WAS! Someone save me plz. Enjoy, Frost!
  20. To nieumarli zabójcy: Dan, Patrick, Alice, Rachel i Ron. Dan ma oko endermana i mechaniczne ramię. Jest liderem tego zespołu. Nienawidzi zombie, ponieważ został nimi zarażony. Uzdrowił go Patrick, mistrz walki toporem. Ron, łowca, stoi obok niego. Po prawej Dana lata Alice, wynalazczyni, ze swoim działem laserowym. Obok niej stoi czarodziejka Rachel ze swoją magiczną książką. Robię serię animacji o przygodach tego zespołu, a teraz masz tapetę
  21. Hey, haven't been on MI Forums for a while Have a treat. Weapon Models by Nexus Weapon Texture by Me
  22. 1st Doctor's interior 2nd Doctor's interior 3rd Doctor's interior War Doctor's interior Hellbent Interior All with respective exteriors
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