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Found 1491 results

  1. ArcAngela

    The Queen's Return

    I took an old poster save of mine and decided to tweak/update it a little bit, this is the end result: Made in MI, edited in Photoshop. Things to note that I dislike about this poster: The original wallpaper is old, I only tweaked some small details, this whole wallpaper is 2 years old by now The building could've been better detailed There could've been more props around (corpses, weaponry, etc) The characters involved could've made more sense, the engineer was a joke but it feels out of place. I could've worked more around lighting, I didn't because I wanted to work with those light-rays effects from the windows Feedback is appreciated! Even if its a rather old project
  2. PigmanMovie

    Red Dragon (2k)

    Hello.. it been awhile xP so i was browsing the other day and i saw a website called and it's help me a lot when trying to make a new idea (and i don't have to browse for a maps) anyway,here is my new wallpaper: thx for watching bye
  3. This is a wallpaper I made that takes place in a mysterious void after Herobrine (the only skin I could think of l o l) teleports here. Made in 2~ hours Edited in Paintdotnet I would appreciate any and all criticism! This is my first render after not using mineimator for definitely over 2 years so, idk how it turned out lol.
  4. I have homework to do but meh, I wanted to do this instead. AGAIN it's all MI:CB with no edits (except the watermark). Took around 5/6 hours to make. @UnmutEMC Pls tell me what you think :3 4K wallpaper: imgur link: Anyway, you can use this wallpaper however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks ;3 Previous Wallpaper:
  5. I guess I did ANOTHER wallpaper, this time I wanted to make one with a dark feel to it, so I made a basement. This took about 2 days to make and I'm really proud of the outcome (like always, it was made in MI:CB without editing it in any other program, except for the watermark) 4K Non-cinematic 4K cinematic: Imgur Link: You can use these wallpapers however you like, just don't claim them as your own, thanks ;3 Make sure to check out my previous wallpaper too!
  6. Rollo

    EXILED (4K)

    This is the second in the "series" I suppose (I'm just making these for fun, and to improve my posing, lighting, and editing skills). There's a story somewhere. Tell me if I improved from the last one! The "first":
  7. Nonecares

    In The Dark [4K Wallpaper]

    My best wallpaper yet! (nvm, I made it better)
  8. I made moving wall paper like a league of legend lobby.
  9. Oh yeah Before ya'll give me critisism does anyone know how NOT To lose motivation on something?
  10. PigmanMovie

    Foggy Jungle (2k)

    hello... been a week no wallpaper,so here you go yayyy... i have no idea what to make so i just made this if you have time,please read the poll i made (Also flying tree is real) thanks for clicking,bye
  11. (click image to view in full resolution) W/o additional lighting: W/o edits: Some other edits I made for the funsies: Made this for fun. there's no real story to this (this character's real tho ).
  12. Could this possibly be part of something bigger..? Wait to find out! I am also very happy with how this turned out.
  13. I think I made this for some kind of splash screen competition for CB, and it had to be made entirely in Mine-imator. Yeah, the lens flares were added in Mine-imator. They don't look the best but I remember my brothers loved it and set it as their desktop background for a while. Works surprisingly well on double monitors. Might wanna raise the brightness on your monitor.
  14. I just played the latest DLC of Little Nightmares and i loved it! So i decided to make this quick wallpaper while waiting for my animation project to render on another computer. Credits: Chair by @Craftman780 Sofa by @Allemn Bookshelf by @Kapslock Book by @CraftinPark Connie and Nome by me
  15. In the past 2 weeks, i made 6 new wallpapers. Each one features one of my friends. So what y'all think? For Wallpaper 1, click here. Wallpaper 2 of JokiBlue Wallpaper 3 of TotoroCat Wallpaper 4 of MythicalWater Wallpaper 5 of Rezon11 Wallpaper 6 of Pyrlith Wallpaper 7 of 3ElectroCreeper
  16. Menace

    First meeting

    Just gonna post it here (:D (I know I can do better that this but here it is!) Any criticism? Credit Rig : Blu Dragon rig by : Bag rig By :
  17. Suicunicide

    Drifting Through Space

    I had a idea to make a space render, so I did. Unedited: Edited:
  18. Emerald_SWAGGER

    4K Wallpapaer - New Skin

    Fixed up my Skin a bit and changed some colors and stuff.. Wanted to go for a Menace Donut style. of course I'm not as good as he his, I will keep practicing until I am. Its not AMAZING but it's still pretty good Enjoy! Its Supposed to be a simple showcase with some Photoshop Em'K?
  19. Suicunicide

    I'm Not the One (4K)

    I had gotten this idea from this song Unedited: Edited:
  20. I made this when I was bored. Oh and by the way, no edits this one. Timelapse:
  21. MobKiller Animations

    Just 2 Wallpapers

    I'm starting to love making wallpapers, kinda want to make comic series as well. I don't know we'll see I guess. So, a friend of mine @Slime found a old skin of my character in a casual style clothing i would wear around in real life. What better way to then to rig the skin and put it into a few wallpapers (besides a animation of course) Both wallpapers took around 2-4 hours each, including lighting and posing. First one is called "Relaxing at a Restaurant." I was listening to the UnderTale OST and one of my favorite songs came on called "It's raining somewhere else". So, i thought of a restaurant or a nice place to relax, eat and watch the rain or the night sky and then it happened. Included are some random scenery rigs made by @SKIBBZ from one of his old packs. I didn't want to take credit for the packs, and plus the skin was a random skin i found online. It had that kind of formal look, as if he is going to eat somewhere fancy. If you are also wondering why the scenery around him is lit up by glowstone and his face is a bluish tone to it. I wanted to have the night shine on him from the window from behind the camera. Warning: Slightly Large Image in Spoiler Finally, the second one is called "That one annoying thing". Now, personally i love fishing and almost everything about the sport. Can't wait to cast my line into the water this year. Then it came that the most annoying thing about going fishing is that the weather can be so unpredictable at times. Like, I just got both rain and snow in the same day. So, i decided to make a wallpaper for basically "what i want to do right now, but can't" kind of moment. Camping Rig by @BloxTheRigger And Yes, that is one messed up hand rig. It's from a old rig which remade shortly after. Alright, that's about it for right now. I'll see all of you later. P.S. If you have an idea for a wallpaper, I'd love to hear it to see what I could make out of it.
  22. Hey folks! It's been a while since my last wallpaper, so I decided to get back to work! Enjoy! Custom models created using Modelbench, rendered with Mine-imator, color graded in Photoshop CC 2018, light rays created by Trapcode Shine for After Effects 2018
  23. Return of the Legends Thumbnail! I made this thumbnail for a friend of mine, who's posting a minecraft music video "Return of the Legends" (his name is KingApdo, for those who're asking) Programs used: Mine-Imator, Adobe Photoshop Time spent: 3 hours Nerves lost: all lol Here's the "in the making" also:
  24. Fryzzle The Pork


    Created By: Fryzzle