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Found 388 results

  1. -Fingers by @Hozq -Smooth body for both -Easy retexturing -sharp bends -Ankles and Wrists -Face rig already on the base(so its only takes up 1 file) -For the female it heavily uses a taper effect with 3x3 arms Base for @Phyre team
  2. So if you remember back then, i posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming Steve vs other players video... Yeah, the motivation was lost midway due to 'internal suppression' from my parents... so the video is resting in the limbo for months, and decided to upload Hagus' part just now, Ghatos' part had some small progress but project has stopped there. But here we go nonetheless. The video is supposed to be low-quality up until the fight scene, which i devoted my time, skill, and motivation solely on the later part, those were 2 different videos merged together with premiere, and the low-quality video is lost. @Hagus @Ghatos @TexasTony04 @_Blue @Gfamleit @Glitch Block Studios Sorry for that anti-climactic battle Hagus, that one was very intended and not because of low motivation, high ground or not, Steve is just too skilled for you, lol. The same would happen to the rest if the video actually finish. The video was scrapped, i got something else in the works, can i use your skins as the same player who will attack steve AT ONCE? I can't promise whether it's finished or not, but i've set up a new formula to keep my motivation flowing steadily and i hope it works.
  3. i was trying to make the title sound like old english
  4. Highlight: 4:05 For monsters, night is quite bright isn't it? Boney brothers goes fishing... and sees something filthy. Hope you enjoyed the video.
  5. https://streamable.com/5xnx5 Steve wants to be a ninja and chop wood to be a badass, so he jump back, and suddenly blacks out
  6. This was a project took longer than I intended it to take. Added as much as I could and had to optimize a bit before Mine-imator would give up. I made all models and used JosSamLoh's displacement map illusion on the ground to add depth and 3D realism. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: The render shown above is the last render of the project that Mine-imator would render before crashing.
  7. It was a normal day for Steve just looking at the sunlight until... people starts hunting him down, they have differing motives. Now Steve has to 'defend' himself. So... this is a project i am starting up while i have FREE TIME from my job and PRESSURE from... 'The Angry Director that is currently 10 meters from me watching TV'. So... i am asking to have your personality to move in and attack Steve, i animate them. Bold means required Playername : Adds a watermark when your character takes the turn to kill Steve Skin : The skin of your character, no default skins or any kind of skin related to that such as but not limited to Hulk Steve, Vampire Alex lol... Can be as simple as .png skin file, link to your skin, and as complicated as your own character rig (i won't make full use of its features though) Personality : You can specify your character's personality, like... he likes this... or that you want that or something... bla2 bla2 bla2. Leave it blank and your character is lifeless lol. Physicality : What are you? a human? an undead? a vampire? or a robot? if you choose other than normal human, please specify more about the physicality you choose. Leave it blank and your Physicality defaults to human with normal properties. Starting items : Including armor, weapons, food, whatever, mob, whatever You can add custom items too, but you need to provide the rig and specify how the item works, otherwise it won't be included. If the rig wasn't made by you, give the name of the rig creator so i can put a credit on it. Leave it blank and your character will carry nothing but bare fist. Skill : Use your common sense, maybe you're a noob or a pro, or maybe you have an ability to climb walls because you're just good at it, up to you. You can relate your skill to certain items. Leave it blank and i will just guess your character's skill ranging from noob to pro. Strategy : Plan ahead before you strike, how do you gonna' attack Steve? You can have an agreement with other forumers to gang up on Steve. Leave it blank and your character will run straight towards Steve like a zombie. Backstory : If you wish to have your character a backstory, flashback, character development, or maybe just a reason why you want to kill Steve, write it here. Other : Add something, whatever you want... maybe i could include it. You control you, i control Steve. Let's see how i can handle the story. Note : You can go all out with it, but if i see something that i find to not fit with the story, i may not include it. NOTE : No longer adding more people for wave 1, but you can still join on wave 2. Steve now must defeat the following : Wave 1 Hagus (Locked) Ghatos (Locked) TexasTony04 Blue C00leit
  8. After a long time, it's time for me to go back to Minecraft animation because of... stuff... that... forces me. And yeah... suggestions and criticisms are welcome... Just... leave a comment already lol. So here i go, i hope my skill didn't fade away. Any suggestions and criticism are welcome.
  9. Hello friends... Do you know me ?! Well i have a rig for you this Steve Steve is right !! Are you bored ?! rig is self-contained !! I have a link! Download: link Skin: link Thank you very much for your nice comments !! have link
  10. Hello Everyone (Sorry for the misspellings, I do not speak English fluently) This time I want to introduce my ANTI-Rig 1.0 Please import the .Miobject file Do not import the .Miproject file Features: -Controllers (dispears when the project is rendering) -Fingers -Auto Extrude Second layer (Just Head) -Wrists -ankles -Smooth Bend This is only version 1.0 In next versions I will add more content https://www.uploadcash.com.br/Omiv/ANTI-RIg[V1.0].rar Nothing more to say Enjoy my First Modelbench (Complete) rig (Sorry for the inconvenience. I had to upload the topic again because my translator even though I wrote everything in English decided to translate everything into Spanish before I could send it)
  11. Hey Is My First Rig Who I Upload Yei Steve No Blend You Can Put Your Skin just Duplicate ''SteveNoBlend.png'' And Put Your Skin adjust and fine 2 Diferents textures to the R and L Legs/Arms And Support Jackets/Hats Link : http://evassmat.com/ATZ0 Post-Data : Enjoy Post-Post-Data : Why Are you continue reading? Post-Post-Data-Data : you are weird leave me alone Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data : Rlly? are you continue reading leave me alone you weird and download the rig :3 Post-Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data-Data : You End??
  12. Welcome Ladies and Gentle-Sheep. This is a rig of mine that I have been working hard on, and decided to release it. Hope you like it! Also, when you use this rig in an animation or picture, be sure to give credit! If you find any mistakes or bugs on the rig or topic, please tell me! Features To Do List Pictures (Big Images) Also, if you want a 0.7 version, click Want Fingers? Click below!
  13. If you like minecraft, and if you like anime, you'll maybe just maybe, like this. it's just something experimental I did. ( I was clearly going for a Anime theme for this wallpaper)
  14. animator120

    Steve rig

    sorry for no preview download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz8oj4dtl9cvc30/Steve rig.zip?dl=0
  15. Hey guys, this is my first REAL rig I guess, and I am super proud of it... I recreated Element Animation's steve rig into mineimator. Because all of you will say no pics, no clicks, here: And obviously, here is the download link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hij8m4mtxtrc51p/Element Animation steve rig.zip?dl=1
  16. Hello everyone, Allemn here and i made another rig The Element Animation Steve and Alex Rigs Features Update Log Alex: Screenshots Download
  17. Steve hands rig This if my first attempt at making hands, Hopefully they're not too bad. I will add my facial rig to it later to make a complete steve rig! Terms of use You're allowed to use it as long as you credit me for making the rig. You're not allowed to claim that you made it or was a part of it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/wv753srrwjevwae/Steve_hands_rig.zip
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