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Found 1358 results

  1. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out! Download:'
  2. I already posted this in october 31, 2018 :] WARNING: BLOODY AND GORE Enjoy! Dont forge to visit my channel to like this video if you enjoy and subscribe for more
  3. An animation using all the audio from C418's Death soundtrack from the Minecraft Volume Alpha album.
  4. Ahhhhh.... good to post something again. So, I found out about this collab and though to myself. Perfect match for my character and whatnot. Though... I didn't animate it until the last second. I only got the run and scenery about 2-3 weeks ago (I think) and did the entire rest today in the span of 2-5 hours. (Plus I didn't know what to do for the last 3 seconds. So you get a long fade. And finally, to top it all off, @WillesFilmz helped me once again with After Effects Editing, not too overedited and not too flashy. I personally thank him for that, and we do a nice job together. Hope you enjoyed and any feedback would be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation and Sound Editing by Myself After Effects by WilleFilmz Collab hosted by Wanimation (Sorry don't know your tag if you are on here) Sounds by Minecraft and The Pepper Sound Pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. A timelapse of a 6.5 mm Carcano rifle which, if you remember your history, was used on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas to assasinate the 34th president of the US, John F. Kennedy. I will use this in an upcoming animation too. Download:
  6. Hello there fellow animators, My Name's Hypno, The Alien, TheHypnoAlien, and i am doing some brand new Animations that will be uploaded, but i need help with some new features, the Fire Beam, a Superpower that some fire Wielders have. I need help with figuring out how to do that, if anyone's got any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. And by the way, check out my channel in the media link.
  7. My first animation video hope you like it
  8. Craftman780


    Something is coming...
  9. Mahdakcraft

    Testing Aparat

    im just testing to see if aparat works like Youtube or not! blob:
  10. Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've used Mine-Imator, and with Sony's SLENDER MAN coming out this month, I decided to put together a small animation. I worked on this animation for about a week. The idea came up sporadically, and so I put together a little outline and began to animate. There isn't a full plot or story here, this animation was mostly just a time killer for me and I worked on it whenever I had the extra time. I'm open to all critiques! I don't usually animate in Mine-Imator too much, but I definitely would like to try to expand out into doing more complex animations. Make sure to put your volume up high so you can get the sp00ks. I wasn't actually sure I was going to finish this at first, mostly cause I wasn't 100% feeling the direction it was going, it's definitely a jump scare fest animation with not as much suspense. The pacing is definitely off, but again that's because I was making it up as a go for fun! I think if I were to actually do more of a short film based around a Ender-Man/Slender-Man monster, it would go deeper into it's origin. But enough rambling, hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of it.
  11. Indigotronic

    The Last Cookie (Short)

    Here's the animation link: The Last Cookie (Short) I think this is how it works. Well, anyways, enjoy!
  12. A showcase of my Hellbent and 1963 interiors. The hellbent also has the correct exterior model as well. I am very proud of how they both turned out. As well as a brand new console model which is as screen accurate to the show as I'll get.
  13. Private Cole Man

    Animation Needing Skins

    So, I've been making some rigs for an upcoming animation ( Call to War (I scrapped the first attempt of this and renamed it from Call of War because life) ) and I need some skins to add in diversity among the characters. If you want to submit your skin, you gotta make sure that: The mouth and eyes are cleared 3 pixels of the hand is removed He/She/It is wearing the standard uniform ( could add it in myself, though (we changed from desert to gray) ) I might need some voice actors too later on Rigged Sample Uniform You guys in? Please? So I can work with the animation already?
  14. I'm not going to try to make a mess. I'm open to your ideas and your support. Note: Monster School is not There are ideas, fiction and script. Please do not rave too much. I develop myself: D
  15. I was gonna share this in the full animations section, but decided against it because it's part 4 of an entire series I'm working on. If you wish to see the rest of episodes before viewing this (May provide some context to what's going on.), feel free. Anyways, here it be:
  16. 1. Making "3D Sounds" 3D Sounds are so hard, so I will show you how to do something that is more or less 3D sounds in your animation. This techne I have do it in every video or animation I have ever make. Make the sound get higher volume when the camera is more near to the sound source and make it match to make more realistic. For example, when walking passing through camera: 3D Sound: Correct mode, the peak and higher place of the green mountains shows where the sound's volume is higher and also when the source is nearest to the camera and also, the spectator. 2D Sound: Wrong mode, there is no peak, always the volume is the same, doesn't matter where is the sound source from the camera. 2. Good Ambience A good ambience is the key for any animation. If a fire is very near to the spectator but there is no fire sound, is just not realistic. More advanced is like, when the spectator know where is the fire placed but there is no showed on the screen but also is near to the camera, put the sound to make it realistic at all. 3. Good Music Like the good ambience but a little bit different. A music is not sounds from a sound source or anything else. It's just a music that makes the spectator feel more the animation. A tension music will be good with a tension part or tension animation, or funny or stupid music for funny, weird or ridiculous part of an animation. Find the best music for any moment. /\ - A sad music for a sad moment \/ - A tension music for a tension moment 4. Match the video with the sound. Dont forget the most important part. A sound will need to match the moment when the sound is really needed. For example. Placing a torch, you will need to zoom in the most to find the moment when then torch is placed and make feel it more realistic. No one wants to hear a torch placing 2 seconds later than when the torch has been placed. Don't you? Not everytime the sound start will be the perfect place. Find the more realistic way. 5. More quantity of the same sound sources, also more sounds Sometimes, there are a lot of fire, for exaple, but 2 fires aren't the same that 1 fire. So, put the quantity that sees more realistic. Don't put exactly the sounds matching each fire because it will be a very good torture for the spectator, and we don't want that. Don't you? Try to level the quantity of sounds, quantity of sources and also the volume. Depends on the sound are placing, The fire.mp3 sound isn't very bad with 3 but it's rare. However, this is only an example. Hear what you are making before posting it . Thanks for reading, hope I helped you and comment what do you think about this 5 tips for make better audio in your animations.
  17. SirEpic Productions

    The Mining Dead Season 2A TRAILER

    So ive nearly finished the first half of the season and i decided to make a trailer for it i still need to finish the second half of the season and im looking for some tips on what too improve Any comments would be appreciated Trailer -
  18. GamingQuick


    Should I animate this into a series or just keep this like...well...this... Edited Picture (Just In-case I put this on youtube) Thumbnail:
  19. miners_home

    Plush steves rig pack V.1