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Found 1384 results

  1. As the Nighitngale leaves from a desert planet, he begins to notice his old age of 1,000 years has finally caught up to him. After soooo long, I have finally completed another big project. You alos might notice, the Nightingale's (My Time Lord) colors aren't as viberant as they usually are as the chroma key in Hitfilm is not that great, but it works.
  2. I was planning on a sequel for my Nitro Plex Universe Minecraft films called, The Soul of Michael Part 1, is gonna be a full-length animation. So this is why I need help if any of you wanted to help me to get this movie completed? Link to the movie teaser: The Soul of Michael: The Minecraft Movie | Part 1 - ANNOUNCEMENT TEASER Link to be an animator: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/the-soul-of-michael-the-minecraft-movie-2019-need-a-script-writer
  3. I need Help! i need animation ideas! when you post an idea, i will take a look and decide if i will do it or not. Start giving ideas! (sorry its short )
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-tEQPTLaHw
  5. Hey guys This is a little animation I made to join sharpwinds collab. Hope you like it. If so, feel free to support my youtube channel, I just started. If you dont, feel free to let me know what bothers you and I can improve this in my next animations
  6. Hello! We need animators who can create such animations: Leave the application below with the answers to the questions: 1. Examples of animation 2. How old are you?
  7. https://youtu.be/87Pa6fI8JAI A remake of my past video by the same name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3WjBGheHPk with a brand new 1963 exterior which I will use from now on. I am proud of this new exterior which is much thinner than my other one, and larger too as well as the propper color, so it's as show accurate as possible. Referance: http://www.themindrobber.co.uk/police-box/TARDISesSm.jpg Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tImtZv9dc9c
  8. tells of a portal that appears suddenly that makes the baby mooshrom curious about the portal this animation takes 2 years to complete we can see the development of the animation movement from the beginning and at the end in 2 years im still use Mine imator 1.1.4 because 1.2.2 render i weird Support me wih subscribe in my channel sorry for bad english
  9. A random animation :] a link that i mentioned: edit: sorry for having a crappy screen recording
  10. Hi, I made a test about the camera folder : CC is appreciated
  11. yea I accidently uploaded this one on my gmail youtube account so heres the link to both channels doctor who animation nathon riggins endermangaming99
  12. Someone please help me if i try to make my man sleep in a bed and turn his head to the left and the right and he then should jump out of bed, But he just jump out of bed and turn his head to the left and right while he jumping and i make it like he should do it first and the jump out of bed. Someone pls help me
  13. Sooooo..... ya, another model for 1.14. This a fully animateable mob, and I've included walking, biting, and headbutting .miframes in the .zip folder. I've also included a .miobject with a pillager mounted on top with a crossbow (the crossbow is animateable using visible/invisible keyframing). Download You do not need to give me credit, however, I'd love to see what you do with this!
  14. HELLLLLLOOOOO EVERYONE TODAY I AM RELEASING THE FIRST RIG I HAVE EVER MADE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC DXRACER Rig : http://www.mediafire.com/download/j97mqg2ugy7607u/DXRACER+Rig+-+Made+by+Immqrtal.zip Video Preview : i worked on this for a straight 5 hours all for you guys!
  15. So I'm making a wallpaper/thumbnail for my future animation, and I need skins for random dead bodies in the picture. If you want your skin in there for some reason just drop it down in the replies, thanks for helping me out (if I use your skin in the picture I might use it in the animation, if that's ok with you of course).
  16. hi guys, today bring to you a video, an animation the i created, is alone trailer of rig zurgame,that will be available in two week, thanks for watching the video and comment you opinion
  17. As usual any advice and criticism will be appreciated. (and yes I made this my profile pic. also the arms are hanging out behind the stickguy cause the arms were confusing you can't tell which is which very good. so i messed up the arms more than once and decided to leave them like this)
  18. This is a test running animation. As I said before, I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  19. What Do You Think Of This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI15sVwWCG8&feature=youtu.be
  20. An animation using all the audio from C418's Death soundtrack from the Minecraft Volume Alpha album.
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