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Found 1458 results

  1. If you are asking why it says #2, then check my channel and find out why.
  2. One of my latest animations as well as the first post on my Mine-imator Forum account
  3. Before you say its terrible and everything, it would be really happy for me if you could leave an upvote. Also please check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5kuW5mB7yH2QWE9JmoC8ww and watch the other animation ive created. I havent been uploading which is because im not using Mine-Imator anymore, ill be using blender so this will be my last Mine-Imator Animation
  4. The Random chibi will not make sense until i release the animation I'm working on. I will release the Key frames maybe if you guys want, It.
  5. Hope someone replies.
  6. Please subscribe or leave a like, that will be so useful for me.
  7. Rig Creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_B2sZvzKynte6UokdZskdQ
  8. When I make an animation the timeline suddenly changes itself and messes up my animation. This keeps happening on all my Mine-imator projects and makes it harder to publish fully made animations
  9. SUPER simple! == Like notification for your videos == you watched it? told ya is simple... XDDD Link: DON'T FORGET! Credit! any critics and tips is appreciated!
  10. Also pls try to ignore convertation mistakes ,_,
  11. Hey guys, how long I haven't been here in the forum, anyway, today I came to show my new animation of my series of minecraft animations, I hope you see and if you liked it, you can leave a like and write about what I can improve. Thanks and see you in the next animation
  12. I'm so bored af idk what to make :v
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