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Found 55 results

  1. Hello! This is my SCP Containment Breach rig pack, it was made by me and it includes SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-173 and SCP-513 (No cowbell, only the Entity) Screenshots: SCP-173 (This was made with an Enderman, so i use another one to cover the top of his head): SCP-096: (You can open his mouth like in the game, just modify the Mouth's Y scale) SCP-106: (Corrosive Liquid not included in the pack) SCP-049: (You can move his pupils) SCP-513: I got kinda lazy with this one, so i just made it a Wither Skeleton. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?6b182qcfu1x6bnv So that's it, if you're gonna use them, please give me credit on the video's description (Also, if you want to, you can send them to me, i would love to see them!)
  2. A very simple theme... Jixaw goes to his Granny's Old House. She died years ago and he assumed that she had left everything in his possession. But, things were very different when he got there... There, in the thick floating darkness, somebody else lurks through the house! While Jixaw plans to sell the house, he is quite unaware of the fact that his old granny had sold everything she had, to the entity that haunts that house! Give me thumbs up on YouTube! I am currently working on a project named ' A Creeper's Life ' which is a different take on the traditional Creeper's stories! - Creepster Studios
  3. Hi guys, You might remember my latest war animation Lone Survivor (here) Now I have created another animation, now horror. Don't watch this if you have Coulrofobia. Extreme JUMPSCARE warning. This animation is experimental. ENJOY!
  4. Herobrine + Halloween Version Pictures Herobrine Futures : Glowing Eyes Halloween Version Futures : Glowing Eyes Smoking Hands Download Link [ https://www.mediafire.com/file/f9acegrbgacmrvz/Herobrine_+_Halloween_Version.zip/file ]
  5. Hi guys! Today, I will be discussing my second topic on the progress of my short horror film, "Amigdela". Before reading this I would recommend you to read the first topic I posted last month, thank you. Anyway, there is not too much to talk about in terms of progression. I am, well... working on it, that's really all there is to talk about. ? So far I am around 4 minutes into the film. The good news is that I am half way done with the animation of the film itself. The sound design would probably take less than a week to do so I'm not worried about that. The release date of the film was going to be on October 31st but I have to postpone that because well, I'm half way done and I started on the animation more than a month ago. The new release date will be marked for... I don't really know, lol. I'll admit, I'm not good at making a release date and actually making it to the day its supposed to be coming out. I'm thinking I'll be able to release it at the beginning of December, but then again I'm not too sure. Guess you'll have to wait and see when I post the next topic. I think I'll end the topic right here, sorry this wasn't really as long as you expected but at least you gained some insight, hopefully. See ya again! ? Actually, wait wait, wait! ? I'll at least let you go with some images from the film so that you can see some of the progress I made, take a look! Now see you later! ?
  6. Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've used Mine-Imator, and with Sony's SLENDER MAN coming out this month, I decided to put together a small animation. I worked on this animation for about a week. The idea came up sporadically, and so I put together a little outline and began to animate. There isn't a full plot or story here, this animation was mostly just a time killer for me and I worked on it whenever I had the extra time. I'm open to all critiques! I don't usually animate in Mine-Imator too much, but I definitely would like to try to expand out into doing more complex animations. Make sure to put your volume up high so you can get the sp00ks. I wasn't actually sure I was going to finish this at first, mostly cause I wasn't 100% feeling the direction it was going, it's definitely a jump scare fest animation with not as much suspense. The pacing is definitely off, but again that's because I was making it up as a go for fun! I think if I were to actually do more of a short film based around a Ender-Man/Slender-Man monster, it would go deeper into it's origin. But enough rambling, hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of it.
  7. On my YouTube channel, I recently announced that I am making something a little big. My channel is mostly known for making Godzilla animations, but now I no longer do that anymore because I want to make original content. Over the past few months I had an interest of making films. I see movies as an art form and that it can be truly a great film if you take a lot of your time on it and put as much effort and passion into your work as possible. So currently, I am making a short horror film. I am not going to say the film' plot just because I don't want to say it then you have to wait for it for a while and forget about it (that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). But I will say that this short horror film is mostly going to be silent with no dialogue at all, just daunt quiet. And I will say the title of the film too, this film going to be called, "Amigdela". I've been working on the animation itself for a couple of weeks so far after I finished storyboarding it over the summer for two months. The animation is going good so far and I am only twenty four seconds into it. I could've gotten more animation time done in two weeks but I slowed down mostly due to the lighting of the scenes, the mood, rigging, and of course the animation which takes SO much time. But hey, I want to make it as realistic and smooth as I can. I work on the movie everyday for hours and try to get as much done as a I can. I will continue to make posts like this to update you guys on the movie's current progress. Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it. ? Also, one more thing I want to show you is the wallpaper cover for the movie. Thank you again for reading, and why not follow me? Even better, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel, MinionMaster02? See ya around! ? Amigdela Wallpaper Cover (for now, I might change it)
  8. (Updated 8/18) well, this rig took ages, it's not really flexible but it is pose-able for the most part, if you experience any bugs with this rig, tell me in the replies. Pics (If they're low quality, I'm sorry. I'm on an extremely slow hotspot connection. ?) http://imgur.com/2fAkTvm http://imgur.com/8AmOjaP (rig does not support the mine-imator community build) Download
  9. OrdilloTv

    Iron Pipe Rig

    Very simple iron pipe rig based on various horror games. Comes in two versions: clean and rusted. Thanks to @SKIBBZ for the rust texture I created this rig for my animation, but i think i'll share them. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uucapoghhcwzium/Pipe.rar I'm not forcing you to give credit, but it was highly appreciated.
  10. This is an Entry for AnxiousCynic's "Darkness" wallpaper competition. It was in his Discord Server. This is basically me crying about a murderer killing my mom, and there is a picture of me and my mom on the wall. (No my real mom is not dead.)
  11. Prepare the Popcorn !! I made this with 4 days My Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZxY8Jv5Bo0zUvg91b3wtQ?view_as=subscriber
  12. Tried making it creepy, hope it works uwu Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  13. Well this is my First comic and.... I dunno the release date of it so just wait
  14. Yet another wallpaper, I don't know why but these are getting fun! While I am speaking though I would like to say that I managed to earn a warning point since apparently there are more rules on sigs X.x Enjoy btw! Nimis lamp post rig and skin was used Edited: Unedited:
  15. Hey guys! I made this small little image to share some counselor models I made. The counselors I've created so far are Tiffany Cox, A.J. Mason, Vanessa Jones, Jenny Myers, Kenny Riedell, Chad Kensington, and Brandon Jones. (Sorry if I spelt any of their names wrong.) The lighting isn't the best due to me sorta rushing on it. The main focus was the models, I'm unsure if I'll release them due to them not being the nicest models. I used @Keep on Chucking's face rig for all of them! Picture:
  16. @EthanForeverAlone@NietyFox@HeYoNia@Pigeon_ are the skins I used because I was too lazy to look up amazing mine imator users, so I just used the best ones I know for this. (yes there is a reason why I used them, take a wild guess buddy.) Anyways.... Should I actually make this? I think it would be an okay horror animation idea, but I'll let you decide. HERE, SINCE ALL YOU WANT A STORY FOR IT, HERE YOU GO: Niety, Ethan, Heyonia, and Pigeon had their car break down on a trip to M-I con. They needed a place to stay the night at, and luckily, they found a house. But the problem is, that it has been vacant and is abandoned, covered in cobwebs and vines. It seemed like there were no houses for miles. So they decided to go into the vacant house to stay. But they didn't realise that they had a man following them. A man who had been legend for years. Hearing his name sent chills down townspeople's spine. His name is Herobrine (Sorry I just had to add a rhyme there.)
  17. Download :https://mega.nz/#!IJ9DGbyR!NZY6z052idBgCXMTt9hRX_-9jQZETo-hgAxzwP0Pqz8 This is my first,small Rig Pack. Feel free to give criticism.
  18. Hi guys! Hope you are going to like this rig! (Really love that game) Message for haters: If u dont like it keep it for yourself! Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ipz274wyh1fiddq/Bendy+and+the+ink+machine+rig.rar
  19. It's a work i've start for my work. If you have some idea of what I can add.
  20. Hi everybody,This is a Rigs pack that I created. Why I made a rigs pack? because i lazy to post to many topic Animationic -Fr@dbear -Nightmare Fr@dbear -ShadowFr@ddy -Gold Fr@ddy -Fr@ddy -Clyde -la Niña -Francisco Pizzaro -SpringTrap -NightmareFre.ddy -NightmareBonnie -NightmareChica -Nightmare Picture Nightmare Fr@ddyFamily Fredbear & friends Download -Mega https://mega.co.nz/#!69kRRIIQ!Q5QAnfS8_H1PIUBRh6HmgMPjxIe_PmyAsA8sqrUcyOM -Nightmare Pack https://mega.co.nz/#!Dl1zhZiS!S0I62QTCC9msW5cfLeMv_DSsUjACelhmI7LKmHbHb10 -Fr@dbear & friends https://mega.nz/#!q1dyRS6R!NmVcbSppO5AjsOFozNUYcdV9grynAVKBZJbp-UYHpFk Next Update - EVERYTHING
  21. pingulopi

    Creepy Demon Rig!

    Soooooooo I am back with another rig and i really hope you like it! Is not the best i did but is not really bad! You need to extract the file in a folder and select the .mproj! Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqj14y77scd7ryp/Creepy+demon+Rig.rar If u are hater dont say nothing cause i know is not the best!
  22. This video is another compilation of my nonsensical animations I found in my Videos library. The intro song/sound used in the last one is by me.
  23. Dunno, well i can't find better and simple rig to remake and i decided wanna make some wallpaper ( for people who req me a banner, i'm gonna make it ok? don't mad ) ok done free to steal or download, no need credit. thx you
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