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    Secret. perhaps one of my renders will tell.
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  1. so I decided to remake an old render that I made when i had my MegaTerra name, it was before i had a forum account.. here is the old Render. And here is the remade version of it. hope you enjoy!
  2. shall be using it with link!
  3. Do we need to credit? if yea then I'll be sure to create a folder with a link to your thing
  4. ...you can most likely guess with the current title, do i have to use model bench for everything i make? i get it it is a Mine-imator program but what if i just want to build my models in minecraft? is it a sin to say i won't use model bench?
  5. @9redwoods hm... alrighty, only issue is i refuse to use modelbench... i know its a program that goes with Mine-imator but.. yea, i can work on the glasses ig, and i will build a new flashlight model
  6. @Draco63 oh i agree fully, while i am doing decently good now there are still people leagues above me
  7. This is the old one This is the remade room.
  9. if you know the game your awesome
  10. you can do nothing but only listen as it screeches around in search of you
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