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Found 923 results

  1. Hey guuys, my new animation has been released !!! I would like you to watch and say something that you think can improve, there are 5 subscribers left at this moment so I can get 1K subscribers, see and subscribe if you want to help me;)
  2. So with suggestions from my last video, I come up with this. I’m sure I’m not the first, very easy to setup mind you not so friendly on frame rate.
  3. I was scanning my computer earlier, and I got a notification saying a virus was contained. I checked out what it was, and to my surprise, it was Mine-Imator 1.2.7 (there goes my animation tools). According to one of my friends, it was due to Mine-Imator lacking an "internal certification". How do I use Mine-Imator without needing to reinstall it every time I scan my PC?
  4. Hi guys it's me. LacaMenDRY Here. Today I want to show you my Creation Of MB,and MI. This is How about: Inspired By:Polygon Runway. All Set Up Idea:Polygon Runway. All Furniture Designer:LacaMenDRY. Btw The Wide Screen Monitor Idea was From:Polygon Runway. Making Proccess: Took Me Almost 3 Hours Of Working,I want This to get into showcase. Go On,And Explore The 3D Model! http://www.mediafire.com/file/918bvjafaw9ur6l/2029+Elegant+Gaming+Setup+Room.zip/file AUDI A9 CAR RIG: CYBERDRONE RIG: from here we can see how much improve the Mine-Imator Software. Last 5 years Ago... Much of the people thinking that Mine-Imator Is Sucks,Because Doesn't Have Realistic Graphics,But Now,Mine-Imator Was Different,Better,And So Much Awesome. I learn Mine-Imator Since 2015,and Get back to learn Mine-Imator On 2019,And then My Animation Skill Is Very very Awesome! Thankyou For The Creator Of Mine-Imator. The Video Frame Rate is 60 FPS,But because My Laptop Is Crappy Potato While Recording,And I was Forget to Turn The FPS Into 60FPS,Instead Of 11FPS. I want to change it On the sequence back,But a The render time on Adobe Premiere Pro Took to long. So I have Short Message For Ya guys. I Have much Limited Factor. My Wifi is lagging. My Laptop is Potato. Thats make me don't Have much time,because I am A Student. So guys If You want to see more,I will uploaded Next Weeks,If I can. You Can Use this Image As Your Desktop Wallpaper! It gonna be Awesome. It's 1920x1080p. And Not like Always. Stay Home,And Stay safe. And Most Importantly Take Care Of Each Other. Assalamualaikum. Peace Be Upon You.
  5. I don't know guys. If the list that I make is acceptable with Mine-Imator Engine which is Game maker. Si here it is the Idea for Mine-Imator Update: 1.IK features. 2.Reflections(I know it's impossible). 3.Follow Path Features. 4.Freely to move the object like Model Bench, which is we can move randomly, or Automatically XYZ. So we don't need to Move it Manually. 5.Can Import Selective Image, or Object at once. 6.Can Import Video footage into Mine-Imator. 7.Mouse Focus(That mean When you hover your mouse into something else like Timeline. The Focusing point of mouse will be just in Timeline. But if you hover again Your mouse into something like Right Options Tab, The focusing Point Will be change from Timeline into Right hand side, or Tab Adjustment. Just like Adobe Premiere Pro. I hope Youll understand what I mean...). 8.Interface Update. 9.Update Bend Features(Make the bending Features for the example is Steve Body. Me it when we bend it, it became smoother). 10.Motion Capture Features. 11.Face Tracking Features(Got this idea from another user, I forgot the name). 12.Custom Keyframe(Freely To Adjust the Key frame). 13.Tab Features(Like Modelbench,We have Two Tabs On The Top Of the screen). 14.And the final is. Upgrade Mine-Imator Engine. You can choose where is the possible to add in. Thanks. Good morning, good evening, and good night. *STAY CREATIVE*. How do I Make the text Bold?
  6. Herobrine Rig By KoolkidAK32 Download : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/doqz5hzx94nrvhj/AACK0fz2Ri_c1SN0jF7WAZDwa?dl=0 Pics:
  7. Hello, I've seen animations on the forums, some are good, some are.. not so good, so I thought I could help the community improve on the animations. I'm not saying that anyone is bad, it's just that I just came to realization. If we stop animating until 1.0.0 to make our animations better, we could just keep on using it now to make our first 1.0.0 animation even BETTER. And now 1.0.0 is out, you can experiment with it. Please try all the new features! So I've decided to make a topic to help all of you improve your animations. I'm sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this, but just go on. This is more like a "tip" than a "trick". All the tips are in here: Tips on how to make a good animation in general: Tips on how to make your animation efficiently: Tips on how to use rigs effectively: Tips on how to make a good story line: Tips on how to not be lazy: Tips on how to find inspiration: Tips on how to edit your animation (With another editing program after it renders): Tips on how to master a specific thing: Tips on how to get characters in a good pose: Tips on how to successfully Lip sync: Tips on how to do a walk/run cycle: Tips on how to come up with an original idea: Tips on how to make a decent storyboard: Feedback? And remember, DO NOT be lazy, when people say: "Yeah I know about that but I was just too lazy to fix it" I just basically hear them say: "Yeah I know about that but I didn't want to make my animation better so I didn't fix it" Again, I said "Sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this", but I hope that I helped you make your animation better, and the best any animation possible can be. David and Ayhay liked this , well, it's never needed to like this topic, but it is appreciated. (You can also ask for something that's not up there by messaging me!)
  8. Is there a way to add plugins to Mine Imator so half of the things you do will be much easier Please tell me if this is possible because i want to use plugins so bad just like blender. If there is tell me asap so i can use them
  9. this is based in MMD (motions) that is created frame by frame. based on this. I'll fix some things for Pixeloid project. although the animation is repeated. I feel pretty good about using this project (because I've only had one animation of this) -Thanks for watching!!! The original:
  10. Anti-virus Kaspersky deleted Mine-imator. It found a virus into programm. What I must to do?
  11. I went to open my project and I received this error here: https://imgur.com/a/BS5I5vi The file has been corrupted or was created in a deprecated version of Mine-imator. Does anyone know how to fix this or what this means? Thanks!
  12. This is a link to the picture. Please click on my garbage. https://imgur.com/a/rIqBmRC
  13. Hey guys, how are you doing? Well, today I'm going to show you my new minecraft animation made in mine-imator !!. This is the third episode of my series, so if you want to see the other episodes just subscribe to my channel !!
  14. I have a Animations.Watch The Video.. Revenge A Minecraft Animations. Then This Animations.Watch It... I hope You Guys Enjoyed.
  15. Just wanted to animate some fad for fun, I'm most likely not gonna do any more. Edited in After Effects
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