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  1. Hello, I've seen animations on the forums, some are good, some are.. not so good, so I thought I could help the community improve on the animations. I'm not saying that anyone is bad, it's just that I just came to realization. If we stop animating until 1.0.0 to make our animations better, we could just keep on using it now to make our first 1.0.0 animation even BETTER. And now 1.0.0 is out, you can experiment with it. Please try all the new features! So I've decided to make a topic to help all of you improve your animations. I'm sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this, but just go on. This is more like a "tip" than a "trick". All the tips are in here: Tips on how to make a good animation in general: Tips on how to make your animation efficiently: Tips on how to use rigs effectively: Tips on how to make a good story line: Tips on how to not be lazy: Tips on how to find inspiration: Tips on how to edit your animation (With another editing program after it renders): Tips on how to master a specific thing: Tips on how to get characters in a good pose: Tips on how to successfully Lip sync: Tips on how to do a walk/run cycle: Tips on how to come up with an original idea: Tips on how to make a decent storyboard: Feedback? And remember, DO NOT be lazy, when people say: "Yeah I know about that but I was just too lazy to fix it" I just basically hear them say: "Yeah I know about that but I didn't want to make my animation better so I didn't fix it" Again, I said "Sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this", but I hope that I helped you make your animation better, and the best any animation possible can be. David and Ayhay liked this , well, it's never needed to like this topic, but it is appreciated. (You can also ask for something that's not up there by messaging me!)
  2. Welcome Ladies and Gentle-Sheep. This is a rig of mine that I have been working hard on, and decided to release it. Hope you like it! Also, when you use this rig in an animation or picture, be sure to give credit! If you find any mistakes or bugs on the rig or topic, please tell me! Features To Do List Pictures (Big Images) Also, if you want a 0.7 version, click Want Fingers? Click below!
  3. Hello, i haven't made in a rig awhile since mistakes from the others. I took time on this. And hope to help you out in a cuphead animation! Game: Cuphead I didn't had too much attention to this picture i was happy i was finished and wanted to post this already. But i putted some attention to it. -Spotlight -PointLight -Dice Model (By me) This will the rig will look like when inserted or imported in! I hope you liked it and when you will use it. Please credit me, for my hard work! If you would like to download it here it is https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n3GCm_WDhi_foXbr9MffWFm1k4FlIQ40 If any glitches or skin errors or anything please comment underneath this! =D I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hey! After the release of the new version Mine Imator 1.2.3 developer changed standard textures grass, leaves etc. How to return old textures? Please help! When loading other textures packs program crashes....
  5. I searched for the ways to make Minecraft animation and I found out that we can also use Blender besides using mine-imator. My question is, what's the differences between Mine-imator and Blender? (For example mine-imator is easy to use and Blender is harder)
  6. If you like minecraft, and if you like anime, you'll maybe just maybe, like this. it's just something experimental I did. ( I was clearly going for a Anime theme for this wallpaper)
  7. A field, with a shed. I was looking through some stock images and saw one which inspired me to make this, stock images are very useful! Some parts of the shed were somewhat lazily made, but oh well. I'm proud of this Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  8. This is the Super Smash Brothers Pac-Man Rig! He took me about 3 days to get to finish, and I will most likely be fine tuning him over the next week or so. He has full articulation at the shoulders, arms, elbows, hips, legs, boots, feet hands, thumbs, and the finger segments of the mittens. He also has keyframe elements like different facial expressions (such as the scared mouth, the > < eyes, the wink, and more), as well as some built in sprite props such as the fruits and the ghost attacks. Before anyone asks, YES! He does have the armor skins! They can be changed to any color desired. No, This rig does not have a download yet, as I do not regularly publish my rigs, however if a download is wanted, perhaps we could change things! For now, there is another really good Pac-Man rig that is available. Notorious TheRageMC Pac-Man Rig download: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/29721-wip-pac-man-v11-rig/ Keep an eye out for a download! You never know! If we get enough requests I will release the model. Thank you all for checking it out and I'll see you all later!
  9. Well well well, Look who's come out of hiding! yeah, I know, I've been gone for so long, with NO traces of new content or anything! I have a good reason, trust me. My computer had a hard disk failure, and so I've been getting that back up, and when I got it back up, I realized I had lost my old rigs. Things like the Funtime Mike and the Bumblebee are now gone, which means that if a download is wanted for those, I will have to remake them from scratch. I have remade the 1980's accurate Pac-Man Rig, so there is a possibility for a download on that one. Now on the the rig. This is the Pac-Man Smash Brothers Rig that I've been working on. This is only a partial reveal, as I want to ensure it's perfected before I show him off to you guys, so I apologize if you were expecting a full download and several brightly colored images of the model in action. I promise I will have more in the next week or so. Until then, Here we go! If you have any questions or rig requests, feel free to let me know in PMs or in the comments. Thanks! UPDATE: The official announcement is here, which shows the rig in action! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/75489-pac-man-super-smash-bros-ultimate-rig-reveal-unreleased/&tab=comments#comment-791604
  10. Hello Guys, I'm new here sorry if i post this on wrong section. This is the one and only solution for a while. (Maybe) I'm going to show you how to fix this problem. Anyways lets start : 1. Download SwiftShader 3.0. 2. Open It. 3. Extract d3d9.dll to where you installed the Mine-Imator Directory. 4. Launch & Done! Known Bugs : Low FPS & It can make your computer laggy. If i did something wrong, I'm very sorry. Thanks
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