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  1. Simple solution: don't open or save your project on OneDrive to work. (leave your project on the hard drive, don't work in the cloud)
  2. I don't know about you, but it made me nostalgic to see a screenshot of the first version of the forums.
  3. I have added new models and fixed bugs in DotArray.
    so you can view and download them.

  4. I don't think you have read the subforum instructions again. To have your error reviewed you must publish one of the following things: The full error text/crash message As a screenshot or pasted directly into the topic. To upload an image, follow this guide: How to post an image Your Mine-imator log.txt file This file is found in C:/Users/yourNameHere/AppData/Roaming/Mine_imator and can be pasted inside a "Spoiler" or shared using a site like Pastebin Step by step instructions on how to recreate the bug In the form of a list, GIF or video. To post a video, si
  5. Does anyone know if Tables can be inserted in a post?

  6. Why wrong subforum? this could perfectly fall into the Random category or as the description of this subforum says: "Tech tests of the features of Mine-imator, or other random nonsensical creations." it is self explanatory.
  7. Hello everyone, these are some suggestions that I came up with yesterday. the ideas are a little crazy, it is likely that they will never be in Modelbench. but was looking forward to sharing these ideas with you anyway. Change of interface and new way to modeling I know that many of you like the current interface of Modelbench, I must also say it, I also like it, but I find that the space that was designated to the tools is very wasted. The Current "Modeling" and "Render" tabs occupy an unnecessary section of the interface, taking up a lot of space. Why can't
  8. MediaFire or 4shared?
    I was thinking of changing my download servers, but I would like to know your opinion, which one is more comfortable for you.

    1. __Mine__



      It's much more well-known and is widely used by a majority of the community.

    2. tditdatdwt


      4shared? Bruh is this 2011

  9. I think that in the current version of Mine-Imator you can already do that effect with the "Lens dirt" camera option. just find or create a transparent lens flare texture, and set it as a texture in the "Lens dirt" option. you can animate it frame by frame with many textures. In the case of image composition, you should only add the texture at the end.
  10. I use ModelBench on Windows 10, with Intel Pentium Inside of 2013, 4 GB of Ram DDR3 and I can still use it without lag problems. so the program has no performance problems. as 9redwoods says, disable the following:
  11. in the 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 when is exporting a rendered image (export render) still doesn't work :c
  12. ~ahh..This reminds me of the classic Mine-imator era (when we used the 1.0.6 Demo version of the program) there was no Modelbench, and people did things like this to make Rigs (included myself) Good job!
  13. That is not true, you can notify in you status that the post is updated (and put the link of the same post) also say in the post that people give the "Follow" button so that they receive notifications every time when the post is updated.
  14. I'm already waiting for someone to do this: but with the version you have made. simply 10/10
  15. Mine-Imator's shader system will be totally changed in the next version 1.3 Now, I don't know if the shadows will be totally personalized to create the style you want. if I remember correctly, the shaders you are looking for are called "Cel Shaders" / "Toon Shaders" (because they look like that). There is the option for Game Maker (program with which mine-imator is made) to add those shaders here: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/toon-and-outline-shaders.73138/ but it's up to @Nimi to add them or not. (although honestly, I don't think he adds it, I think
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