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  1. I wanted to make more modelos for DotArray in 2022.
    but due to my boredom, I will make more models to release them the next week 😄

  2. A very simple option for .mimodel models. The idea is that in ModelBench there is an option to add a description to the model, as shown in this image: It would be an optional feature for the model that contains a title for the description, the description itself, and the authors of the model (there is currently no way to add authors to the models). the lines of code in .mimodel format would be the following in the "Model Properties" section. Now, how would this affect Mine-Imator? Very simple, the idea is that when Mine-Imator imports the .mimodel file, it checks if it has a description or not. In case the description is activated when importing the model to the project, show the following window: the window will have a preview of the model, and will display the title, description and authors of the model. For clarification, the so-called "Model Name" is not the same as the "Description Title". The "Model Name" is the name that is shown on the timeline and the "Description Title" is a separate title that the author wants to give the model. Now, what benefits can this bring? well, apart from describing all the authors who may have collaborated on a model. It also serves to describe terms of use of the models and even to be an advertising method of its own, you know, how to put a YouTube channel, social network and even some contact such as email. It is a somewhat simple suggestion, but I feel that it may be necessary to describe characteristics of the models (such as the character it represents), terms of use and their respective authors. And yes, I know that .mimodel models files can be edited by notepad, but when one downloads the model and import it to Mine-Imator, it is not expected to have a description or not (as I said, it would be an optional feature). also, Mine-Imator has this feature for the .miproject files: so... why can't the .mimodel files have this feature?
  3. Dot-Array has included new models and updated some!


    More models will be added in 2022!

  4. The title describes it alone. In Modelbench 1.1.2 and 1.1.3, when previewing the model, it is presented with shaders and lighting among others. Modelbench has an option to export this preview of the model with the shaders in a image file. And here is the problem, when you click on the "Export Image" button and save the image in a folder or in any directory, the image file will not be created. And it not only happens with this specific model, it happens with all the models that are opened with Modelbench. I tried to save the file with the ".png" extension (which is the default), but it doesn't work. I gave permissions with the antivirus (so that it does not block the program because I use Avast), the images are not exported. run the program as administrator and try to export image again, but nothing happens. it just doesn't work exporting the preview image. does not create the file. the same program when it says that it exported (because a message appears that the file has been exported and if I want to open it) then I give it to open it but it does not open it because the file has not been created.
  5. What is Dot-Array?: This Dot-Array is an MMD (MikuMikuDance) model transformation project based on the DotArray program for Mine-Imator. Most of the model designs were created by other users for the MMD program, the public character designs were transferred to Mine-Imator through this project that was formerly called "Pixeloid" (2014). These models can be used and edited with total freedom, as long as they are NOT commercialized and try to make money with it. (this includes paid links like adfly). For more information, read the Terms of Use. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ~ These models are from the community, for the community ~ Therefore, they must be free for everyone! Vocaloid/Utau Models: Hatsune Miku (V2 / 11-01-2021) Akita Neru (V1 / 03-01-2021) Kasane Teto (V1 / 03-01-2021) Gumi Megpoid (V2 / 11-01-2021) Uta Utane (V1 / 11-01-2021) Momo Momone (V1 / 11-01-2021) Rin Kagamine (V1 / 11-01-2021) Len Kagamine (V1 / 11-01-2021) All V1 models are made on Modelbench 1.1.3., The extension of each file is ".mimodel" together with its respective texture file. The following list shows the models that still need to be transformed. Upcoming Models: In case there is any problem, bug or suggestion that you want to mention, leave a comment in this post. Terms of Use ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dot-Array for Mine-Imator is a non-profit project made by Annie-Mienai 2014 - 2021, Logo made by Annie-Mienai based on the Mine-Imator brand created by Voxy. Special thanks to the MMD (MikuMikuDance) Community. Vocaloid is a trademark of PIAPRO & Crypton Future Media.
  6. Sorry for answering late, due to university studies, I have not had time to re-make the models, next month I will start creating them again (because I would finish all studies) Other users have also asked me for the models but I really lack time. But don't worry, next month I will make a post of the same updated models for the new version of Mine-Imator, and I will also implement a new branding for the post and this series of models. it only remains to wait a little bit more
  7. This same problem happens to me in all the models that I make in Modelbench. Even with the option "Refresh textures on focus" the texture is not updated, the manual button to update the texture does not work either. I have to create new files for the texture to update, and it really is chaos to create more sprites just to see the changes.
  8. After being missing here, there are still people who follow me on other social networks asking when I will update the models of the project called "Pixeloid". well... just to be calm, in October there will be an update of those rigs.

  9. hello, the links are available when version 1.0.0 of Modelbench comes out
  10. I do not understand... I think the option that Mine-imator offers is better. Why not use it?
  11. Without a doubt, mine-imator 1.1.3 will be one of the best updates. although thinking a bit. The most flexible Bend will look bad in rigs. like for example hand rigs (fingers) because the current Bend is cubic and fits perfectly maintaining the minecraft's aesthetics. I wish, that there was an option (like the option of round bend) So, mine-imator would have more customization keeping the cubic bend.
  12. It impresses me that more people are interested in the code of the .mimodel files I modeled a complete character only by code hehe so I learned how to modify them. here is the corrected code, just missing a little more order, and the code "parts" to indicate the parts that mine-imator create in the timeline.
  13. Finally I could install "tall grass" in 3D!!!
    The incredible thing is that this  "tall grass" is imported with the stage (there is no flat grass)!! xD

    1. crustyjpeg


      Render FPS:16.

      And dat double tallgrass.

  14. First, sorry for being absent in the forums. Honestly, I've had other projects in mind to do. Second, if, still using Mine-imator, but with a style completely different. Third, this intro was performed only with Mine-imator. Fourth, maybe I did not participate much in this forum, but believe me, I will not stop using mine-imator. because in my opinion, it is the best program of fast animation I've seen Enjoy the intro !! (And sorry if the text is in Spanish)
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