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  1. If your post, had any images or evidence that you are making a modification, it would really be incredible.
  2. it looks really cool! take your time to make it one of the best Mine-Imator upgrades of all time. But I am intrigued by something that is happening the same with Modelbench, and it is the issue of rotations. ModelBench in objects "Transformation" (axis of movement, rotation and scale) is based on the object (that is, they move according to the state of the object). Mine-Imator has had this system for many years. Is it possible that this system can change in "Transformation according to the object" and "Transformation according to Environment" in the new version that is coming? b
  3. I will give you an answer. if Mine-Imator were a 3D Engine Program, it wouldn't be the same as the "3 Big Boys" as you call them. Because? It is simple, Mine-Imator is only aimed at creating Minecraft animations, on the other hand other programs are to make 3D Animation of other styles, either, 3D Anime, Cartoon, ultra-realistic CGI, Simulations, etc. instead Mine-Imator (as Nimi pointed out years ago) will only be dedicated to Minecraft. There will be no polygon modeling and no editor for modeling and UV texturing. apart from only going to be compatible with Minecraft Material (.JSON)
  4. I don't know why you ask for many things. Mine-Imator is free, apart from that, it is currently only developed by 1 person. and do you want it to compete against Blender or Maya? man... Although dreaming costs nothing, if you really want something advanced, you better learn to use Blender. There would have to be a person to help Nimi in the development, or a person to make Mine-Imator from 0 in another program with another programming language to make it more powerful. Although you do not believe it, there is a lot of work behind Mine-Imator that you are not valuating it, an Anima
  5. And what will happen to those users who do not have a 1080p screen? I use one that does not even reach that resolution, the idea is good, but you have to think about those users who do not have a screen equal to yours and who use a lower resolution. and I don't think it's a good idea to exclude them without that "advanced mode" you say, just for those with a higher resolution screen. and it is horrible to work with a small resolution, but there are people who only have that to work with.
  6. I haven't posted anything in the forums for months, this idea is mostly to animate sprites using planes shape. This feature is implemented for the "Items" that Mine-Imator uses: This feature is only available in Mine-Imator and not in Modelbench, what it does is animate the object so that it changes its texture according to the index (ID) of the spirtes sheet without having to load textures one by one. which facilitates animation by images. The idea is quite simple, make planes of Mine-Imator have the characteristic of defining their sprite sheet, similar to how it is implemente
  7. Simple solution: don't open or save your project on OneDrive to work. (leave your project on the hard drive, don't work in the cloud)
  8. I don't know about you, but it made me nostalgic to see a screenshot of the first version of the forums.
  9. I have added new models and fixed bugs in DotArray.
    so you can view and download them.

  10. I don't think you have read the subforum instructions again. To have your error reviewed you must publish one of the following things: The full error text/crash message As a screenshot or pasted directly into the topic. To upload an image, follow this guide: How to post an image Your Mine-imator log.txt file This file is found in C:/Users/yourNameHere/AppData/Roaming/Mine_imator and can be pasted inside a "Spoiler" or shared using a site like Pastebin Step by step instructions on how to recreate the bug In the form of a list, GIF or video. To post a video, si
  11. Does anyone know if Tables can be inserted in a post?

  12. Why wrong subforum? this could perfectly fall into the Random category or as the description of this subforum says: "Tech tests of the features of Mine-imator, or other random nonsensical creations." it is self explanatory.
  13. Hello everyone, these are some suggestions that I came up with yesterday. the ideas are a little crazy, it is likely that they will never be in Modelbench. but was looking forward to sharing these ideas with you anyway. Change of interface and new way to modeling I know that many of you like the current interface of Modelbench, I must also say it, I also like it, but I find that the space that was designated to the tools is very wasted. The Current "Modeling" and "Render" tabs occupy an unnecessary section of the interface, taking up a lot of space. Why can't
  14. MediaFire or 4shared?
    I was thinking of changing my download servers, but I would like to know your opinion, which one is more comfortable for you.

    1. __Mine__



      It's much more well-known and is widely used by a majority of the community.

    2. tditdatdwt


      4shared? Bruh is this 2011

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