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Found 131 results

  1. (made with only mine-imator, no external editing) just a render I made for my new series comic. To anyone who remembers (if there's even anyone of you out there who do) the series reached episode 2 but in the last 2 years no new episodes have come out, only a few teasers happening here and there. but the whole series concept had enough work put into it that I don't wanna give it up. now I'll shut up before my wallpaper topic turns into some huge speech
  2. Pilot Episode Coming Soon....
  3. Hello everyone , I did not publish the pilot of this series last year here, because I forgot. XD But here it is, after a year (2017), this is a pilot to see if the series would be approved, and the support was positive, so I started to develop it. The series will be made in Spanish, but there is a team that will translate it, part of me. I hope you like the pilot [Activate subtitles] Now some information about the series:
  4. DepsinArtifacts

    Mr. Blockman | Episode 1

    I Hope you enjoy and please give critism!!
  5. Hi there So, Im starting off a new series and that's about it ? Enjoy ! Be sure to let me know what ya think and this is purely made with Mine-Imator
  6. OMG,I FINALLY GOT THIS THING DONE!!!! Uhhhhh,,,, Sorry about that. Moving on... My First of Many Trailers for the episodes in my series, note that not everything in the animations is going to look like the final version and is subject to render. (Also I messed up the date at the end, it's supposed to say 6/22/2018 not 2019) Questions and Answers: "OMG This is such a Reality Ripoff" "You're just ripping off reality" "You probably want to be like CaZaKoJa" For those of who are going to say this, let me tell you that the reason I chose CaZaKoJa for the Prologue is because without the start of his MGB Central and his Reality Series I would have not have created my character and possibly not have made the friends I do now because of him. This is more or less a tribute then a straight ripoff. And plus, the storyline besides being in the flatlands has no connection to anything with Reality besides having James. No crushes, breakups or possessions of any kinds. "Why chose flatland's and the trees instead of actual scenery?" James/ATI in Reality has a ability to make his dreams come to life, In the animation a scenario that is part of the plot occurs for him to become unconscious. Through monitoring his brain activity someone can go inside his brain and wake him up from the inside of his dream by almost any method by winning against James/ATI or losing and having him do it himself. With that,from information I have found on the old MGB Central James can only summon the 3 ATI forms into the flatlands. (Correct me if I'm wrong) "When do you think the next part is going to be?" Hard to tell, I have to figure out some more plot elements and such and to figure out different aspects of the series. I hope that answers most questions, I hope you enjoy. Also thanks to @WillesFilmz for helping with After Effects editing for me!! Fun fact: I've been planning on doing this animation for a few years now since 2015, and I finally got the courage and the skill to actually animate this.
  7. So ya, I'm legitly trying to make an unofficial YT series of transformers in the star wars universe on Mine-imator. And I mean a series that is a little more story-orientated, not like a bunch of random animations. But there are several characters. Concept Animation That's why I need help, I can do a bunch of animation and rigging, but I can't do allot of voices. I need volunteers to do voice acting for a bunch of characters (mainly Transformer Characters). I will give credit to voice actors.6 The voices that are already taken: Mirage, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, Soundwave, and Skywarp As for the characters I really need extra voices for: Megatron, Unicron, Scorpinok (who will be female in this series), & Darth Vader. And besides them, well there are allot of transformers. If you can't play one of those four characters, then you can be a different character, which I can put in the series as background, or even main character. So the question is, who is your favorite transformer? Who would you like to play? I only have a few main characters, why not few more? Not to mention there are allot of rebels and imperials in star wars (maybe a few hidden jedi or sith?) So if you're interested in playing someone, private message me the character you want to play and an audio sample of you doing the voice (keep in mind that if you don't think you sound exactly like an autobot or a decepticon, I have audio software with robot-like effects). If I approve, then you get the part
  8. IsaacDavid

    Super Mario Series - Logo Remake

    Made in Photoshop CC 2017.
  9. Adventures of Three Friends (AOTF) is a brand new series i'm working on. The first episode of the series is done and there are more to come. Stay tuned on my channel! I worked very hard on this episode and I hope you like it!
  10. I am currently working on episode 2 of "fighting the blindness" any tips?
  11. Hello! I'm planning on making a short series, (maybe 5 episodes or so) called Minecraft Corruption. It will (probably) not have voice acting in it. Things I need help with: Schematics, Rigs, Plot, Characters, Some animated parts, (fights, cinematics, etc) That's basically it. If you want to help, just go do the poll up there ^^. Brief summary on the plot: A boy is told to plot point which causes him to go after the main villain who made a machine to the 'Corruption'. The boy finds his way into the corruption and fights the corrupted beasts. He finds the sword that other main character instructed him to get, which can stop the Corrupted from bringing the Corruption into Minecrafts world. The only way not to become corrupted while in the dimension is if you have an Eye of ender in your possession in any way. (Whether that be a pouch, necklace) The Corruption is another dimension, parallel to Minecrafts world, filled with what were once humans, but had been fully corrupted for not having an Eye of ender on them. The corruption also has its own creatures, too, which are humanoid purple mutants, called the Corrupted. NOTE: This is not going to be a REALLY serious animation, maybe the style of anime? I don't know. Just don't think of this as what would happen irl, but in an unrealistic way. Think of it as a serious meter, it'd be 6-7.5 out of 10.
  12. Hello, I am creating an animated series about two guys stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. I already have the script for episode 1. If you would like to join the Stranded Discord, click this link here: The link to the script is in the discord chat, If you have any questions feel free to ask. There are two main characters, however, I will accept as many people as are willing to join. -Edit, I was not aware that this idea was already being done by @Progio, As a fellow Animator, I respect his animations and ideas as much as people such as Skibbz. I wouldn't steal his ideas or anyone else's.
  13. This is a series of the zombie apocalypse, inspired by The Walking Dead. This series takes place in District of Lewis, a fictional city. The zombie apocalypse breaks out and follows three people, Professor Spencer Brown, Marine Lincoln Saxon, and Miner Sean L. Corral as they work their way across the zombie apocalypse. Here is a short 1 minute teaser trailer. Upload your Animation and Voice auditions to the new updated website now!
  14. Hello, I am creating an animated Minecraft Series called: Survivlel Island The series revolves two People, Barry, A pro who has been playing Minecraft for years. Jay, a Newb who was invited to Barry's server to be taught and Nolan, A Pirate Captain who has a relation to Barry that is yet to be known. I already have Riggers and Animators working on the Project, now I need you. If you would like to join, Comment the following information. Then join our Discord by clicking this link: Name: Age: Mic Quality: (1-10) What you would want to be: (Main Character, Pirate(2-5 Episodes), or and Organization X Member(unknown amount of episodes)) Gender: Voice Acting Skill Level: (1-10) and finally, On a scale of 1-10, what is your favorite color in the alphabet?
  15. Malaki_Animations

    Need Voice Actors (CLOSED)

    Hai guys... I need some voice actors, villans & more characters for my animation, the Endermite Adventures. Rules You can find information about this on mine and my friend Panda Utopia's youtube channel (mine) - (Panda) - I would appreciate it if you don't ask who you are voicing, I can list them or assign them to you, when you contact me. Skype - live:meepadv Gmail - Youtube -
  16. heres the link
  17. Alright, this is what I have been making for the past weeks. It may look trashy; but hey! I made it with effort. Post what you think, any suggestions or anything bad! Then, maybe I could take your advice. Thanks for watching! Sorry for the spoilers, lmao. ;3;/ It is a bad animation. I know. Players/Skins in this Animation: @lou3d @Heavenira @riodroid @Keep on Chucking @Skjold @Astro Animations @TacoCatCute @Colonel Muffin @Ethan. @x3j50 @The Tan James If you guys don't like your skin; just post up and lemme know if you want be to change it. Thanks! (Yes, you may here a bit of sound skipping. It is because whenever you play the ANIMATION too long; the sound gets off-sync and stuff. :I) (Most Questions: Why Not Render It? "Oh. Coz it ain't done and rendering it would take so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch time. Ya know.) [Just To Let Everyone Know: This Series would probably begin on the early 2017s, I need to train some of my skills before I make this project final. I guess. ]
  18. Hey there, I know it's nowhere near Christmas yet, but if we want to make this real good (as in really detailed), we have to start as soon as possible Okay, so what I wanted to do is create some short scéne's that have something to do with Christmas. I was thinking about remaking scene's of some classic Christmas movies like: Home alone, The Grinch, Polar Express What could also be a option is to make some Christmas Shorts with some typical nice things with Christmas, the things everyone likes and then (because I like comedy) put some funny things in it. I would love to get to know some people that could help me create the best Christmas spirit in our video's! We don't need some experienced people because I already got quote some experience with kinds everything that has to do with Minecraft, so when you do wanna help, just send me a message and I will be your teacher I always love to watch the Polar Express and Home Alone with Christmas. It's basically made for children, but I am 17 years old and still get goose bumps when I hear "Somewhere in my memory" from John Williams The people we need in our team: - Scène writers - Scène builders - Rig creaters - Skin makers - The Animators themselves! (If you can help us with one of these jobs, we really want you in our team! ?) This will all be uploaded on my YouTube Channel: Don't have much time to make this look fancy, but if your interested, send me a message. Hope you all have a wonderful time! Greets, TRS
  19. *#LOUD VOLUME WARNING#* This is my first time ever animating the main character of the series, Cade Dantero. Should I finally tell what this whole series is about..?
  20. 4ward animations

    bed rig for bedroom this is something for the topic i made called vote and more people voted for bedroom so i am now releasing the bed for this series okay bye
  21. Minecraft Time

    Mine-imator Series

    Hi Guys! The thing is, I am planning on making my own Mine-Imator Series. It will be a bit like RWBY, but of course I am not going to plagiarize RWBY! I'm still thinking of a name, but I sort of like the name Minecraft Time. I am currently working on the character models, weapons, and other items needed for the animation. However, I have a problem. I... need your help with the cities. The story line of Minecraft Time is based on a mixture of medieval and modern times (try watching Fairy Tail, it will give you a look on what I am going for).I lack the cities and other places needed for the animation, and I am not that much of a builder, which is why I need your help. So please, grace me with your wonderful creations, and I will put your name on the description once I used your creation. So, here is what i need: > A large medieval town, complete with a Huge Castle, houses, town hall, and other stuff in there. > A city that is put on a Mesa Biome, it needs to look like the Wild West. > A city in the End. It needs to look like an actual city. I want it to look like a city for wizards. > A city in the Nether. It needs to look like a city that can be seen in the nether. > a city that is put in a Snow Biome. You know what I mean. > a city in that is put in the Desert. Try looking up the Hidden Sand Village. Even though I do not want to plagiarize Naruto too, that should give you an idea of what i am going for. > a city Underwater. I want it to look a bit like Atlantis. I will ask again for your help if I needed anything else. Thanks!
  22. Hey!! It's Ghost Studios here! I'm going to be making a series featuring you all on Mine-Imator Forums!! All I need from you, is reskinnable character rigs, or templates, and your skin! You'll be all posable and everything! Epic poses included, flips, and kicks and punches, and extraordinary swords!! Please help me out with this, and I promise you that you won't regret it! Here's my picture so far!
  23. Howdy! I am Hope, Jake, or you may call me Nutu. I am looking for MASSIVE HELP (Volunteer.) by some good people in a good enviroment such as mine-imator. I can do stuff like get proper rigs and such on with others. But I need the communities help, YOUR HELP! I am a small youtube channel with a insanely small fanbase. I will give the link at the end of this post, of course. Anyways, I did a 'roleplay' series called 'the block & the blockhead.'. The story will be told shortly. I want to bring the season three to a big opening, and I really want to build a team that has people that can stick with me and each others for the rest of the series life cycle from now on. I am looking for people that have enough time for the help I need. And can stay in contact with me. I am fourteen by the way. I will now answer some of the most bugged questions that you are probably needing to be answered. 1. This work is volunteer only, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! 2. I am not experienced at animation and have not the time for the animation portion itself. I have time to edit and stuff like that, though. 3. I would like you to take your time and feel comfortable with how much effort in the animation, I just want the team to be successful! 4. The backround story of the animated series will be below, and I will direct the series through a calling service with the team known as 'skype.' 5. The current roles needing to take place are the following, we may need more later: 2 animators (that have plenty of time.), a rig designer (or someone who can get certain rigs easily), 3 voice actors(age will not matter), and someone to help with music and sound effects. 6. Yes, I have started the project. I realized I just didnt have the time nor enough knowledge on doing it. I am counting on you guys. 7. If you were to quit the team, at any time, I would like for you to help by handing over important and acceptional files for a intermideiate project to continue. 8. That is all. Here is a quick summary of the past of the story: Two young men found each other in an unpleasing way. One was a stealing. One was not. Hope & Mark (The two men) found friendship between them, but one was from the future. Mark explained how he had brought a zombie apocolypse back fromt he future with his father, as someone followed the, there. Hope started having visions of someone who claims to be his 'Roman.' His Roman, A Such So Beautiful Women, later then died. He just knew somehow, even though he was on an adventure, not knowing what was happening. Mark left Hope in the cold snowy forest where Hope found the creepy guy who had the voice that was haunting him. The guy stated that he could either save his backstabbing friend and save the world, or save the roman first to get help. Many years later, the apocolypse was worse. He set off to find his Roman... (This is where the season 3 will begin.) (Remember, I will direct the story through skype.) Anyways, if you would love to help! I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO DO SO! I am desperate, lol. My skype is: [HOPE]NutuPicanPancake My youtube link is here (you can find the older episodes of the series as it was when it was a roleplay here): Thank you so much, if you are interested, please add me on skype and reply. Peace!