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    A indie game designer who also is i training to become a nurse... My little brother is Pigzy101...
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  1. how can u do that!!! amazing
  2. I am back, I took a break from the scene when I didnt get any submission for the super hero colab...

  3. Living With Thanos !!Coming Soon!! Criticism is Appreciated... Expect bad animation!!!
  4. I agree with Dr. Nexil, and for some reason the character seems a little small compared to everything else but thats just me....
  5. GG! Keep up the good work... and btw you have one sub from me boi
  6. I am here to teach you how to add a custom watermark to you animation or art! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Finished Product
  7. Is it normal to enter a colab that you made?

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    2. DepsinArtifacts


      @9redwoods I am just wierd like that....  |___|



    3. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Yeah, I think it's normal. It shows the other contributors of the collab that you care about the project and are dedicating some time to it lol

    4. Rollo


      Yes, and I actually encourage it because it's a collaberation, not a crowdsource.

  8. The Super Hero/Villain Colab Details The most overdone colab idea yet, the Super Hero/Villain colab... So, the video should have a hero facing a villain(or a Villain facing a Hero) in an epic battle. You can choose the the participants and even make your own! Have one of the two participants win or have it be a draw! Requirements 10-60 seconds (shorter the better) Fade in and out (to black) Custom Watermark (not required but, will make my life easier) Rules Follow Mine-Imator Rules At least Two participants No harming that of animals No movie spoilers Enter by Clicking Me!
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