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  1. DepsinArtifacts

    The Cozy Cabin [4k]

    I agree with Dr. Nexil, and for some reason the character seems a little small compared to everything else but thats just me....
  2. DepsinArtifacts

    200 Subscribers

    GG! Keep up the good work... and btw you have one sub from me boi
  3. I am here to teach you how to add a custom watermark to you animation or art! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Finished Product
  4. Is it normal to enter a colab that you made?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DepsinArtifacts


      @9redwoods I am just wierd like that....  |___|



    3. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Yeah, I think it's normal. It shows the other contributors of the collab that you care about the project and are dedicating some time to it lol

    4. Rollo


      Yes, and I actually encourage it because it's a collaberation, not a crowdsource.

  5. DepsinArtifacts

    Super Hero/Villain Collaboration

    I get ya!
  6. That tree was my father.... NOOOOO!!!!
  7. DepsinArtifacts

    Support for Optifine Features

    Yes, this is needed!
  8. The Super Hero/Villain Colab Details The most overdone colab idea yet, the Super Hero/Villain colab... So, the video should have a hero facing a villain(or a Villain facing a Hero) in an epic battle. You can choose the the participants and even make your own! Have one of the two participants win or have it be a draw! Requirements 10-60 seconds (shorter the better) Fade in and out (to black) Custom Watermark (not required but, will make my life easier) Rules Follow Mine-Imator Rules At least Two participants No harming that of animals No movie spoilers Enter by Clicking Me!
  9. DepsinArtifacts

    lantern Rig (customizable!)

  10. DepsinArtifacts

    Sewer Gators News Article

    Very well made, I like it
  11. DepsinArtifacts

    Machines of the Imagination Collab

    Im in
  12. DepsinArtifacts

    Outline mod?

    and not to mention the fact that you wouldnt be able to bend
  13. DepsinArtifacts

    Team members needed.

    Okay, that makes sense
  14. DepsinArtifacts

    Team members needed.

    Y, ive seen your work and you are good
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