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  1. He means as if, you locked it's position in one spot. i.e. Inverse Kinetics of a sort. So, it would be, step. Lock in place, move character forward, the leg is in the same spot. Unlock, move leg. Repeat
  2. Why can't I shoot a hole in the surface of mars? Huh?!

    1. __Mine__


      You'd need to go to Mars first

    2. Jay_


      Fair enough.

    3. Floofy


      you dont have the hulking BFG 10k

  3. Guys, it's not tails, it's his original character. Blails.
  4. guys i beat boneworks, again, for the 20th time.

    i forgot how good the soundtrack was.

  5. He's not big boned, he's thicc.
  6. eww. 2017 me was so not open to criticizm and absolute garbage.

  7. hands are kinda wack.
  8. ok im good now

  9. Must lag like hell. Other than that, looks great!
  10. how to be person if person is bad and bad is person but person is bad, and guys i think im high on air.

  11. Ok! I've done this before, but I do need to change some things. So why not. Hi. I'm Jay/Jaiden. A trans pansexual garbage can. I animate, and render, and game, and uh. Stuff. If you ever added me when i did this the first time. My discord is, well, not a thing anymore. Don't feel like explaining right now. Anyways- Shameless self promo: Hit my twitter, https://twitter.com/Bloo_Jayy
  12. Wanna know why i've been gone for a month and a half?






    Im active here!

    But not in my account, because nooo- I can't just do one single thing without it kicking me out, and having to reset my password. Again. And guess what? HALF OF THE TIME IT DOESNT EVEN WORK!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    3. __Mine__


      Not sure if this would help, but have you tried clearing your browsing data (Cache, Cookies, etc.)?

    4. Jay_


      actually yeah, i did that and im actually still logged in.

  13. ok. i need to message a mod.


    this site keeps locking me out.

    this is my 3rd password reset this day.

    Who knows a mod that deals with accounts?

    1. Ethaniel


      Any of them.

    2. Jay_


      Just messaged @Emunator hopefully this'll get fixed soon.

    3. crustyjpeg


      fyi emunator isn't a mod anymore

  14. Yes. Hi, I'm trans. Please don't hate me.


    She/Her please.

    1. Show previous comments  22 more
    2. Jay_


      @Ethaniel ShotU? Perhaps?


    3. Jay_


      ok imma just drop this reply section.


      please no one reply after this.

    4. Ethaniel


      ShotU was just being silly. 

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