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  1. unanantooninaian rerdartlklkilfokok

    *various gibberish noises*

  2. Thank you Ethaniel, very cool.
  3. Just learned i used to hate Ethan, why exactly?

    I dunno, I was prolly just salty cuz his rep.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jay_


      Yeah, over time i did. I was Crafting_Ninja27.

    3. Ethaniel
    4. Yoshifan33


      ethan: flashbacks of something or other idk what happened either

  4. steve be bikin tho


    1. Ethaniel


      Steve wouldn't do that 😭

  5. oh god, i just read this. Jeez Mercury.
  6. He means as if, you locked it's position in one spot. i.e. Inverse Kinetics of a sort. So, it would be, step. Lock in place, move character forward, the leg is in the same spot. Unlock, move leg. Repeat
  7. Why can't I shoot a hole in the surface of mars? Huh?!

    1. __Mine__


      You'd need to go to Mars first

    2. Jay_
    3. Floofy


      you dont have the hulking BFG 10k

  8. Guys, it's not tails, it's his original character. Blails.
  9. guys i beat boneworks, again, for the 20th time.

    i forgot how good the soundtrack was.

  10. He's not big boned, he's thicc.
  11. eww. 2017 me was so not open to criticizm and absolute garbage.

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