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  1. DEAR GOD (It's good though).
  2. so why downvote the whole thing? why not just make your joke and neither upvote or downvote?
  3. made using my very own light room, CC? Thanks!~ @ThatRobloxerGamerYT for his floof model, and @anima cryses for his siren head model.
  4. i cant believe how fast you've become such high rep.
  5. your becoming mbanders.
  6. ehh, i found afterwards. DERP. IM DUMB!
  7. hold up, i should be more specific. Im planning on making the animation in mine-imator, and i was wondering if anyone has the map, or schematic for me to use.
  8. anyone got the map? Or schematic?
  9. Y'all ever just say something and not stick to it?

    1. KrisFirebolt


      I think its common, also yay protogen!

  10. Are y'all just being nice or what? More people are voting for me. This doesn't seem right.
  11. Guess who is moving to blender!

  12. Woah. Can't believe it's 50/50, if anything, I thought robloxers would be better..
  13. oh and hey, if you'd say why you chose one or the other, that'd be nice.
  14. Hey, i'm Ninja, you already know that. I'm that one kid who animates, makes stupid stuff, and other things! I use discord, I enjoy others, oh, and I'm pretty weird, so be careful chatting with me on discord! Here's my discord if you want it NinjaBTW#4142.
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