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  1. @Ethanial Maybe?, Maybe BLEEDING 900% DEATH IN 30 SEC?..., maybe @Foxtrot0806 Apologies if does so, there is still a lot of understeanding on graphic design i lost and need to learn due to being a lot away from 3D stuff, it's a Brush im using of lens flare
  2. Not Bad...., The 1ยบ Looks Really nice Due to The Details Like Blood And the Pickaxe
  3. @Cubic Ralsei They Dont Have, It's Because Of A Mod FacialStuff That they Have hands, Facial Expressions and Feet
  4. I've Had A Curiosity To Make On Mine-Imator...., What If Rimworld And minecraft Suddently Combined?
  5. Female Body Hm?..... now i see... Its actually nice for when you need a new face for your female companions for future animations, Great Work!
  6. You Son Of a.......... GIVE THIS MAN 2 OSCARS, 1 FOR HIS AMAZING WORK, And Another In Case He Lose The First One!
  7. I played last time on..... 2015 if im not wrong..., was a damn hell, on 2013 to 2014 i was only a bandit :'v..., but i managed to be a hero, but as usually..., KOS a lot, hard to make allies
  8. Since im not with my powerfull computer for a good while, i'll well..., try to make some posters, i tried to make one a bit from the old mini-game i used to play on mcbrawl server, WarZ
  9. your poster makes me remember of one quote... "HOPE NOBODY NEEDS THIS ANYMORE" Looks a bit basic, i wont lie..., but good work
  10. Wow!....., mate..., seriously...., the Pool looks really good IMO..., ik aint like extremelly pool quality like OOOOOOh and stuff... but you really did a awesome job on this wallpaper!
  11. Returning Back With Some Bit Of Showing Some Mine-Imator Works Of Mine Here Into The Website World War Z (Old Animation) {This animation is from my well....., trully beginning days on mine-imator, from my merging from the uhm... 0.6 beta?...i guess it is..., when was like 1.5.2, and the camera used to be a bit..... Basic..., to Mine-imator 1.0.0 DEMO} Assasin's Craft, {First Animation Of Parkour With Sound Editing} Unknown Plays Adventure {First Moderate Animation I Made On The Old Times With An Great Old Animation Friend Of Mine}, Miss him :'v (First Time Well...., A bit, used well scenario ambience and sound effect sounds to attempt matching environment to create a immersion felling for the watcher Kyubi And Jennifer Adventure {A Practice On A Snowy Environment For Future Plannings, The Cave kinda.... sucked imo, but i managed to get a better view on how animation works} MC TF2 Animation (P.1) The Escape {Old Project From My Sightly Attemps on getting better on animation using a well...., not good device... Well.... Guess that's enough of stuff for this time..., since i already mentioned,i dont want to spam much stuff in here, i want to show what i've done but without disturbing admins/users time
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