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  1. Not Bad..., The eyes on your character, are you trying to make a Rig or its from the model itself?
  2. Poster Inspired By The Game "Project Zomboid"
  3. I'll probably need more tools to improve on mine-imator renderingsĀ šŸ¤”

    1. LacaMenDRY


      1. Pain.net.
      2. Adobe Photoshop CC 2020.
      3. Light Room.
      4. YouTube.
    2. Kyubi_Hitashi


      Im Used To Photoshop CS6, what are the differences from these tools? except youtube, im constantly reading new tutorials and learning tricks for new projects such as one i freshelly developed as a Terrafirma Animation

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Man. That was an Old Version of Photoshop Software.

      I was using the Adobe Photoshop 2020. Try to Update it into 2020 Version. Or I MEAN YOU already have it in your PC Without Installing it right? Well for the Questions,I can Know much. Maybe the differents is Just the Tools,and other like that.Ā 

  4. @LacaMenDRYyou mean the eyebrows that are kinda looks like they merged with alex's Hair on the left side or steve too?
  5. @MoltenLapizzaThanks for pointing them out, im still Relearning animation due to being years without practicing, i'll try to play more often with some tools from MI and image editing for some next images
  6. @LacaMenDRYim not yet a master on the arts of animation, do you mean something like, testing new TEMPOS or, using different styles than Linear mode on the keyframes?
  7. Interesting Intro you've made, looks good in my opinion, among the details such as the blood
  8. Made This Short animation here due to playing a lot of NMRIH recently, im having some struggles with the animation smoothness from linear to curve... PS: any hints or tips are welcome, and thanks for anyone that would teach me/hint me about some methods to improve these animations
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