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  1. @Cubic Ralseiis Kenshi that broken????, has been a while i played it :v, also good remind... i'll try to make a texture to recreate broken glitchy ragdoll xDDD
  2. @Mafa Animationsany hint then for well idk.... proper details or such? im not getting able to properly enhance my skills on realistic details unfortunally.
  3. Basic Poster, Used DayZ Map For Minecraft By the way, im trying these new posters using the 2K Quality... i noticed it improve Scenario/Background Pixels quality, how fascinating...
  4. @SuperNerdNathan It's Supposed To The Sharpshooter Guy To Keep On Watch Since He Is Trying To Ambush Survivors (The Personality Of An Average DayZ Player Who Does Not Trust Anyone) Thus, Its The New Dawn I Mean On The Poster, A New Day Upcoming..., A New Challenge Ahead, Will Determine If You Will Die Among The Ones Who Failed To Resist The Apocalipse Or Keep On Standing to Deal With Your Major Troubles Such As Famish, Dehydration And Such... sorry if i didn't managed to give a major look into these posters, my knowledge and skill have decayed due to some lack of practice and lack of training so far
  5. I've Played some Survival game for quite some while so i decided to make a little animation about it..., i still need to regain/re-learn smoothing and animation development again...
  6. @Dr. Nexilholy damn... well thank you for updating me
  7. @Cubic Ralseisorry... could you explain to me your professional sighting about it? im still having to learn many ropes on animation
  8. A Project Im Working On Mine-Imator About A Post Apocaliptic Series Regarding An Outbreak Of A Deadly Virus This Is Basically The Beginning, Futurelly I Will Work On The Prologue To Inform The Watcher About The Before The Events Of The Apocalipse Aftermath PS : Professional Users, If You End Up Seeing This I Would Appreciate Critiques And Tips On What I Should Practice/Learn To Improve Even More This Project
  9. i swear i'll live to see someone made a huge pack of foods for mine-imator
  10. everyone is all friendly until someone finds a diamond.
  11. i think im the only one here who cant make a girl rig :'v
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