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  1. I played last time on..... 2015 if im not wrong..., was a damn hell, on 2013 to 2014 i was only a bandit :'v..., but i managed to be a hero, but as usually..., KOS a lot, hard to make allies
  2. Since im not with my powerfull computer for a good while, i'll well..., try to make some posters, i tried to make one a bit from the old mini-game i used to play on mcbrawl server, WarZ
  3. your poster makes me remember of one quote... "HOPE NOBODY NEEDS THIS ANYMORE" Looks a bit basic, i wont lie..., but good work
  4. Wow!....., mate..., seriously...., the Pool looks really good IMO..., ik aint like extremelly pool quality like OOOOOOh and stuff... but you really did a awesome job on this wallpaper!
  5. Returning Back With Some Bit Of Showing Some Mine-Imator Works Of Mine Here Into The Website World War Z (Old Animation) {This animation is from my well....., trully beginning days on mine-imator, from my merging from the uhm... 0.6 beta?...i guess it is..., when was like 1.5.2, and the camera used to be a bit..... Basic..., to Mine-imator 1.0.0 DEMO} Assasin's Craft, {First Animation Of Parkour With Sound Editing} Unknown Plays Adventure {First Moderate Animation I Made On The Old Times With An Great Old Animation Friend Of Mine}, Miss him :'v (First Time Well...., A bit, used well scenario ambience and sound effect sounds to attempt matching environment to create a immersion felling for the watcher Kyubi And Jennifer Adventure {A Practice On A Snowy Environment For Future Plannings, The Cave kinda.... sucked imo, but i managed to get a better view on how animation works} MC TF2 Animation (P.1) The Escape {Old Project From My Sightly Attemps on getting better on animation using a well...., not good device... Well.... Guess that's enough of stuff for this time..., since i already mentioned,i dont want to spam much stuff in here, i want to show what i've done but without disturbing admins/users time
  6. This one....., damn...., what an old project i did with some friends..., nice times it was... Rust Craft EP 3 (DISCLAIMER : Mine-Imator users, This video is made by me and my brazilians friends, if you might want to watch it, be advised you may not fully understeand what we are saying due to our language, but if you still wish to see, go for it, my apologizes if someone gets confused) PS : one day i might do an English MC Serie, one day....
  7. It's The First Time Im Posting This.... Well, i'll need to learn a lot about this website after all but, anyway... I Want to show some of my old works from my beginning times on Mine-imator from the years The Last Of US Minecraft (Hud Testing) MCA - Minecraft Comes Alive Short Anim Project Outlast (Yes.... i wanted to make an animation on the Game Outlast Style) Battlewars (Style Of That Old Game Stick War) For Now, I Think this is enough, since i dont want to spam and such stuff... If it is okay for the admins this amount of videos on a post, then i'll program myself better about posting contents around here
  8. Okay uhm...., looks like my account is all set-up but...., what the heck do i do around here?....., i dont actually know what i do, where i post stuff, where i show some of my old works for example

    1. Gfamleit


      click Browse = forums

      if u want to post your old works go to 



    2. Ghatos



      Now, to know where you post stuff:

      You click on the blues texts. Ther're also a black text below the blue text that explains what you're supposed to post here. For example: you made a minecraft animation. Well you click on "narrative animations" (below "Mine Imator creations"), and then you click on "create a new post"


      I hope this helps

    3. Kyubi_Hitashi


      Much Obliged Ghatos And Gfamleit

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