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  1. security is my



  2. appi birday fellu cadnadien

    1. J


      me too thanks

  3. I quit animating but I still hang out in SKIBBZ's discord.
  4. Dramatic statement.

    1. DarkDragonPro


      Oh. Well this forum is Eff'd You can downvote now.

    2. KindZax



      Long gone are the days of old when the downvote was here,The forums then where a peaceful balance of drama and good, Alas it has been resurrected and now many say it should remain in the shadows.



    3. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      That's the smartest statement I've ever heard.



  5. i'm gonna stop talking to you and let you read
  6. i meant in a way that minecraft is one of the things i don't like animating.
  7. i said i'm tired of animating
  8. or, yah know, read. i said i'm tired of animating, specifically in minecraft.
  9. And an announcement video that's cool: Let me copy from the description: If you've stuck with my channel long enough, you would of notice I had a little project called "Rageful Billy". It was pretty much done, but I wanted to add a little more, but at that same time I wanted to add more, I started getting lazy and forgot about it. I think it's the best thing to do as a final goodbye to Minecraft Animation. Enjoy. So yeah, I'm quitting animation. I'll still stick around here and maybe animate tiny things here and there. For now, cya!
  10. btw i'm probably quitting animating but i'll still stick around here a bit

    1. tditdatdwt


      Ask Allah to help you get back into animating.

    2. J
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