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  1. Hey guys! I'm back and any criticism or advice would be appreciated. This is my first collab so pls watch it from beggining to end and give your thoughts and opinions. Also if you have the time pls watch these vids from beggining to end and give your thoughts and opinions in the comments for the vid or in the comments down below for the forums.
  2. Srry, I looked for it and couldn't find it (am bad in looking for things rlly need to work on it)
  3. Nope.. IN PIVOT!!! (just a joke) it says right in the title
  4. Cooker126

    steve rig

    Same m8. On both counts. Not even decent on animating but am a good rigger. And I love Star Wars as well. Can't wait for Star Wars 8 and the next Rebels episode.
  5. Srry for the late reply. had school business keepin' me busy. Thx for the advice and what do you mean by "bobbing up and down"? Could you display at least a short animation of what you mean here?
  6. As usual any advice and criticism will be appreciated. (and yes I made this my profile pic. also the arms are hanging out behind the stickguy cause the arms were confusing you can't tell which is which very good. so i messed up the arms more than once and decided to leave them like this)
  7. I rlly need to rethink my life right now.

    1. Skjold


      You're 13. What do you really have to reevaluate?

    2. Cooker126


      Srry for late reply. It's an expression in my country meaning that you need to set your priorities straight and quit slackin' around. P.S It's 12 not 13 but I guess that doesn't really matter 'cause I will be 13 soon.

  8. Here ya go https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/1255693556/Entity126
  9. Can you display your OC here? Or at least give the link?
  10. What do you mean by edgy? I got several definitions here. Pls tell me which one you mean edgy the act of being edgy is basically teenage kids that think theyre cool. hardcore kids seem to think theyre edgyest things everr. "why are you wearing that bandanna out of your pocket," says 9th grade homeroom teacher. "because i'm effin edgy ," says a-hole. (I just copied and pasted) edgy Adjective. Taking coolness to its extreme and generally beyond the realm of actual possibility, while at the same time seemingly unaware of how ridiculous it is. Distinctions from similar words: * Mary-Sue: This is distinct from mary-sue because characters generally have "flaws", but which end up making them cooler as opposed to actually flawed. * Try-hard: Edgy characters go for diversity in their coolness instead of a specific theme. An edgy character is much more diversely cool, whereas a try-hard goes for something specific, like "only using knives" or "hates color because he/she is goth". * Campy: Edgy things are either unaware of their ridiculousness or actively try to explain it away. In contrast, campy things are totally aware of how ridiculous they are and actively embrace it. Examples of Edgy characters/things: * Guts from Berserk: short black hair, insanely large sword, missing hand (which he replaced with a gun), scars (which make him look cool). * Dante from the more recent DMC:Devil May Cry. * Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. * Pretty much any protagonist of a "dark and gritty" anime. * All of the characters from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. * Nearly every character in a World of Darkness campaign, especially when LARPing. * Clive Owen, Jason Statham Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson in a lot of their more recent films. edgy something or someone trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it's cringe worthy. "that skull with the flowers around it is edgy (i edited this one)
  11. Because the viewer can tell more easily if it's the bad side. It would be even worse if the viewer was watching the animation and all of a sudden text appeared saying BAD SIDE INCOMING! Besides it makes the character look on the verge of insanity or insane looking. Besides not everybody knew about the whole red eye thing in animations when they came with the idea of it. Take me for example, I came up with the idea of he red eye on my own before watching an animation and realizing others have came up with that idea. I may be biased but personally for me edgy stuff ain't that bad. In fact I enjoy edgy stuff. At least us "edgy" people we're getting better animating by animating "edgy" stuff
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