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  1. PhiliP

    XTAR Revolver

    Was this picture so dark to look at? Oops, sorry about that. Y u P Not a barrel shroud, a suppressor.
  2. PhiliP

    XTAR Revolver

    !ATTENTION! This is not a gun in real life. I designed this gun by myself. Name : XTAR - stand for eXperimental model Triple Action Revolver Ammunition : .357 Magnum Magazine Capacity : 8 rounds IMAGES Download Links XTAR REVOLVER .357 Magnum Ammunition
  3. https://youtu.be/I_OcOffmJJs?t=29 I want to giv it up for Robo-B**ch
  4. it's time to RIP AND TEAR
  5. *Eyy Dats Pretty Good*
  6. Kar98K is always awesome yeah BTW May I fix this texture and make a Kar98K frostbite skin?
  7. I wanted a Kar98K's frostbite skin but that skins are nice, too BTW wonderful rig
  8. I found this rig on my deep side of my SDD, and I remaked it lmao Click Here to get this old friend
  9. PP-19 Bizon(One with Helical Mag)
  10. Ey dats pretty good It will be better if you give more details for this
  11. PhiliP

    HK416 RIG

    Sick. Nice details. I Love it But I want some improvement on a pistol grip and magazine, its so T H I C C
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