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Mine-Imator Persona: Yee-Yee S Haircuts Teaser

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Mine-Imator Persona: Yee-Yee S Haircuts Teaser.

Mine-Imator Persona, an asset pack for character customization in Mine-imator, made for Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode style.


Currently, there are only 25 different styles available. 

More hairstyles are coming, and guess what? Not only haircuts, clothing and other character accessories are planned to be make.

This pack (along with other stuff that coming in the future) will surely be good for you to make your own character by just a few clicks, no texturing needed. Many possibilities can be made, fill your scene with various characters or make a crowd or say some random NPCs, or maybe if you are just lazy to make different character from scratch.

Contribute yourself to this project and to the community by sharing your haircut style texture, Minecraft skins also work.

We need your help to make this pack be available for public, we can't do this alone, guys. Otherwise, this pack will never be released... Not for free.


Performance wise? A little to no impact at all, these preset models are pretty well optimized I'd say.

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