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  1. The Gerobak Detail,Because There are just 5 Blocks Wich is means doesn't really Cool with flat texture. Adding Some details like Panci,Or Kaleng,or whatever it is to make it looks nicer,and more Detailed,Or using texture.
  2. I want to be Active On My Channel,But Because I'm still doesn't have A Studios,so I have no change to Record my voice surrounded By A Croud/Sound Polution caused by Cars,Trucks,People,Especially Motorcycle. That Annoying sound Prevent me from being Freely while Recording a Voice sound.

    I have so much Idea on How my channel should goes to work out. But at the end of the day,This how it is. I have all the knowledge of HOW TO,just need to do it. And to do it I need to Find away on HOW TO do it. And on,and on,And on. Paradox.

    1. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      hmm go to a quiet place and do that

  3. Levels of Details from the Lemonade Gerobak,I don't know what Gerobak Translation to Engles,But Yeah just that. LOD.
  4. Assalamualaikum Brothers! Today is a Ramadhan Months so I made this Render to Selebrate the Ramadhan Mubarak. I hope there are a Muslim users that Seeing this,I hope so... But Anyway I did some stuff like Glow Edge,And New Skin for my Local Friends. Sadly My friends doesn't Exist in any Internet platform cuz they'all A Mobile users,so They had no Idea for being In here. Just Imagine if They all here,I'll be so happy,But what can I do right? Name of these Character: Ilham A.K.A LacaMenDRY. Akmal. Adril. Arif. Sadam. Syarah. Syawindri. Character design take from 2029 theme,But Now in this render,the Concepts is still 2021. Anyway I hope there will be some Muslim users that will seeing this,Remembering that The majority of this forum is Non-Muslim,so Maybe they don't know what Ramadhan is. Well I hope my render looks good,and Other than That. Like always. STAY CREATIVE! Assalamualaikum.
  5. Before Anything goes Bruuhhh... I just wanna Share this Phenomena:
  6. When A Users Hobbie is Reacting,This always happen. Same to me.
  7. I Agree... But overall it's Good,Accept for the Steve Double Swing Rotation I guess? that scene a little bit Unnatural.
  8. I think I can just Order some Futuristic Vehicle from this Guy for my Movie Projects.
  9. Ok so My Account turned 1 Years now,Not 2 Years. I was wrong about 2 years,Why? Because I was too Unfocused while saying I am 2 Years Old.


  10. why does the URL link typed youtu.be? Why not YouTube.?
  11. Why does this happen when I open Forums Homepage?
    Now I can only open anything,Accept the Homepage.


  12. I can't see it,It says Privacy Error.
  13. WaltzP7=The Reshader. LacaMenDRY=The Reflectioners. Focused on a different thing. Lmao.
  14. Urghh...This Ramadhan Months are very Challenging my Hungry,and Thirsty.
    BTW guess what I've been working on...

    Yes I know the White Light Bounce doesn't that match. I'll Fix it Later on....

    1. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      be patient friend :)
      i hope you can pass it..

      btw cool render tho!

      edit 1: LOL i can see tesla
      edit 2: i think the drone kinda broken
      edit 3: what is the "pertama" and "kedua" thing
      edit 4: ok i will stop editing

    2. LacaMenDRY


      be patient friend :)
      i hope you can pass it.. Yes I will never lost any puasa,Do you puasa?

      btw cool render tho! Thanks.

      edit 1: LOL i can see tesla=Yes CyberStuck.
      edit 2: i think the drone kinda broken=Yes,Just a Random Pose of CyberDrone RIG.
      edit 3: what is the "pertama" and "kedua" thing=Reflections Machine/Mods. Still Secret.
      edit 4: ok i will stop editing=ok. I don't even know what it are.

    3. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      edit 1: it was cybertruck not struck
      edit 2: oh ok i, about to create ditwit fishtank, you can put every animal there including megalodon!
      edit 3: oh ok
      edit 4: editing is editing

  15. Grammar Buddy. Use Gonna for Future Sentence,And Gone for Pa/Pre/Fu Sentence.
  16. Rapping With nobody. Because I recognize that Hoodies,and Hat. Let's Gooo!
  17. LacaMenDRY

    my own gun rig

    Fox Miner is so different to others users. This guy give a very very very tell a Detailed Tutorials in MI Forums. Never seen stuff like this before.
  18. I think It's just me who first time making a Skin Rig A Half of it is a Herobrine,But everybody does that too... I'm So Satisfied.
  19. Late feedback Cuz My Internet as lag as F. @9redwoods Thank you for the Support,And yeah Imagine if I used Blender,The only Limited thing is that My Hardware technologies. Yep, It's because of my Hardware again causing it so laggy that makes me Can't Easily See the differents between Before,and After. But Glad to hear the Critique because it's so helpful to help me Improved Especially on Colour Grading Aspects. The lost contrast is because To make the videos even more Dusty,and Foggy. but I appreciate that. Whawh! Thank you so much 9Redwoods for supporting me to became a Filmmaker in the future! this is very helpful...
  20. So I turn MI into a VFX Software for my 1 Minutes Shortfilms Competition from MSI Creator Awards. Take me over 200+ Hours in Editing Proccess using the Wonderful Potato Laptop. Real Talk. So here is the VFX BreakDown: From here now we can see if MI can be more than just a Simple Limited Minecraft Animating Software. There are no Impossible,There are only Trial and Errors. Adios.
  21. From what I Analyzed,Aric Horn,and you,and other users have the same problems,But You,and Aric Horn use the same World type. From what I guess is Server. I think there are a problems with servered World. And There are lot's of People who having the World Impostor Problems.
  22. yDVx36g.gifWait for it,this is just one videos,There are 8 Videos I Already rendered,And it's So Freaking Awesome!

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    2. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      aha but witch Method do you use?

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Still Secret,But you can do this if you wanted,Require Enough MI Skills.
      The method I will Share after I Release the Videos,and The Reflections Solving math.

    4. animation dude 888
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