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  1. Trying a fancy texture pack and POM

    Some softwares: Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material and Photoshop
  2. Trying a fancy texture pack and POM

    Shaders like this are used primarly for screenshots, constructions, cinematics etc. You can use a light weight shader for gameplay, but you may know its not recommended.
  3. Raised Land

    Maybe. This is very old, guess i don't have the file anymore :c
  4. Texture pack made for Minecraft 1.9

    "Realistico" is good too, but is the default texture with normal mapping, and, you need to pay :c You can't do normal and specular mapping in Minecraft without Shaders (and not all shaders have support) If you don't use shaders, will be just another texture pack. The mapping will make the final detail Many people do click bait, all the time. You see a image with a wonderful illumination and a massive random construction, but when you download it...
  5. Raised Land

    World Painter Photoshop CC
  6. UDK Pictures First map Mudbox Pictures A zombie try All the images here
  7. Soft Chair

    Yes, i think the same
  8. Soft Chair

  9. Soft Chair

    Thanks! But maybe can be better.
  10. Soft Chair

    Thanks c: Trying to improve it
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