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  1. Here's my entry: You can download the entry here.
  2. The Snowball Rig This is "snow" laughing matter. lol Features: It's a 3D snowball. What more do you expect How to Install: Click "Download Now" Download the file Extract the .zip file Import the .object file to Mine-imator Enjoy! Download Now **This rig is for personal purposes/usage only, meaning you cannot release a rig contains this rig, nor can you claim this rig as your own creation. You also may not re-release this rig with your own changes/ additions.**
  3. Hi there. I need someone to create a Minecraft schematic of a snow biome for an animation I'm making. The schematic should be covered entirely in snow (maybe a few exceptions) with a somewhat small, flat area (no trees, ravines, etc.) The schematic should also be somewhat huge. I would really appreciate it! Please send it as a link to a file sharing site or email the file to me at dirtblock1023@gmail.com. Happy Holidays!
  4. You have a very nice profile photo.

  5. Omg! That looks AWESOME!!! And to see the code, copy and paste it to this website.
  6. Two weeks until the collab ends! People who haven't finished their entry yet:
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