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  1. Welcome! This Is The Christmas Collab! I am hosting this early before December because it allows animators to get it done early and allows me to make the video before my exams. This is my first animation collab I'm hosting and I hope that you would join. You can join right here or if you prefer to join secretly you could message me. Deadline Friday December 1st 2017 Rules! People That Have Joined
  2. Howdy everyone! I am looking for people to join my collab. Here is what the collab is about "The collab is going to be about me and my sister who is finding actors for our upcoming movies. The actors [People who joined the collab] will be acting themselves saying lines from a movie/show or something random, like "Hey, this isn't my script!". They can animate themselves doing some kind of dramatic move or being nervous or something like that, it up to your imagination!. It's not a really good collab but still, it has some nice ideas to it r-right?" The Rules: 1. NSFW is not allowed 2. Entries must be 5 - 30 seconds long 3. You can only make 3 entries in total 4. Do not mess around with the setups in the template except for the lighting 5. Use the render setting below 6. Gore/Blood is allowed but keep it minimal 7. If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks then you will be kicked out of the server 8. You can have 1 - 3 characters in the scene, but not more 9. You can break the 4th wall 10. You can scale the setup back to 1 to animate easier, but you have to scale it back to 10 when you render your entries out 11. 2D animations are allowed 12. Render your entries in 1080p 30 fps 13. Sound effects are allowed, music is not recommended but still allowed 14. You are allowed to use voice lines from movies/games/etc... 15. You are allowed to record your own voice and put it in your entries Rules might be update in the future! Here is one of the entries for the collab [I will be sending about 1 - 3 in total so you can understand what the collab is about, the entries i sent still going to be in the final video]: 1. Made by @JosSamLoh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you interested to join the collab, here the invite link to it discord! [Discord Link REDACTED] In order to join now You have to DM my Discord: RandomJeremy#6675 I hope you have a good day! : b
  3. Hey there! I'm hosting an event for those of you Super Smash Brothers/Mine-Imator Rig designers! This event is for those of you who make rigs, and are interested in collaborating with me in making a poster that involves the creation of certain characters and placing them in a poster. All that is required, is a comment down below of the name of the character you wish to create. Please try to get the models done within a timely manner, as those who take extended periods of time without letting me know ahead of time will be removed from the collaboration. Here are all of the available characters. (Characters can be used from Smash Brawl, Ultimate, etc) The following characters are taken. This list will be updated frequently to show which characters are available and which are not. All rigs MUST BE ORIGINAL, and cannot be somebody else's fair use rigs. Pac-Man - Redrocker95 Pikachu - Nightwing Here is a complete roster link, incase you are looking for a character to use. https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/index.html Example: (Credit to TheRageMC for the pokemon rigs. Pac-Man, his Hydrant and Kirby were my own creations.)
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Xeneth, and I have a new Collab you might enjoy! It is called " Doors " , Inspired by a Collaboration of an animation with the same name! If you need a reference on what Doors is, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tr5rDR4RVs . I will make a set of 2 doors, and you can do Whatever you want within the space you have in between the 2 doors! You might want to put a watermark when your creation is up. If you can't do the task, I will do it for you. But you have to try first. You must use this skin for each room. / http://imgur.com/hPjpUeY . You will have to make a video (Unlisted / Public) on Youtube and send it to me, so I can add it to the collab. Each part must be less than 1 Minute, unless it is a really professional part, then you get 2 minutes. Some gore allowed. No nudity.. Well, because youtube.. And kids may be watching it. Users in this Collaboration: Nobody yet.
  5. Hello everyone, I officially announce the second part of the WarioWare Minecraft Collab... Host by Tecno Robot Gamer JW. This is like a second opportunity for those who could not participate in the previous one. The concept is very simple: Make a short animation, between 4 and 8 seconds where a microgame is simulated. (Like the original game) In the microgame can happen anything, funny or absurd things. - According to the vote, there are 3 minimum Microgames per person to appear, and the maximum: Infinity. -Each Microgame must have a minimum duration of 4 seconds and maximum 8 seconds. -No music, only sounds. -The animation must be behind the frame. -You can choose the frame you want. -Don't stretch the animation or the frame. -You must carry the frames and the TNT counter. -If you want, you can use the graphics of the keys, but they should not leave the frames. -Put your watermark on the top. -The animation must be at least 720p and 30FPS -The people who make Microgames where they are lost, will be chosen randomly (Only 3 can be made), and I will try to contact them. -If you put NSFW, Thanos will destroy you. -If you want a blood festival, do it, but do not put too much. -The TNT counter lasts 4 seconds, if a Microgame lasts longer than that, the counter must be placed at the end. (counting the last 4 seconds) -You can recommend the music that you want me to place for a microgame if you wish. Frame and Graphics (REQUIRED) Microgames Example: Renders (Face and Full Body): In this Collab you need to make 4 renders of your character, in this way (Use bright lighting, separated and transparent) And send it to me privately. If you can't do the renders, contact me (DM or Discord) Finally, to send your entry you can upload it to YT and send it to me by DM with the name of the microgame it represents. Examples: "Defeat! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" "Run! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" "Final Smash! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" Oh, and answer this survey, so you can decide which version you would like to see: https://goo.gl/forms/xbe2HMhZ2XEWbuMm2 Well that's all for now, the deadline is April 15, any questions, I will answer it. Good luck! @NiSoSiam @JB Animations @social media animations @Trueno3444-MI @Jminerbot @Yoshifan33 @Darksupercool Shayzis @Davi12345 @apocablakz Video - Announcing the Collab (With English subtitles)
  6. It's another yummy test animation! This one's actually for Ninja Dino's Anvil collab. Any feedback would be appreciated it! Enjoy!
  7. The idea is to make an animation featuring some sort of technology that you come up with. It can be a spaceship, high-tech bio armor, a speeder chase, or maybe even a meteor-sized robot, it's up to you. I want to see your creativity and imagination in your entry. Rules: No swearing No inappropriate content No gore The video has to be at least 10 seconds and at most 60 seconds You can have sound in your animation, but you can't have music You have until February 18th to send me your submission. PM me the youtube link to your completed animation when you are finished. (Also, if you are entering please say so in reply to this post, I'd like to know who's in)
  8. Ok, this is the first time I simulate the stopmotion style (Don't kill me), for the StopMotion Collab 2 by @lifecraft I guess if I make another animation with the StopMotion style it will be better
  9. (Español/Spanish) Hola a todos, soy Darksupercool, y hoy les traigo mi primer collab. Me inspire en algo que hace el canal llamado "TeLoResumo", que consiste en que el toma un clip de una película sobre luchas, y cuando llega una parte en que el protagonista esta entrenando, el pone una "Canción de entrenamiento" junto a la frase: "Un desopilante montaje de entrenamiento". Y eso... no se que más decir... Emm... bye. Reglas: 1: Que no dure más de 30 segundos, mínimo 10. 2: La animación debe tratarse sobre un montaje de entrenamiento y que al final haya algo con fuegos artificiales. Ejemplo: 3: No se puede poner música, lo típico. 4: Subirlo a Youtube con un nombre cualquiera, pero que tengo lo siguiente: "#MontajeDeEntrenamientoCollab". 5: Poner una marca de agua tuya, lo típico. 6: Tienen hasta 15 de enero, 23 días si mis cálculos de las manos no me falla. (Ingles/English) Hello everyone, I'm Darksupercool, and today I bring you my first collab. I was inspired by something that the channel called "TeLoResumo" does, which is that he takes a clip of a film about fights, and when a part arrives in which the main character is training, he puts a "Training Song" next to the phrase: "A hilarious training montage". And that ... I don't know what else to say... Emm... bye. Rules: 1: That doesn't last more than 30 seconds, minimum 10. 2: The animation should be about a training montage and in the end there should be something with fireworks. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNJmuKU6FXA 3: You can't place a background music, the typical. 4: Upload it on YouTube with any name, but the title must have the following hashtag: "#MontajeDeEntrenamientoCollab". 5: Put a watermark of your own, typical. 6: They have until January 15, 23 days if my calculations of the hands don't fail me. See, y0u l4ter.
  10. The Pillage Collab! I'm looking for participants for the Pillage collab! Each of the interested will submit their part to my email, along with their name and i'll use it in the collab! - Topic: Pillaging! ~ Complying to the upcomming Village & Pillage update for Minecraft! - Length: 10 seconds! (in case of emergency, i can extend it to MAX 20 - but it needs to be GOOD, or i wont use it) - No Watermark! - Instead send me your name next to your submission, and I'll be the one to watermark you (to follow the same style) - -Use sound! - Steps, punches, and sound in the animation; don't use music! I'll be recieving submissions on my email till January 5th, 2019! My email: sharpwind.yt@gmail.com Happy animating, Stay Sharp!
  11. The Apartment Collab! Thank you for your participation. Archive:
  12. Hello everyone , This is the complete collab, I wanted to recreate the WarioWare games to the maximum, so I took an element of each game. Enjoy! It is the first collab I do and I am happy with the result. Thank you very much for participating in this collab and for the fun microgames! @Darksupercool @Super_Mario_Sega @Jminerbot @JB Animations @Trueno3444-MI and members of the Discord group.
  13. Hi, today I want to present my first Collab in the Mine-Imator community... Host by Tecno Robot Gamer JW. Well, the concept is very simple: Make a short animation, between 4 and 8 seconds where a microgame is simulated. (Like the original game) In the microgame can happen anything, funny or absurd things. And now the general rules: -It must have a minimum duration of 4 seconds and maximum 8 seconds. -Don't put music, only sounds. -The animation must be behind the frame. -You can choose the frame you want or change the color. - Do not stretch the animation or the frame. -Obligatory must carry frames and animation of the TNT. -If you want, you can use the graphics of the keys, but they should not leave the frame. -Put your watermark on the top. -The animation must be at least 30FPS -The video already edited must be at 720p -If you put NSFW YOU DIE. -Gore? Sure! but not much. -You can make the microgame losing or winning. (Now no, only winning) -The TNT counter lasts 4 seconds, if a microgame lasts 8 seconds, the counter must be placed at the end (Counting the last 4 seconds) -Maximum 3 microgames per person. -You can use Blender and C4D. Microgame Example: Frame and Graphics (REQUIRED) Well, that was the general rules, and now the list of topics: Finally, to send your entry you can upload it to YT and send it to me by DM with the name of the microgame it represents. Examples: "Defeat! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" "Run! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" "Final Smash! - WarioWare MC Collab Entry" Also, you can recommend the music that you want me to place for that minigame if you wish. Well that's all for now, the deadline ENDED, any questions, I'll answer. Good luck! Participants: @YoshiHunter @Darksupercool @Super_Mario_Sega @Pigeon_ @MachineGunInc @Jminerbot @Trueno3444-MI @JB Animations @social media animations @MikTRF
  14. MobKiller Animations Presents.... THE DIMENSION DASH COLLAB!!! Video Link: Rules: Map Download: Mine-imator- Minecraft Map: Send me finished entry either by message or discord!!
  15. Ahhhhh.... good to post something again. So, I found out about this collab and though to myself. Perfect match for my character and whatnot. Though... I didn't animate it until the last second. I only got the run and scenery about 2-3 weeks ago (I think) and did the entire rest today in the span of 2-5 hours. (Plus I didn't know what to do for the last 3 seconds. So you get a long fade. And finally, to top it all off, @WillesFilmz helped me once again with After Effects Editing, not too overedited and not too flashy. I personally thank him for that, and we do a nice job together. Hope you enjoyed and any feedback would be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation and Sound Editing by Myself After Effects by WilleFilmz Collab hosted by Wanimation (Sorry don't know your tag if you are on here) Sounds by Minecraft and The Pepper Sound Pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Me (And MAUT Group) are Doing Collab called Highlight intro collab!
  17. Hey, challenge! make a Mine-imation. Rules No NSFW (cussing, gore, racism/sexism/homophobia) (why do I have to type this?) Must include my Zweilous model (IMPORTANT: NEW MODELBENCH ONE, see below) No longer than 10 seconds. Hit me with a DM. Use MediaFire. No music. Add your own watermark. Competition ends 30 August (US time) Tell me you want to enter in the comments or via DMs Okay, have fun! People who I'm expecting entries from. If you change your mind or I've made a mistake, just DM me. @Netherall Brimstone @MikTRF @Nerdinq
  18. Hello everyone, today I present my entry for the @HeYoNia collab, "The Lever Collab", I hope you enjoy. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations. ?
  19. Hola mi amigos ? been a long time since i've uploaded anything sooooooo i present you with my entry to the anvil collab posted by @NinjaDino Enjoy ! ? I have to mention that this is my first time with an editing software so don't expect it to be so bright and crisp. Also this was made without any folders or anything like that and this is the softwares used to make this ? : Mine-Imator Hitfilm Express
  20. Entrants (in order of appearance (these are in the credits as well of course)) @jailrush @MachineGunInc @mbanders @Slime @YoshiHunter @fuzzehead06 @EnderSculptor @Fenrir_Yukimaru @Pigeon_ @Subaru @Chaukeke @Jadturentale @Netherall Brimstone @Adesi @Fray @Swift @Chirp Thank you to everyone who participated!
  21. Hello everyone, today I present my entry for the @Ninja Dino collab, "The Anvil Collab", I hope you enjoy. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations. ?
  22. The deadline has been updated to July 6th! Welcome to the Freefall Collab! In case there's any confusion about what the collab is about, you will be making two entries. One of your character jumping out of the given helicopter, and one of your character landing (for the end of the collab). In your first entry you are expected to include anything happening during the fall, after jumping. It could be anything. Be creative! Or you could have nothing happen. That's also an option I suppose. Remember, and this is very important, your entry for jumping out of the helicopter must be in a completely seperate video from the second entry. First Entry: Jumping out of the plane AND falling down Second Entry: Landing. I would prefer all entries to be 1080p60, but that is not required (it'll just look bad in the final 1080p60 video if you make it worse). Add your own watermark if you can. If you can't, tell me in the message you send with your entry, and I'll make sure to make one for you. Any third-party editing software is great. Go for it. When you are sending your entry make sure you send both at once. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to organize. And please don't just send a YouTube link. It would be much easier for both me and you to send a download link instead for the actual video file. I think that's all I have to say for the topic. Make sure you read the handy dandy promotional card up there!
  23. WELLCOME TO What Is This In This Collab You should lose or win in a small and hard level by skip the obstacles What Should I Do In My Entry u just need to start from the start point (the left hole) and finish the level by get out from the finish point ( The right hole ) with a simple camera movment Or you can die in one of the obstacles its your choice 1 - Your Entry Should Be from 5 to 50 sec at least 2 - your entry should be in a high resolution ( 1280x720 ) and 60 fps 3 - there is no deadline 4 - no music ... sound effects is allowed 5 - any thing sexual .. racist will make your entry deleted 6 - You should send your entry in a .zip file with a nice .png picture of Your character And ur skin or rig 7 - i will not add any name or watermark u need to add it by yourself Or Tell Me on The Forums The Template http://www.mediafire.com/file/o8c5wn1yn7fwbdj/The+Hard+Level+Collab+Template.zip Collaborators Green = Done Red = not Done yet Yellow = need changes DizzyProductions DrCuto HeYoNia Sonicxryan lifecraft IbasG Quickstreak ZephyrAnimations TheLionwarrior Stolderan TheXKing360 Typical Animations ziyadkhalq Sebablixa CPS Animations jailrush TheButterMinecart CoolDan Twotorule MonstEarl noelbello05 AmazingWolfGamer Nasiruddin Hamizad
  24. Hello Everyone!! (Random Guy in Audience: "Hi!") Just a small parkour collab entry, I couldn't find any appropriate music to fit the theme in my opinion (If anyone knows a song I could possibly add, please let me know.) I got Honorable Mentions in the collab by the fact during the start of the running sequence before the first jump (Around 15 seconds into the video) I had a foot slide, and in my opinion I didn't add enough anticipation to the start as I wanted to, like my OC went from 0 to 100 real fast. (Not to mention I made this in 1-2 days before the actual due date, kinda shocked myself on how it came out too) And, If anyone is curious about the scenery and the inspiration of my entry I did base it off of one of SKIBBZ's animations (It's unlisted at the moment and I'm not sure if I want to show the link just in case I get in trouble with him for it) So here, is my entry: And here is also THE LINK to the collab by @SharpWind (I personally loved some of the entries in it) Have a nice day or night.
  25. Thought I would share my entry for @Rollo's Freefall Collab, primarily for feedback purposes. Now before all of you guys freak out, yes, I combined my two part entry for my YouTube channel for convenience. I sent my entry to Rollo separated to follow the rules. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated.
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