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Found 276 results

  1. Netherall Brimstone

    Zweilous collab

    Hey, challenge! make a Mine-imation. Rules No NSFW (cussing, gore, racism/sexism/homophobia) (why do I have to type this?) Must include my Zweilous model (IMPORTANT: NEW MODELBENCH ONE, see below) No longer than 10 seconds. Hit me with a DM. Use MediaFire. No music. Add your own watermark. Competition ends 30 August (US time) Tell me you want to enter in the comments or via DMs Okay, have fun! People who I'm expecting entries from. If you change your mind or I've made a mistake, just DM me. @Netherall Brimstone @MikTRF @Nerdinq
  2. TecnoGamerJW

    Lever Collab Entry

    Hello everyone, today I present my entry for the @HeYoNia collab, "The Lever Collab", I hope you enjoy. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  3. Hola mi amigos been a long time since i've uploaded anything sooooooo i present you with my entry to the anvil collab posted by @NinjaDino Enjoy ! I have to mention that this is my first time with an editing software so don't expect it to be so bright and crisp. Also this was made without any folders or anything like that and this is the softwares used to make this : Mine-Imator Hitfilm Express
  4. Entrants (in order of appearance (these are in the credits as well of course)) @jailrush @MachineGunInc @mbanders @Slime @YoshiHunter @fuzzehead06 @EnderSculptor @Fenrir_Yukimaru @Pigeon_ @Subaru @Chaukeke @Jadturentale @Netherall Brimstone @Adesi @Fray @Swift @Chirp Thank you to everyone who participated!
  5. TecnoGamerJW

    Anvil Collab Entry

    Hello everyone, today I present my entry for the @Ninja Dino collab, "The Anvil Collab", I hope you enjoy. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  6. The deadline has been updated to July 6th! Welcome to the Freefall Collab! In case there's any confusion about what the collab is about, you will be making two entries. One of your character jumping out of the given helicopter, and one of your character landing (for the end of the collab). In your first entry you are expected to include anything happening during the fall, after jumping. It could be anything. Be creative! Or you could have nothing happen. That's also an option I suppose. Remember, and this is very important, your entry for jumping out of the helicopter must be in a completely seperate video from the second entry. First Entry: Jumping out of the plane AND falling down Second Entry: Landing. I would prefer all entries to be 1080p60, but that is not required (it'll just look bad in the final 1080p60 video if you make it worse). Add your own watermark if you can. If you can't, tell me in the message you send with your entry, and I'll make sure to make one for you. Any third-party editing software is great. Go for it. When you are sending your entry make sure you send both at once. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to organize. And please don't just send a YouTube link. It would be much easier for both me and you to send a download link instead for the actual video file. I think that's all I have to say for the topic. Make sure you read the handy dandy promotional card up there!
  7. WELLCOME TO What Is This In This Collab You should lose or win in a small and hard level by skip the obstacles What Should I Do In My Entry u just need to start from the start point (the left hole) and finish the level by get out from the finish point ( The right hole ) with a simple camera movment Or you can die in one of the obstacles its your choice 1 - Your Entry Should Be from 5 to 50 sec at least 2 - your entry should be in a high resolution ( 1280x720 ) and 60 fps 3 - there is no deadline 4 - no music ... sound effects is allowed 5 - any thing sexual .. racist will make your entry deleted 6 - You should send your entry in a .zip file with a nice .png picture of Your character And ur skin or rig 7 - i will not add any name or watermark u need to add it by yourself Or Tell Me on The Forums The Template Collaborators Green = Done Red = not Done yet Yellow = need changes DizzyProductions DrCuto HeYoNia Sonicxryan lifecraft IbasG Quickstreak ZephyrAnimations TheLionwarrior Stolderan TheXKing360 Typical Animations ziyadkhalq Sebablixa CPS Animations jailrush TheButterMinecart CoolDan Twotorule MonstEarl noelbello05 AmazingWolfGamer Nasiruddin Hamizad
  8. jailrush

    Yum! It's a test!

    It's another yummy test animation! This one's actually for Ninja Dino's Anvil collab. Any feedback would be appreciated it! Enjoy!
  9. Hello Everyone!! (Random Guy in Audience: "Hi!") Just a small parkour collab entry, I couldn't find any appropriate music to fit the theme in my opinion (If anyone knows a song I could possibly add, please let me know.) I got Honorable Mentions in the collab by the fact during the start of the running sequence before the first jump (Around 15 seconds into the video) I had a foot slide, and in my opinion I didn't add enough anticipation to the start as I wanted to, like my OC went from 0 to 100 real fast. (Not to mention I made this in 1-2 days before the actual due date, kinda shocked myself on how it came out too) And, If anyone is curious about the scenery and the inspiration of my entry I did base it off of one of SKIBBZ's animations (It's unlisted at the moment and I'm not sure if I want to show the link just in case I get in trouble with him for it) So here, is my entry: And here is also THE LINK to the collab by @SharpWind (I personally loved some of the entries in it) Have a nice day or night.
  10. Thought I would share my entry for @Rollo's Freefall Collab, primarily for feedback purposes. Now before all of you guys freak out, yes, I combined my two part entry for my YouTube channel for convenience. I sent my entry to Rollo separated to follow the rules. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated.
  11. Supah.exe

    F n a f Megamix (Mega Collab 2)

    40+ Animators worked to make this possible. Hosted and edited by me, Supah.exe. Enjoy!
  12. Here is my entry for @Ninja Dino's Anvil Collab. I have already PM'd the animation to him, but I thought I would share it here too for feedback purposes! Sure, the animation is stiff in some areas, and the sound is a little off, but with time, things will improve. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated! (Don't even get me started with the use of a dead meme, but this idea was conceived when it was still prevalent somewhat)
  13. RedSoundWaveStudios

    [COLLAB] Rocket Boots Collab

    Hey! Haven't posted much in a while due to family issues that we won't get into! Today I'm going to be hosting a Rocket Boots Fighting collab! You MUST use this rig: CLICK HERE FOR THE ROCKET BOOTS RIG This rig is not something I take credit for! This was made by @Ender man so kudos to him! THE REWARD This Collab will go on until March 27th, 2018. At the end of the collab, the winner will recieve a 250$ Force FX Lightsaber [Star Wars if you didn't know] from, and a subscription to their YouTube Channel if they have one! This is not something you want to miss out on. I know I'm not as known as Skibbz, but you can still earn what Skibbz gives out.Good luck, and if you sign up, Comment down below!! PARTICIPATORS @Chirp
  14. JuanZZ

    God Fist Collab (GFC) CLOSED

    God Fist Collab Status ► CLOSED NOTE: We didn't say that you can only punch once Ey whaddup bois, most of you surely dont know me. But I am here for an announcement. @izharcraft and I, decided to host a collab, namely The God Fist Collab or GFC. This is our first time hosting a collab so we apologize if there are errors. This collab is mainly focused on how OP can a God Fist be. Like, the ability to do Powerful punches with its hand. Use that fist of death to kill your enemies. So for the people who are willing to join, show them what your God Fists are made of!! ▼Rules▼ 1.Do not use superflat ground 2.Do not use any type of Music in your video. 3.Anything sent that is unrelated to this Collab will not be used. 4.Any Application is fine as long its "Minecraft". ▼Requirements▼ Resolution ► 1080p (1920x1080) Frames Per Second (FPS) ► 30/ 60 Video Duration ► 15 - 30 Seconds (Optional) Your Logo Placement ► Top left ▼Entry Deadline▼ ►February 20 2018 ▼GFC Release Date▼ ►February 27 2018 ▼How to Post an Entry?▼ ►Its either you upload the video on Youtube and link your entry in the forms, or Link your Entry in a Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox or etc.
  15. A wallpaper collaboration I did with @JosSamLoh How this came to be, I am not too sure. But I enjoyed working with him! JosSamLoh and I did the scenery. I added and posed JosSamLoh. JosSamLoh added and posed me, did the camera and lighting, made a few tweaks and edited it. Use it as you like. Just don't say it's yours, please.
  16. Artamiel Crescent

    Christmas Collab

    Animators @Husky Gurl @Skincraftxza @Twotorule @Mighty Maison @CaptainClipy @Swift I had to make a lot of changes and things throughout the video mainly because there weren't enough animations. I'm sorry that I took so long making up my mind and making the video.
  17. Artamiel Crescent

    The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    Welcome! This Is The Christmas Collab! I am hosting this early before December because it allows animators to get it done early and allows me to make the video before my exams. This is my first animation collab I'm hosting and I hope that you would join. You can join right here or if you prefer to join secretly you could message me. Deadline Friday December 1st 2017 Rules! People That Have Joined
  18. I want to participate in some kind of collab, but I don't know how to find them, i find only those already finished. I could to sponsor collabs, but I'm not popular, and no one will want to participate in them
  19. If you hate f.n.a.f, it's best if you move to a different post instead. After 4 months of work I am proud to present, with my friends, a collaberation of DAGames' Left Behind song. 1080p60FPS. Thanks to: DAGames(song) CypherDoesMC Supah.exe XLCREEPER(Me) Doctorks PixelFrosty Clayton WillesFilmz We had a lot of fun working on this collab. Made some friendships, made some content. We hope you all enjoy! (Note: We're aware that.. the lip sync is a little off in places. We're quite new to editing, and that is our excuse )
  20. If I were to host a Minecraft M.A.P. (Multi Animator Project), what kind of song would most people be ok with? If it were me it'd be some upbeat rock music (likely Aviators), but what other kind of songs would people wanna participate in if I made one. For anyone who doesn't know, a Multi Animator Project is when a song is divided up into short 10-20 second bits, a bunch of animators pick a segment, animate to that part of the song, then they all get strand together into one video. Its like a massive collaboration, they are very popular amoung 2D animators. And Yes I am actually thinking of potentially doing one, so your suggestions will mean something. Also if you actually would care about joining one it'd be nice to know :S.
  21. Josh The Stupad

    The No Motivation Collab!

    Okay, so, uh... yeah. This is basically my first collab. Anyways, I was thinking inside of my head when I was at school or something, (idk,) that I should probably do some random collab. So then, I realized, when I got home, I was mostly not very motivated at some times. Maybe, I thought, that sometimes, people are not very motivated too, so I thought of something called the "No Motivation Collab" where you have to try to not be motivated and try to make an animation. Rules, you may ask? Yes. 1. No NSFW Stuff. 2. To submit, give me the rendered file through my e-mail, ( EDIT: Just send me a message through Mine-Imator forums! 3. No spamming your submissions to my e-mail. Look, okay, I will check on yours when I have the time. 4. Your submission should be between 10-30 seconds. 5. I will need 720p and 30fps. 6. Have your channel name in the corner AKA a watermark. 7. Link your YouTube channel. That's it... EDIT 2: Music or sounds are allowed... Background music will just be a bit lower to hear whatever it is. Swearing? Now that will be censored! Wait, Josh! You forgot the deadlines! Oh, yeah. Let's go for September 1 - September 10 cuz why not? (It was originally August 31 - September 9th but I posted this at 8:31 PM :P) Deadline Is Up!
  22. Cybernetic Cinema

    Commercial Break Collab!

    Welp guys, I am back for yet ANOTHER collab. It's going to be even better than the last one! Hopefully Anyways, I am proud to present: This collab will be about a channel that finds funny commercials around the world and compiles them together to create a mega commercial break! This channel is available only once every few months due to how hard it is to find these jewels among rocks! Your job is to create these jewels so they can be featured in the next commercial break! now you may be wondering, why is this a channel instead of a show? Well I'll tell you... right after these commercials!!! (I am probs going to save it for the plot)(yes, there is a plot) Rules of the collab - Must be a commercial (o-o) -Exporting: HDV 720, WMV, Best, Framerate 60, High quality rendering checked - Must follow the rules of the forums, the collab will be posted here - Can be short but not over a min and 30 seconds - NO unnecessarily loud noises (When I say unnecessarily loud I mean if it hurts a headphone user's ears at low volume, it's unnecessary) -To join say it here and then give me your animation via messaging by Youtube link - You can make up your own commercial or make a parody of an already existing commercial (as long as you give me the source as the collab might get flagged) - Music is allowed - Editing is allowed -Try and be creative. this is not required, but it can get people to keep watching - Watermarking is not required, but is suggested so people know who did the animation - DONT add in the static thing at the end as I have that covered already (the transition thing to another animation) - You can team up on a commercial if you'd like EXAMPLES Trying to sell a shoe brand and saying things like it's enderman proof, or creeper proof, it comes in different sizes, and shapes and stuff like that Trying to sell an invention with a crazy spokesman, waving his arms around and shouting random crap about the invention Advertise SOMETHING This: Due: TBA Unfinished @AnimateTHIS @Adesi @CarlHeadCrashed @Youtuber4Life @Cybernetic Cinema @hiendiep55 @ZephyrAnimations @Wimsly @SB7989 @Kapslock @Caeden117(?) @HeYoNia (?) @Dr. Cuto @Mighty Maison Finished @Twotorule @Chaukeke @Iron431 @Sebablixa(Has to be edited) @newanimator2819 @MoltenLapizza @FoxtrotHeaven @Man Peter Dat Kid Ender (I dont know his forum name)(Has to be edited)
  23. KaryuGraphics

    Minecraft Doctor Who Title Sequence | Collab

    Hey its me again, I joined a community of Doctor Who Animators And someone and me decided to make a new Title Sequence! Here it is! (Hope you like) Wisdom made both the TARDIS and the movements in the video I created everything else (Names, Vortex, etc) Bye!
  24. Mobdestoryer

    The Last Donut COLLAB

    (you don't need a example) Map and donut download If you don't own minecraft and need the map (does not have textures for donut) As (Whoever you wish) find out theirs one Last donut on the table. Its a fight to get that Single tasty donut! Who Fights And Wins Is up to you! The last donut Collab will be put on youtube Dead line July 6th Rules No sexual Things No swearing No music (Sounds are needed) You must use the Texture pack and map Minimum time is 10 secs Max time is 45 Secs (You can go to 50 secs If you really need to but I don't suggest it.) Minimum People 2 Max People 6 If you are to put a different texture pack for swords and stuff. You need to link the texture pack. People who joined. (Red means Add More) (Yellow Is Posing) (Green Is Accepted) (Purple Is NOT DONE) Chickenk122 FoxtrotHeaven AnimateTHIS Quickstreak Irudium HeYoNia Man Peter
  25. Sooo yeah... It's finally out. " Neonlight Collab II " *EPILEPSY WARNING: THIS COLLAB CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS!!* This collab hosted by @Phupha, @NiSoSiam, @ky_09095 and @ponlawatgaming. Hosted between MAUT (Minecraft Animator Universe Thailand) and Mine-Imator Forum. This collab will show you the power of Neon. Pink, Light Blue and Black magically formed together into a colorful world of Neon... There are 21 participants total who joined and had been qualified by us. ( 20 from MAUT and 1 from MI-Forum ) List of animators that had been qualified: Watch the teaser of Neonlight Collab II: Teaser 1 | Teaser 2 | Teaser 3 Watch Neonlight Collab I: Song: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) Thanks for watching! We are planning to host "Neonlight Collab III" but only if we have the time because we are really busy, some of you from MI Forum submitted videos to us too but unfortunately, you are not selected due to video quality but don't be sad, you can still join us in the next collab that we host! Watch more collab by MAUT! Have a good day!