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Found 306 results

  1. Hello everyone This is my entry for an opening for the "Tecno Community Animation Awards" by @Darksupercool and @SocialMediaAnimations, based on the Opening 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. I haven't been very active in the forum and on my YouTube channel, because university things.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  2. UPDATE 2/18/20: Entries have been reopened! There is currently no due date at this time, but when it is announced you folks will have 2 weeks to finish it. I am now accepting art as well, if you folks don't like animating (But I still encourage that you animate your entry). I also replaced the announcement video with the 2 trailers I created. Also another thing to note, the release date has been changed to TBD. Hello everyone! It's been a long time coming for me to finally host a collab! Trailer 1 + 2 Here is a Google Doc containing general info and the rules! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vo3-1proRZufZA6ec53nUwcs6zp7YUY1-fXAGHseg3A/edit?usp=sharing But to help save time for some of you, here are the more important bits: My rig I'm providing does make use of these other assets: With that being said, thanks for reading! I hope to see some of your creative and/or insane talents! Oh, and if you guys have any questions, don't be afraid to pm me on here or on discord.
  3. The HyPack Rig Model Collab! Hello people! Today I'm making a collab with Powerbyte7 So basically this is a Minecraft Texture pack including some .Json Models for:Anvil,Torches etc. You can use these models for your animations.Just make sure to credit HyPack,because it has a CC BY Noncommercial license. I hope u like it next rig I've been working on with him, it's still not done. Three people are working on it, it's made in Modelbench. It is indeed a pack Here's a teaser, try to guess the word and it will reveal the whole pack! Kwe_ _ _ _ Turn on your brains and guess! To find the models go to the following directory inside of the pack: HyPack > assets > minecraft > models Link to HyPack: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/hypack Thanks to:Powerbyte7 & Hypack (https://twitter.com/Powerbyte7) (NOT ALL ARE MODELS)
  4. Video: Featuring the Talents of: Rig Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  5. Credits goes to @Batman4014 for Genji and Hanzo rig. Pretty detailed. The Hanamura map goes to RehctElf68 This is the first collab between @ShotUAnimations and me. He's in 1st place in Best Renderers in MI forums. Also, 100% MI.
  6. Hi im hosting a Collab But i Need Animators Who Use Mine-imator or some who use blender but mainly mine imator Please let me know (hopefully Supah.exe joins ) and the song we are going to animate is another five nights song
  7. Hello everyone This is my entry for the "Animation Styles Collab" by @PigmanMovie. Based on Dragon Quest VIII, are almost exact to the original game, I really love the style of JRPG games, and I have long wanted to do something with Dragon Quest VIII. Well, here is the result and soon I'll upload a comparison.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  8. Featuring the Talents of: Rig Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  9. Hi im hosting a Collab But i Need Animators Who Use Mine-imator or some who use blender but mainly mine imator Please let me know (hopefully Supah.exe joins ) and the song we are going to animate is another five nights/ fad song
  10. Hi im hosting a Collab But i Need Animators Who Use Mine-imator or some who use blender but mainly mine imator Please let me know (hopefully Supah.exe joins ) and the song we are going to animate is another five nights fad song
  11. Ey what'S uP? ------ You either bully an overrated animator you personally hate, or simply a friend of yours just for fun Rules: -> Do not put music in your submission. Sound effects / Voice acting e.t.c are fine -> You should include a background ( Just don't show flatlands in your submission ) Video Quality and Video Duration as well as Watermarks do not really matter, it's 100% your choice ------ The deadline is -> October 21 I am not including any submissions after the deadline, to be featured in the collab you must DM your entry in the Discord Server / Mine-Imator Forums you can join the collab's discord to showcase your entries and learn more info https://discord.gg/nJS5FX6
  12. I originally posted this on my profile activity, but I decided to put it here too because I thought people would like it. Do tell me what I can improve on in the future, I really want to know what you think. Feel free to point out what you liked about it. Anyways this submission is for Hoqz's collaboration titled "The Gem Collab." Basically its about trying to steal this high value gem, whilst not trying to get caught. If you are interested in this collab, here its the forum post. Have a good day.
  13. Hello and welcome to the Animation Style Collab! (Sorry I don't have any banner because I still haven't bought a new laptop) What count as an animation style? -visual style -movement style Do one of them and you already have a different animation style The rules: 1.your entry must be atleast 5-40 seconds long 2.you must avoid animating in default MI style (basically change the visual style, movement style, or change both. Basically just get out of your comfort zone and do something different) 3.you can only submit 1-3 entrys 4.you can change the visual style but you must keep the Minecraft theme, like Minecraft but with a different style, you can make them 2D like terraria, or make them 3D and use a different visual or animation style 5.you can use any 2D and 3D software (Maya, blender, C4D, Mine-imator, Flash, Toon boom, etc) but remember what I said keep the Minecraft theme 6.you can use Sound effect 7.you can also use music if needed 8. Violent, and blood is allowed but keep them mild 9. Pornography is not allowed in my Christian Collab 10. Add your own watermark The deadline is 12th October Why did I host this Collab? To test people creativity and see how much they can push themself out of the comfort zone (what I mean by comfort zone is people default way of animating in MI). You can try to use anime style, cartoon style, challenging yourself by making a story using only particle, flipbook, stop motion, freaking Lego!!!!, 2D, papercraft, and your choice is endless! Basically try to use any style that is not your default way of animating in MI, but remember what I said, keep the Minecraft theme. I recommend get inspired by searching, watching, and observing either animator style, or just by watching your favourite animated show or movie (my favourite is spider verse) Example: How do you submit? You can submit either by joining the discord server: https://discord.gg/Z5DWz8N or either by messaging me in MI Forum PM I wish you a good luck! Get inspired!
  14. Entrants (in order of appearance (these are in the credits as well of course)) @jailrush @MachineGunInc @mbanders @Slime @YoshiHunter @fuzzehead06 @EnderSculptor @Fenrir_Yukimaru @Pigeon_ @Subaru @Chaukeke @Jadturentale @Netherall Brimstone @Adesi @Fray @Swift @Chirp Thank you to everyone who participated!
  15. Hello everyone, after several months, the second part of the WarioWare collab is finished, this time recreating the Gamecube version of WarioWare, Inc. (WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!) For me, this collab was better than the first, and this couldn't have been possible without their participation. Thank you very much for participating in this collab, they did an amazing job with microgames and most fun! @Jminerbot, @Trueno3444-MI, @NiSoSiam, @JB Animations, @GabrielFazbear, @Super_Mario_Sega, @social media animations, @Darksupercool and members of the Discord group.
  16. Hello everyone Well, I'm about to finish the collab, so it seemed a good idea to show you the intro for the collab.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  17. Howdy everyone! I am looking for people to join my collab. Here is what the collab is about "The collab is going to be about me and my sister who is finding actors for our upcoming movies. The actors [People who joined the collab] will be acting themselves saying lines from a movie/show or something random, like "Hey, this isn't my script!". They can animate themselves doing some kind of dramatic move or being nervous or something like that, it up to your imagination!. It's not a really good collab but still, it has some nice ideas to it r-right?" The Rules: 1. NSFW is not allowed 2. Entries must be 5 - 30 seconds long 3. You can only make 3 entries in total 4. Do not mess around with the setups in the template except for the lighting 5. Use the render setting below 6. Gore/Blood is allowed but keep it minimal 7. If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks then you will be kicked out of the server 8. You can have 1 - 3 characters in the scene, but not more 9. You can break the 4th wall 10. You can scale the setup back to 1 to animate easier, but you have to scale it back to 10 when you render your entries out 11. 2D animations are allowed 12. Render your entries in 1080p 30 fps 13. Sound effects are allowed, music is not recommended but still allowed 14. You are allowed to use voice lines from movies/games/etc... 15. You are allowed to record your own voice and put it in your entries Rules might be update in the future! Here is one of the entries for the collab [I will be sending about 1 - 3 in total so you can understand what the collab is about, the entries i sent still going to be in the final video]: 1. Made by @JosSamLoh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you interested to join the collab, here the invite link to it discord! [Discord Link REDACTED] In order to join now You have to DM my Discord: RandomJeremy#6675 I hope you have a good day! : b the collab reached 70 members idk if i can edit any more entries but that doesn't mean you can't join it anymore, just uh-- dm me on discord i might not responde, but you can still dm me without friending me just right click my pfp after you attempted to friend me and click messages i will check it when i have a chance ok bye better late than ever right xd
  18. Hello And Welcome to the Sidewalk Bench Collab. Make sure to follow the rules. #1 No Music, I will add the Music to the Collab, Sound Effects are Okay. #2 Keep it at FHD Cinematic View, I want to keep consistency. #3 Keep it to at most 30 seconds long, i think that's a good enough time for Conflict. #4 You can add in your own Props and change the [DEFAULT CHARACTER] to your own OC, or you can animate him while something happens in the background. #5 Start the Scene at the same place, and End the Video at the same place. Collab is Due in 2 Months. Sidewalk Collab Template Link Join the Discord to post your Entries HERE \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ CLICK HERE
  19. Me and Power are hosting a collab! Have you ever felt the urge to yell something stupid on the top of YOUR lungs? Yeah? But that's not really important.:) The idea is that there is someone being annoyed by something. The animation can be as serious or as ridiculous as you want, as long as it is decent animation. The rules are as follows: Jokes cannot be offensive No Swearing No Inappropriate content No taking God's name in vain No Music, but sounds and dialog are okay No watermark Post-editing is allowed Max 3 entries per person Min 10 seconds - Max 30 seconds PM me a link to your submission(s) Entries are accepted until August 1st (We will use your mine-imator forums name for credit/ watermark, if you'd rather have us use you're YT Channel name, let me know)
  20. Original New I'm didn't know how many people would reply, and I thought this would take about a month but it really took a day! Stuff I added: Steve riding in a minecart vertically up a tree (Yoshifan33) Ghatos drowning in his own car he made (Ghatos) cursed chests (Mineshaft Animation) YoshiHunter "sitting against the tree, enjoying the beautiful nature." (YoshiHunter) campfire (MasterArcher12) Yoshifan33 "fighting off an Enderman, with my iron sword and axe." 5 cows stacked on eachother (Animation Cow) Stuff I made myself: creeper about to blow up YoshiHunter cow falling off of cow pile Ghatos drowning in the car (He didn't say to make him drowning, I just thought it was funny) Anyways, I think it's cool. Thanks to everybody that helped.
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