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Found 20 results

  1. https://imgur.com/a/9QytRrK i was having trouble with the *insert image from URL* button so i placed it manually its just a render of good'ol monster school
  2. I put effort in making this ... It's not a bad monster school animation.. It's quite decent..
  3. Look, i know this one is already posted, but it was dormant to the point it's in the brink of cancellation when i lost my acc on discord, @MojangYang's was the only one keeping it alive though. But alright, time to get this thing back up and running again. Based on @SKIBBZ This collab is pretty much about how we hate monster school animations that are of low quality and effort, and all submissions should contain both high quality and low quality things. THIS COLLAB IS NOW BACK OPEN AGAIN. The deadline is July 1st which is set by @MojangYang and happens to be my birthday LOL (WOW WHO ARE YOU @MojangYang?) Collab discord: https://discord.gg/uZ73jF7 The set will be provided, but participants can use their own (which is preferred for the sake of variety) SUBMISSION : TECHNICAL
  4. A futile attempt to fool youtube's drunk algorithm for views... heck... i even go as far as making a cringe thumbnail for it (i don't use custom thumbnail, i don't) Lol no... This is actually a collab submission, but... considering that @MojangYang is taking a break... the collab might get silent... but still active So... this is it. At least this submission has something obvious to tell lol. Time for some CC!!! Time to wait for some CC!! Sorry... the undertale x fad crossover got interrupted by the all-powerful Steve
  5. i experimented with a cartoony-styled animation, let me know what you think about this!
  6. WAIT B4 SHOWERING ME WITH DOWNVOTES! I PLAN TO DO A MINECRAFT SCHOOL THING, BUT NOT LIKE THOSE PUPPET ANIMATIONS, BUT REAL, VFX RICH CONTENT! I BELIEVE IN POST PROCESSING! The project I am currently working on is just my take on Minecraft Monster School ! It is a space themed one and I *believe* that I have managed to bring a feel of a thrilling and joyful space journey all along! Your valuable support is the my #Oscar! - Creepster Studios
  7. Guest

    Monster school

    hi this is my monster school animations Making cakes: Gardering:
  8. Guest


    hi this is an animation of pou this animation is the best of the world bai guys
  9. Please make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you liked the video, as I upload videos very often
  10. Featuring @SahnzAnimation The sad and heartbreaking tale of two friends caught up in a tragic train accident at the subway station. (please subscribe my channel is dying)
  11. Name the new students cause' I can't think of a name... No Edits... Sorry Rigs By @Nimi
  12. I'm honestly not that happy with this one. I think my bad voice acting contributed to that. This was made in 4 days, and planned for a week. This is the cringiest thing I have done since I made my first test animation 2 years ago.
  13. This is my new minecraft animation I am a new minecraft youtuber Hope you like my video
  14. Im very proUDS OF ThIS INTroo!! PLz TeLL ME WhAT You THONK!! PLZ LIKE!!! thANKZ
  15. Hello, everyone. I'd just like to post my introduction video for the upcoming Monster School series on my channel. I know it isn't original, I was inspired by Willcraft, but the reason why I am going to make them is to entertain this community due to the fact that it currently lacks the animations you love so much. I am going to post a first episode soon and as my channel grows I will remify into other kinds of animations with short funny plots so that my channel isn't only Monster School. Thank you and I hope you enjoy what MonsterStudios will have to offer you. Here's the introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0HwDMJALps
  16. After doing a minecraft video more intended like a parody, I decided to do another one more related to the "Monster School" vein. This is the parody monster school video: Opinions are much appreciated!
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