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  1. nu. (For some reason I am still connected to this post XD)
  2. Time is so limited now adays X.x I can barely even come up with a good animation idea and this capstone deadline is SOO close! But since I can't work on it during break I might as well make a few animations. Hopefully a good channel trailer! I wonder how everyone else is doing...

    1. Shayzis



    2. Cybernetic Cinema

      Cybernetic Cinema

      Thanks Chaukeke, Merry Christmas to you too! :3

  3. Derp. And nice test! Hope you plan on implementing it into a future animation :3
  4. Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your input! The reason it is my last is because I am trying to move to different programs (like sfm and 3DS Max). I don't feel like I have enough control over what the characters can do and it feels limiting. I wanted to do one last Mineimator animation though so I don't feel bad for just leaving. I have worked on the project a bit but man time is going down the drain. I wish I was a person that could accept short animations so I could post more, but for some reason I always go a bit overboard with my ideas and a 30 sec short turns into a 3 minute vid
  5. I have a question. You see, ever since I did Mineimator I would always make my characters speak through text. But being this is my last Mineimator video, should I try my hand at making a voice-based animation? Or should I stick with the classics and keep it text-based? Also to note, this is for the intro and outro. The middle will be made up of community created videos for the collab that are text-based or voice-based depending on what they chose. If you choose to answer I thank you for your help, it really does make this easier on me to do. I have been putting this off for far too long X.x
  6. I.... don't get it Because reasons. Usually not good reasons, but still, reasons.
  7. Hey guys! I had to do a quick animation for my class and I couldn't use sfm due to how many bones I would have to work with and how long it would take. So with that said I hope you enjoy and if you do please instead of liking here, you should go on my youtubez and like it there! If you do like it, you should check out my other videos and even subscribe for future ones :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Kc6hbYh2OQFGi3I_zlIZw?view_as=subscriber
  8. Okay next week I might as well start working on the stuff, this is going to happen. Just got delayed for other reasons.
  9. Yeah it is still going, just haven't had the chance to update Sorry for the long silence btw, just doing shtuff. K, good luck!
  10. I just realized I posted in the wrong section... crap.

    1. Cybernetic Cinema

      Cybernetic Cinema

      I hope posting in another section while hiding the first post doesn't count as dup topics

  11. Nice! Just eh, you can barely see the blue words sometimes X.x Is there anyways you can edit the color real quick? If it's too big of a problem then I can take it how it is :3
  12. It has been a while since I came here xD But to update, I haven't gotten a chance to work on my Blender animation in a while. That  being so, it doesn't mean I was doing nothing :3 I am almost done with my second project in SFM and I can't WAIT to show you guys! Hopefully I don't get lazy enough to  come up with a new intro as well.  Wish me luck guys! 

  13. It's fine :3 Nothing to be sorry for Kz, I need to start reminding the many others who joined X.x
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